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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Expotera New Year

Happy Expotera New Year

By Expotera
December 31, 2015


When the clock strikes exactly, "MIDNIGHT" tonight, my, "FATHER" will be officially taking over the, "CONTROL" of this entire, "PLANET" and Satan, if, "YOU" or any of your fellow, "EARTHLY" trillionaires, billionaires, and millionaires, do not now, "DO" as each of, "YOU" has now been very simply, as well as fully, "INSTRUCTED" to do, my, "FATHER" fully intends on following through on, "EVERYTHING" that, "HE" has now only shared with, "YOU" the, "POPE" as well as the, "QUEEN" Satan, so my personal, "DEATH" at this point no longer matters here, because as they say, "MY WORK HERE IS NOW DONE" but Satan, your, "WORK" has only now, just, "BEGUN" so, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" Satan, and also by the way, welcome to, "EXPOTERA" as well, Satan....

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