ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Monday, April 24, 2017

22 Too Many

22 Too Many

By Joseph Turcotte
April 24, 2017

With over a million casualties as a result of marching into Iraq
on the search for, "WMD's" and a near economic meltdown also
as a result, it is with sadness I mention the two mile radius kill
range that practically vaporized anything in its path.

I am amazed that in only a few short hours, 36 Isis terrorists
were able to be identified.

I wonder how many innocent neighbors also went to their graves?

Men, women, children.... certainly more effective than gas,
yet not condemned by anyone.

No wonder 22 American warriors a day are committing suicide.

The guilt must be enormous....

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Devil's Sons

The Devil's Sons

By Termite
April 22, 2017

And those of us who are tired and old
Just sit and wait
For some mad man to decide our fate

They cannot see the coming day
For their egos are at play

Wars are something no one wins
We are the ones that pay for their sins

So quietly we do sit
While they fill our lives with their bullshit

The young are really not to blame
They are the ones who will bear our shame

They cannot do what they don't know
The ones who profit from the bow

Are the ones who are the devil's sons
And care not one ounce if wars are won

The almighty dollar is their king
And war on earth is what they bring

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Syria For Dummies

Syria For Dummies

By Jeff Prager
April 20, 2017

This is a pipe war.

Qatar has a big pot of oil.

Iran has a bigger pot of oil.

They both want to sell their oil to Europe.

Both desperately need the money.

Only one will win and be able to do that.

The pipeline to supply that oil must transit Syria.

Syria has said no to Qatar.

Syria has said yes to Iran.

Russia supports Syria and Iran.

Russia & Syria use Russian & Syrian troops.

The US supports Qatar & OPEC.

The US, Qatar & OPEC use ISIS head-choppers.

In the middle of all of this mass murdering jockeying for the big
black gooey prize, Israel illegally sold a plot of land with another
big pot of oil—on the Golan Heights which is still Syrian land—to
Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch and Effie Eitan
and their Genie Oil company.

Dick, Jacob, Rupert and Effie would very much like to develop
that pot of Black Gold, "Texas Tea" but that's all background
noise compared to what's happening in Syria.

Any questions?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

False Flag

False Flag

By The Last Boy In Line
Illustration By Ben Garrison
Tuesday, April 18, 2017



(plural false flags)

a. (nautical) A ruse, in the days of sail, in which an attacking ship
would fly the colours of its enemy until close enough to open fire.

b. (espionage, military) A diversionary or propaganda tactic
of deceiving an adversary into thinking that an operation was
carried out by another party.


The contemporary term, "False Flag" describes covert operations
that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear
as though they are being carried out by entities, groups or nations
other than those who actually planned and executed them. [1]

Historically, the term, "False Flag" has its origins in naval warfare
where the use of a flag other than the belligerent's true battle flag
before (but not while) engaging the enemy has long been accepted
as a permissible ruse de guerre; by contrast flying a false flag while
engaging the enemy constitutes perfidy. [1]

Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations,
as well as covert government agencies, can (by extension) also
be called, "False Flag" operations, if they seek to hide the real
organization behind an operation. [1]

Friday, April 14, 2017

Here Dead We Lie

Here Dead We Lie

By Alfred Housman
April 14, 2017

Here dead we lie,
Because we did not choose,
To live and shame the land,
From which we sprung.

Life, to be sure,
Is nothing much to lose,
But young men think it is,
And we were young.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Statesman

The Statesman

By Mark Twain
April 12, 2017

The statesman will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon
the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those
conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them,
and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will
by and by convince himself the war is just, and will thank God
for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque

Sunday, April 9, 2017

An Open Letter To Satan

An Open Letter To Satan

By Expotera
April 9, 2017


Roses are red and violets are blue, "World War III" is now here, and
The Creator say's, "FUCK YOU".....


Friday, April 7, 2017

New World Order

New World Order

By Scribble Inc.
April 7, 2017

Read all about it

It's happening again
When's it gonna end
It's no surprise
All the lies
Fearful of the future
It's just a huge disguise

Read all about it

Double dip recession
Economic deep depression
Giving the impression
Of total protection
Forgot to mention
It's financial oppression

Read all about it

World wide threat
The scariest yet
Intended world debt
Our future being sold
The lies we are told
The road upon we're led
Unknown of the road ahead
Enslaved by debt
And a terror threat

Working toward a
New World Order

Friday, March 31, 2017

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again

By The Last Boy In Line
Friday, March 31, 2017

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the
sword. The other is by debt. -- 2nd U.S. President John Adams 1826

Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence
of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the
public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate
are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray
them. -- US Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story 1833

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter
and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
-- 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln 1865

Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers
own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power
to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create
enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from
them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they
ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world
to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay
the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.
-- Sir Josiah Stamp 1st Baron Stamp 1927

Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.
-- 31st U.S. President Herbert Hoover 1933

Plan of Action For U.S. Spend! Spend! Spend! Under The Guise
of Recovery - Bust The Government - Blame The Capitalist For
The Failure - Junk The Constitution And Declare A Dictatorship.
-- Chicago Tribune Cartoon 1934

The jews are one of the principal forces attempting to lead the
U.S. into war. The jews' greatest danger to this country lies in
their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our
press, our radio, and our Government. I am saying the leaders of
the jewish race wish to involve us in wars that are not American.
-- Congressman Charles Lindbergh September 11, 1941

The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently
our own indifference. -- Bess Myerson Miss America 1945

I think the biggest threat we have to our national security is our
debt. -- Admiral Mike Mullen President Obama's Joint Chief of Staff
July 06, 2010

This debt is like a cancer... it is truly going to destroy the country
from within. -- Erskine Bowles Co-Chair President Obama's National
Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform July 11, 2010

President Obama has almost doubled our national debt to more
than $19 trillion and growing. And yet, what do we have to show
for it? Our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are in
Third World condition, and forty-three million Americans are on
food stamps. -- 45th U.S. President Donald Trump July 21, 2016

Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.
-- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. —from "I Have A Dream" speech,
Washington, D.C., August 28, 1963

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Zombie Nation

The Zombie Nation

By Forty Two
March 29, 2017

This zombie nation is our own creation
Caused by complete contamination

When the kool aid virus infected education
Removing critical thinking from a generation

In the evening breeze you can smell the stink
From a population that can no longer think

Where fact and fiction freely interlink
In the echo chamber of group think

The damage is paraded for all to see
From the social justice warrior lobotomy

That makes satan's minions a privileged class
They print up the money and steal all of the cash

Any criticism of the system is branded hate
In order to shut down any debate

Just take a look around for this realization
That you are now living in a zombie nation

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Lie We Live

The Lie We Live

By Spencer Cathcart
Information Clearing House
March 27, 2017

At this moment you could be anywhere, doing anything.

Instead you sit alone before a screen.

So what’s stopping us from doing what we want?

Being where we want to be?

Each day we wake up in the same room and follow the same path,
to live the same day as yesterday.

Yet at one time each day was a new adventure.

Along the way something changed.

Before our days were timeless, now our days are is this what it
means to be grown up?

To be free?

But are we really free?

Food, water, land.

The very elements we need to survive are owned by corporations.

There’s no food for us on trees, no freshwater in streams,
no land to build a home.

If you try and take what the Earth provides you’ll be locked away.

So we obey their rules.

We discover the world through a textbook.

For years we sit and regurgitate what we’re told.

Tested and graded like subjects in a lab.

Raised not to make a difference in this world,
raised to be no different.

Smart enough to do our job but not to question why we do it.

So we work and work, left with no time to live the life we work for.

Until a day comes when we are too old to do our job.

It is here we are left to die.

Our children take our place in the game.

To us our path is unique, but together we are nothing
more than fuel.

The fuel that powers the elite.

The elite who hide behind the logos of corporations.

This is their world.

And their most valuable resource is not in the ground.

It is us.

We build their cities, we run their machines, we fight their wars.

After all, money isn’t what drives them.

It’s power.

Money is simply the tool they use to control us.

Worthless pieces of paper we depend on to feed us, move us,
entertain us.

They gave us money and in return we gave them the world.

Where there were trees that cleaned our air are now factories
that poison it.

Where there was water to drink, is toxic waste that stinks.

Where animals ran free, are factory farms where they
are born and slaughtered endlessly for our satisfaction.

Over a billion people are starving, despite us having enough
food for everybody.

Where does it all go?

70% of the grain we grow is fed to fatten the animals you eat
for dinner.

Why help the starving?

You can’t profit off them.

We are like a plague sweeping the earth, tearing apart
the very environment that allows us to live.

We see everything as something to be sold, as an object
to be owned.

But what happens when we have polluted the last river?

Poisoned the last breath of air?

Have no oil for the trucks that bring us our food?

When will we realize money can’t be eaten, that it has no value?

We aren’t destroying the planet.

We are destroying all life on it.

Every year thousands of species go extinct.

And time is running out before we’re next.

If you live in America there’s a 41% chance you’ll get cancer.

Heart disease will kill one out of three Americans.

We take prescription drugs to deal with these problems, but
medical care is the third leading cause of death behind cancer
and heart disease.

We’re told everything can be solved by throwing money at
scientists so they can discover a pill to make our problems
go away.

But the drug companies and cancer societies rely on our suffering
to make a profit.

We think we’re running for a cure, but really we’re running away
from the cause.

Our body is a product of what we consume and the food we eat
is designed purely for profit.

We fill ourselves with toxic chemicals.

The bodies of animals infested with drugs and diseases.

But we don’t see this.

The small group of corporations that own the media don’t want
us to.

Surrounding us with a fantasy we’re told is reality.

It’s funny to think humans once thought the earth
was the center of the universe.

But then again, now we see ourselves as the center
of the planet.

We point to our technology and say we’re the smartest.

But do computers, cars, and factories really illustrate
how intelligent we are?

Or do they show how lazy we’ve become.

We put this “civilized” mask on.

But when you strip that away what are we?

How quickly we forget only within past hundred years did
we allow women to vote; allow blacks to live as equals.

We act as if we are all-knowing beings, yet there is much
we fail to see.

We walk down the street ignoring all the little things.

The eyes who stare.

The stories they share.

Seeing everything as a background to ‘me’.

Perhaps we fear we’re not alone.

That we are a part of a much bigger picture.

But we fail to make the connection.

We’re okay killing pigs, cows, chickens, strangers from foreign

But not our neighbours, not our dogs, our cats, those we have
come to love and understand.

We call other creatures stupid yet we point to them to justify
our actions.

But does killing simply because we can, because we always have,
make it right?

Or does it show how little we’ve learned.

That we continue to act out of primal aggression rather than
thought and compassion.

One day, this sensation we call life will leave us.

Our bodies will rot, our valuables recollected.

Yesterday’s actions all that remain.

Death constantly surrounds us, still it seems so distant from
our everyday reality.

We live in a world on the verge of collapse.

The wars of tomorrow will have no winners.

For violence will never be the answer; it will destroy every
possible solution.

If we all look at our innermost desire, we will see our dreams
are not so different.

We share a common goal.


We tear the world apart looking for joy, without ever looking
within ourselves.

Many of the happiest people are those who own the least.

But are we really so happy with our iPhones, our big houses,
our fancy cars?

We’ve become disconnected by idolizing people we’ve never met.

We witness the extraordinary on screens but ordinary everywhere

We wait for someone to bring change without ever thinking
of changing ourselves.

Presidential elections might as well be a coin toss.

It’s two sides of the same coin.

We choose which face we want and the illusion of choice,
of change is created.

But the world remains the same.

We fail to realize the politicians don’t serve us;
they serve those who fund them into power.

We need leaders, not politicians.

But in this world of followers, we have forgotten to lead ourselves.

Stop waiting for change and be the change you want to see.

We didn’t get to this point by sitting on our asses.

The human race survived not because we are fastest
or the strongest, but because we worked together.

We have mastered the act of killing.

Now let’s master the joy of living.

This isn’t about saving the planet.

The planet will be here whether we are or not.

Earth has been around for billions of years,
each of us will be lucky to last eighty.

We are a flash in time, but our impact is forever.

I often wished I lived in an age before computers,
when we didn’t have screens to distract us.

But I realize there's one reason why this is the only time I want to
be alive.

Because here today, we have an opportunity we never had before.

The internet gives us the power to share a message and unite
millions around the world.

While we still can we must use our screens to bring us closer
together, rather than farther apart.

For better or worse, our generation will determine the future
of life on this planet.

We can either continue to serve this system of destruction until
no memory of our existence remains.

Or we can wake up and realize we aren’t evolving upwards,
but rather falling down...we just have screens in our faces
so we don’t see where we’re heading.

This present moment is what every step, every breath and every
death has led to.

We are the faces of all who came before us.

And now it is our turn.

You can choose to carve your own path or follow the road countless
others have already taken.

Life is not a movie.

The script isn’t already written.

We are the writers.

This is Your Story, Their Story, Our Story.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dead Man Tales

Dead Man Tales

By Nobody Important
March 24, 2017

Dead Man Tales

shards of glass pearl the emperor's rise,
his arms embracing upon our sins and lies,

do not deceive yourself my friend,
in the twilight of our beings, our corruption, merges and blends,

there is no pride, no honor,
no love remains in the barren morrow,

feeble and frail our hopes lift to the sky,
a mother's wish, a child's cry,

the poison you see, lies within you and me,
an intricate clockwork of apathetic machinery.

... tell me my friend;

when will our blind gaze shy past the egoism and brutality,
that are so elegantly embroiled upon the fabrics of society,

through the silky threads of greed and immorality,
which, much like our desires, overlap and intertwine,
within the hollowness of this reality,

so that our tongue may be freed from the taboos and profanity,
which mist veils the flaws of humanity,

stumbling forth in the dead of the night,
the ghastly vapors still in sight,

drunk in hazardous stupor for what we fail to conceive,
our seven kings, eternal;

...and us, their dreaded queen.

my friend;

we preach visions of spiritual elevation,
gullible bricks held together by the mortar of hypocrisy
and temptation,

within our very temples of hopelessness and arbitrary salvation,
we poison ourselves with the ivy that stems from the gullibility
of creation,

the incense smoke of holy righteousness pours down our visage,
as our pilgriming soul wanders through the dark brume mirage,

feeble flames clawing through the blissful night,
plunging to middle-earth as our wings shrivel and melt.

... my friend, why are you scared?

you lit those very candles, that now betray your flight,
head low, eyes closed, but still looking for the light,

now their hands weigh heavy on your fleeting mind,
quenching your thirst... making you blind.

... do not loose yourself in the etherial stream,
fading away in those emerald waters,

a lost man,
a fleeting dream,

wake up! open your eyes!!
thou art a sailor lost in a sea of lies,

lost? yes.
but blessed with the ability of thought,

research, think... write,
until the the fumes of doubt are thinned to naught,

yet what can a single man do against the currents and tides?
a maelstrom of ink that all encompasses and hides?

I see you... you evil sprites,
armed with the gleaming mirrors of media oppression,

shining, "truth" on all blights,
fabricating ignorance and regression,

brewing the cauldron stirs,
as fair is foul and foul is fair,

through the lies of a pen,
we wage war out of thin air,

how many drops is a life worth?
how many parents must we soil deep inside the earth?

... critical thinking is key my friend,
the truth wears no tie,

and no matter how innocent,
a lie, stays a lie,

contorted and bent they snicker and pry,
but soon the wells of patience shall run dry,

fear that very day;
O devils in disguise,

for when the lambs ascend to lions,
they shall finally realize,

that no matter how many times we try,
to be mindlessly ruled is highly unwise;

'tis a world ruled be the flames of wealth and success,
no place for a newborn's innocence and a mother's loving caress,

for when in the 70's the cross kisses the hand,
and souls become the currency for land,

may the silence of the innocent,
quell the dogs of war,

or the guilty's void,
unleash an atomic roar;

... my friend,
'tis bitterness that which you sense in my voice,

as surely as the wind sails the routes of immigration,
the dollar controls the fate of a nation,

to forgive is not to forget,
neither racism, nor slavery, nor national debt,

to forge forth conscious of the past,
to the promised existence of prosperity at last,

one must first reflect and instruct,
so that our youth may grow smart,
in a world that is violent and abrupt;

as the dove coos humanity to sleep,
my mind still hazy as I drift in deep,

may a lotus bloom on this summer's eve,
as the dukes arms drive a new millennia's breeze,

and humanity, a firefly;
takes to the sky.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017



By Expotera
March 21, 2017

The man who speaks the truth is always at ease. — Persian Proverb

He who runs after fortune runs away from peace. — African Proverb

He who is unable to dance says that the yard is stony.
— Masai Proverb

He who wants a rose must respect the thorns. — Persian Proverb

We learn little from victory, much from defeat. — Japanese Proverb

Anger has no eyes. — Chinese Proverb

He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself. — African Proverb

Anger and madness are brothers. — African Proverb

Teeth do not see poverty. — Masai Proverb

Even the best cooking pot will not produce food. — African Proverb

Better little than too little. — Cameroonian Proverb

You can say anything to a man with a full stomach.
— Jamaican Proverb

A beggar on his feet is better than an emperor in his grave.
— French Proverb

If wishes were horses beggars might ride. — Russian Proverb

Better bread with water than cake with trouble. — Russian Proverb

At the end of the game the king and the pond go back into
the same box. — Italian Proverb

The night has ears. — Masai Proverb

Even a small star shines in the darkness. — Danish Proverb

However long the night the dawn will break. — African Proverb

This too shall pass. — Persian Proverb

It is crooked wood that shows the best sculptor. — African Proverb

If your only tool is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail.
— Gambian Proverb

You cannot build a house for last year’s summer.
— Ethiopian Proverb

He who burns down his house knows why ashes cost a fortune.
— African Proverb

Do a good deed and throw it into the sea. — Egyptian Proverb

Slander by the stream will be heard by the frogs.
— Mozambican Proverb

A flea can trouble a lion more than a lion can trouble a flea.
— Kenyan Proverb

Even the lion, the king of the forest, protects himself against flies.
— Ghanaian Proverb

The young bird does not crow until it hears the old ones.
— Tswana Proverb

A bird that flies off the earth and lands on an anthill is still
on the ground. — Igbo Proverb

Birds sing not because they have answers but because they
have songs. — African Proverb

One who bathes willingly with cold water doesn’t feel the cold.
— Fipa Proverb

You cannot awake a person who is pretending to be alseep.
— Navajo Proverb

If you pick up one end of the stick you also pick up the other.
— Ethiopian Proverb

The tree often hides the forest. — French Proverb

When the roots of a tree begin to decay, it spreads death to
the branches. — Nigerian Proverb

If you cut your chains you free yourself, if you cut your roots
you die. — African Proverb

No matter how beautiful and well crafted a coffin might look,
it will not make anyone wish for death. — African Proverb

Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in
youth. — Yoruba Proverb

The death of an elderly man is like a burning library.
— Ivorian Proverb

The worlds of the elders do not lock all the doors; they leave
the right door open. — Zambian Proverb

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.
— Ewe Proverb

You cannot name a child that is not born. — African Proverb

The child you sired hasn’t sired you. — Somali Proverb

An orphaned calf licks its own back. — Kenyan Proverb

A beautiful thing is never perfect. — Egyptian Proverb

A child is a child of everyone. — Sudanese Proverb

When you show the moon to a child, it sees only your finger.
— Zambian Proverb

Be a mountain or lean on one. — Somali Proverb

We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is
roots, the other one is wings. — Sudanese Proverb

When the grandmother's speak the earth will be healed.
— Hopi Proverb

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Psalms 37

Psalms 37

By A Psalm of David
March 18, 2017

1 Do not fret because of evildoers,
Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.

2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass,
And wither as the green herb.

3 Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

4 Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.

6 He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your justice as the noonday.

7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath;
Do not fret—it only causes harm.

9 For evildoers shall be cut off;
But those who wait on the Lord,
They shall inherit the earth.

10 For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more;
Indeed, you will look carefully for his place,
But it shall be no more.

11 But the meek shall inherit the earth,
And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

12 The wicked plots against the just,
And gnashes at him with his teeth.

13 The Lord laughs at him,
For He sees that his day is coming.

14 The wicked have drawn the sword
And have bent their bow,
To cast down the poor and needy,
To slay those who are of upright conduct.

15 Their sword shall enter their own heart,
And their bows shall be broken.

16 A little that a righteous man has
Is better than the riches of many wicked.

17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken,
But the Lord upholds the righteous.

18 The Lord knows the days of the upright,
And their inheritance shall be forever.

19 They shall not be ashamed in the evil time,
And in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.

20 But the wicked shall perish;
And the enemies of the Lord,
Like the splendor of the meadows, shall vanish.
Into smoke they shall vanish away.

21 The wicked borrows and does not repay,
But the righteous shows mercy and gives.

22 For those blessed by Him shall inherit the earth,
But those cursed by Him shall be cut off.

23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way.

24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down;
For the Lord upholds him with His hand.

25 I have been young, and now am old;
Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken,
Nor his descendants begging bread.

26 He is ever merciful, and lends;
And his descendants are blessed.

27 Depart from evil, and do good;
And dwell forevermore.

28 For the Lord loves justice,
And does not forsake His saints;
They are preserved forever,
But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off.

29 The righteous shall inherit the land,
And dwell in it forever.

30 The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom,
And his tongue talks of justice.

31 The law of his God is in his heart;
None of his steps shall slide.

32 The wicked watches the righteous,
And seeks to slay him.

33 The Lord will not leave him in his hand,
Nor condemn him when he is judged.

34 Wait on the Lord,
And keep His way,
And He shall exalt you to inherit the land;
When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it.

35 I have seen the wicked in great power,
And spreading himself like a native green tree.

36 Yet he passed away,[a] and behold, he was no more;
Indeed I sought him, but he could not be found.

37 Mark the blameless man, and observe the upright;
For the future of that man is peace.

38 But the transgressors shall be destroyed together;
The future of the wicked shall be cut off.

39 But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord;
He is their strength in the time of trouble.

40 And the Lord shall help them and deliver them;
He shall deliver them from the wicked,
And save them,
Because they trust in Him.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Satan's Minions

Satan's Minions

By Belinda van Rensburg
March 15, 2017

The enemy's always attempting to render
Each upright, faithful Christian defender
Powerless; useless; unable to show
Sinners and seekers the Way to go.

He uses those in his bonded employ
To divert, to bait, to trip and annoy;
To keep us busy so that we can't
Sow good seeds when it's time to plant.

Their lips are full of lies and deceit;
They set their traps for the righteous; the meek
Lying in wait to steal and destroy
Our lives, our faith, our peace and our joy.

Slander and malice are tools in their hands;
Weapons they wield against those in the land
Who are quietly doing what God told them to do
Who yield to God with hearts strong and true.

Be truthful and just and you will see
Satan's minions turn round and flee:
Live in God's Light and you will deflect
The enemy's plans and destructive effect.

Sunday, March 12, 2017



By Shawnee Chief Tecumseh (1768-1813)
Sunday, March 12, 2017

Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.

Trouble no one about his religion.

Respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours.

Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.

Seek to make your life long and of service to your people.

Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the
great divide.

Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing
a friend, or even a stranger, if in a lonely place.

Show respect to all people, but grovel to none.

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light,
for your life, for your strength.

Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.

If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.

Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to
fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are
filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep
and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a
different way.

Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.

Let us take to the clouds....

Thursday, March 9, 2017

No Love No Mercy

No Love No Mercy

By Joe Fettig
March 9, 2017

In a small world being judged by worthless fools
Blinded by the illusion easily being used as a tool

Keeping the enemy fooled with the smoke and mirrors
They will never know the real plan everything becomes unclear

The slow bitter attack wrapping around there mind like a snake
Taking away the power until the opponent breaks

An attack that is so hard to spot very indirect
Vanishing in the mist nothing left in sight to detect

Fighting all the way to the death
No Love No Mercy until they take their last breath

No mercy in a cold war
Hidden agenda's divided into four

Raining blood through the soldiers eye's
Black operation's assassin of spies

The Art of War flows like the blood for money
Crooked politicians do all the dirty laundry kind of funny

You have to kill a few pawns to get to the Queen
One false move then kill the King

Nuclear holocausts you can already hear the silent screams
Blinded and never awake living an engineered dream

Collapse of humanity new agenda's put into place
No Love No Mercy the end of the human race

Monday, March 6, 2017

217 Poetic Points

217 Poetic Points

By Scott Thomas Outlar
Dissident Voice
March 6, 2017

Poetry is three hawks soaring the sky in circles, with eyes of war
gazing down upon the land of love below.

Poetry is the furrowed brow and quizzical look flashed when the
prospect of a large increase in discretionary military spending is
raised without the slightest hint of irony that the idea isn’t at least
a little bit suspect in its lack of logic.

Poetry is the sound of dissidence off in the distance, drawing
ever-nearer with each new beat of the drum.

Poetry is a restoration of renaissance in the hearts and minds
of humanity.

Poetry is a raucous cry for revolution after it’s been made crystal
clear that such a process must always begin within.

Poetry upgraded its nuclear arsenal with advanced technology;
it’s a bitter pill to swallow; it’s a heavy cross to bear.

Poetry was a fly on the wall during your smoky backroom dealings.

Poetry called shenanigans on all your chicanery.

Poetry placed a bloody rag over its eyes, felt the sting of salt,
closed off the wounds, drifted toward midnight black, watched
neon blue mandalas appear, waited for the sound of rooster.

Poetry populated the earth with seven billion islands,
yet managed to arrange them all on the same map.

Poetry is a simulation unto itself, but likes to play games at the
park with all the other kids on Saturdays.

Poetry laid down the gauntlet, doubled down on its bet, kicked
cans down the street; however, it always looks up at the end of
the effort and smiles.

Poetry is laced with heavy propaganda because the fake corporate news finally took off its gloves.

Poetry swings for the fences, but is still satisfied with a triple
every now and then; as long as there are less than two outs and
we have a contact hitter heading to the plate.

Poetry promises there will be peace after this chaos comes to
a close.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Fake News & Fake Values

Fake News & Fake Values

By Denis Conroy
March 3, 2017

It appears that America has little awareness of the value of
awareness since fake news and fake values arrived to take
possession of the body politic.

Solipsism appears to lurk behind a modus operandi of tough talking
American empire-speak when it addresses its ire to other centres of
power daring to challenge its hegemonic brand of self-centred
conceits, now spreading across the globe.

President Trump visited the Boeing hangar in South Carolina on
February 16th hours after it was reported he was considering using
the National Guard to round up undocumented migrants and had
this to say: “We are going to build up a military might so great that
no one will dare to challenge it. None!”.

Needless to say, the media honed in on his words as if this was the
very first occasion where imbecility du jour had raised its ugly head
to defile an American presidential narrative.

Talking off-the-cuff, the President…as is his wont…expressed
himself candidly in a manner that had the gall to rile an
‘intelligentsia’ essentially mute on the question of America’s
inability to comprehend much beyond its own navel.

The mess America made in the Middle East falls on the shoulders
of the entire American community and the President allows no
sensitivities to interfere with his passion for tweeting twaddle
concerning the Foreign Policies follies of his predecessors.

Nobody can pretend to be unaware of the carnage
America has engaged in abroad.

It has gone on for decades, yet amazingly little was said
about the subject in the recent presidential elections.

The media along with academia may consider it expedient to adopt
discretion as the better part of valour, but these instrumentalities
at best, merely exist to hoodwink the masses into believing that
there is just-cause behind the aggression its government and war
profiteers engage in.

Think of it, Presidents and war criminals retire to ponder the
nature of love, mathematics, the value of their assets…some even
paint pictures… while consigning the history of their imbecility as
commanders of one kind or another to their diaries…and the rest
of us are expected to merely tag along…it’s the power of the brand
that keeps people unfree, coaxing them to get behind that most
unholy patriotic narrative that fronts for the armament industry.

Have we come to accept permanent war as the norm?

The images of cities destroyed and the ever mounting toll of human
collateral damage hardly penetrates public consciousness anymore,
because we are told that the ‘other’ had to be destroyed before
they became the clients of an alien hegemonic force that could
damage our free trade arrangements.

Hegemonic masculinity works in mysterious ways; it is resilient
and incorporates an autistic dimension so to avoid explaining itself
to Main Street.

Awareness and language are flip sides of the same coin.

There is no self-awareness without awareness of the ‘others’
existence; language is the medium which enables definition of the
particular to circumscribe identity for the purpose of constructing
social perspectives that may have the capacity to benefit one and

The young mother discovers the power of emergent language as the
infant in her charge commences to demonstrate awareness of co-
equal reality by observing responses in the ‘other’; every word and
gesture conveying meaning of ‘otherness’ puts awareness in

If all babies are born equal, then language itself must be a fulcrum
capable of achieving comity in the theatre of social interaction.

But what corrupts American ‘boys’ after they leave the bosom
of the nursery to become equals by serving in a military culture
of command?

Is it a desire to plough on, move forward, press on, push on,
advance upwards, believing expediency to be the only indisputable
means of achieving material success and a dominant role in society
for themselves…or is it the na├»ve assumption that it is the only
option available to them?

Or does the uniformity of military culture endow the individual
with a form of courage that only comes into being in the context
of the group?

The American penchant for growing hegemony vis-a-vis expediency
began with the covered wagon and quickly spread across that vast
continent under the protection of canon, musket and the protection
of the military.

The genocidal slaughter used against the native peoples to achieve
hegemony over their lands was of little concern to them.

They were a people who spoke different languages, dressed
strangely and had a skin colour that identified them as near
subhuman in the eyes of the occupiers.

So, did the cult of the boys-in-uniform find fertile ground in the
belief that slaughtering the indigenous population was necessary in
order to supplant them with virile American stakeholders attuned
to the wiles of colonial exploitation as it was a sure-fire means of
thieving from the native people?

After all, awareness was something that only occurred
in the minds of sissies.

From its inception, America managed to blindside interpretations
of its actions by demonising the people it wanted to eradicate.

It was through misinformation that it sought to portray its
intentions as morally sound, while vilifying all resistance to
its cause.

In reality, American history has more to do with false-flag
misinformation than truth.

The seeds of un-awareness were sown and cultivated in jargon
that presented the case for colonial trading practices as being
contingent upon civilised intercourse.

The public had come to believe they were exceptional because the
elites kept telling them it was so. Believing that they had finally
reached nirvana, the public gave themselves over to the expediency
of the capitalist juggernaut, not aware that the military-industrial-
complex was parasitically burrowing its way into the heart of the
American dream-enterprise.

The “Base Structure Report, Fiscal 2010 Baseline” shows how
covered-wagons have transmuted into ‘aerial-wagons’ equipped
with ballistic missiles over time.

According to this report, the U.S. has 662 overseas bases
in 35 foreign countries.

So when the President of America says, “We are going to build up
a military might so great that no one will dare to challenge it” it
appears that he is unaware of the fact that his ‘adversaries’ are
also in possession of a vast number of weapons of mass
destruction…the nuclear overkill sort come to mind and they are
a far cry from the humble bow and arrow.

The challenge facing America now is its lack of any real self-
awareness…or lack of awareness of values outside of its known
sphere of limited knowledge, for that matter.

The world has become suspicious of an American brand
of capitalistic-democracy that continues to impose…by military
means…its authority on the rest of the world…hence the blowback
against the loud mouth devoid of diplomatic skills.

At home, the media and the intelligence agencies continue to
expunge truth from the public narrative by virtue of their ability
to distort reality.

Technology is the tool that gives them this advantage.

By virtue of this advantage, security apparatuses in the service
of government manipulate public perceptions so as to inform
the public whom they should regard as friend or foe.

The elites who control the system instil fake news and fake values
in the media in order to control awareness.

The interests of the establishment are served by expedients that
come in the form of binary perspectives that feed off the fear of

If the rule of the elites is threatened in any which way, the
patriotic card is the one that is automatically extracted from
the deck.

There is little concern for facts on the ground when corporate-
minded capitalist expediency vaunts its interests in, and plans
for, free trade agreements.

The global business trade-cycle ‘in-question’ is nothing more than
a scam to eliminate points of particularism that claim the right to
retain multiple centres of activity as the healthier way of
conducting trade.

Neo-conservative capitalism adheres to the myth that one size
fits all.

American hegemonic enforcement as implemented by the military
-industrial-complex will have to inevitably roll back as alternative
means of negotiating trade come into existence.

The world is now alert to America’s fork-tongued affair with Anglo
Zionism and awareness of the duplicity surrounding the fake peace
talks is breaking out all over.

Pulverising people and countries across the Middle East attest to
America and Israel’s cupidity. That they have been relegated to
the status of the most reviled countries on the planet comes as
no surprise.

Security walls, plus extrajudicial killings, plus the genocide of the
Palestinian people may have brought America and Israel together as
bedfellows…but having cavorted together in ways most treacherous,
the smell and sight of their dirty linen is now on show for the whole
world to behold…and the so called ‘honest broker’ stands
diminished and soiled as a consequence of the role he played in
that unholy union.

If Americans continue to see themselves as units in an economy
that seeks greatness and virility with the help of an overblown
military, then doomsday may not be far off.

Without questioning the facts presented to them by the government
(deep-state interests) and the media, the public at large will
remain captive to a culture of fake news and fake values that trap
them in a web of placebo realities.

There is now an abundance of evidence to show that the ‘deep-
state’ is more or less a collection of monstrous parasites gnawing
on the entrails of the host.

Reason suggests that bringing the affairs of The State out into
the light of day should be the top priority.

The deep state…or the chain of command as it was formerly known
as…has many points of particularity, but none of them directly
represent the interests of main-street-America.

The system we presently have, seeks to replicate the human
genome apparatus by hierarchically regulating and delegating
control over the economy…the central nervous system…for the
purpose of establishing command of an order it can oversee and
profit from. The result of this maneuvering within the body politic
is that democracy has been pushed off the page.

To date, the history of America has been one where hegemonic
masculinity appears to have triumphed militaristically over reason.

But with the establishment of an army of intelligence agents,
another layer of ‘macho power’ was added to the gun-ships of

It should be noted that having chosen ‘agro’ as the gene of choice
for the State, the skills of diplomacy were stifled very early in the

Thus did brawn manage to smother America’s better self
and consign its ‘dream’ to the isolation of the autistic ward.

Americans are now struggling to comprehend the thought
processes of their Commander In Chief.

They sense that the Commanders at The Pentagon, Commanders at
Wall Street, Commanders at NATO, Commanders at Fleet Street,
Commanders at AIPAC, Commanders at the CIA and the FBI are
actively part of a genome chorus of imbedded interests seeking to
retain as much power in the chain of command as possible in ways
that corrupt the democratic process…which leaves it to the jury to
form an opinion.

The jury is the American People and they are slowly becoming
aware of the duplicity that has corrupted them from the very

But wait, the centre is no longer holding and the people might
come out of their long coma yet to discover that it is high time
they freed themselves from the fake news and fake values that
represent the current American brand?

Clearly, the existing American brand of governance is the product
of straw-men.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bread and Circuses

Bread and Circuses

By Expotera
February 28, 2017

Now that no one buys our votes, the public has long since cast off
its cares; for the people that once bestowed commands, consulships,
legions, and all else, now meddles no more and longs eagerly for
just two things -- bread and circuses. ~ Juvenal

Don't close your eyes
Don't turn away
You know deep down
You've got something to say
And with each night the darkness comes
And it consumes us all
We are all plagued with death
It is "The Fall"
As we lay dying here
The bread and circuses they entertain
We live through them
And they through us
They are the virus in our veins
The one that pushes us to run from the light
And forces us to hide
The one that feeds us lie after lie
And says we should ignore
The void inside

- Dena Lumley

The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the
willingness of people to sell their rights as freemen for full
bellies and the excitement of the games which would serve
to distract them from the other human hungers which bread
and circuses can never appease. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Sunday, February 26, 2017



By Cecilia Llompart
February 26, 2017

The dead bird, color of a bruise,
and smaller than an eye
swollen shut,
is king among omens.

Who can blame the ants for feasting?

Let him cast the first crumb.


We once tended the oracles.

Now we rely on a photograph
a fingerprint
a hand we never saw coming.


A man draws a chalk outline
first in his mind
around nothing
then around the body
of another man.

He does this without thinking.


What can I do about the white room
I left behind?

What can I do about the great stones
I walk among now?

What can I do but sing.

Even a small cut can sing all day.


There are entire nights
I would take back.

Nostalgia is a thin moon,
into a sky like cold,
unfeeling iron.


I dreamed
you were a drowned man,
crown of phosphorescent,
seaweed in your hair,
water in your shoes.

I woke up desperate
for air.


In another dream, I was a field
and you combed through me
searching for something
you only thought you had lost.


What have we left at the altar of sorrow?

What blessed thing will we leave tomorrow?

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Information Clearing
February 24, 2017

Last week, The Wall Street Journal revealed that members of the
intelligence community — part of the deep state, the unseen
government within the government that does not change with
elections — now have acquired so much data on everyone in
America that they can selectively reveal it to reward their friends
and harm their foes.

Their principal foe today is the president of the United States.

Liberty is rarely lost overnight.

The wall of tyranny often begins with benign building blocks of
safety — each one lying on top of a predecessor — eventually
collectively constituting an impediment to the exercise of free
choices by free people, often not even recognized until it is too

Here is the back story.

In the pre-Revolutionary era, British courts in London secretly
issued general warrants to British government agents in America.

The warrants were not based on any probable cause of crime or
individual articulable suspicion; they did not name the person or
thing to be seized or identify the place to be searched.

They authorized agents to search where they wished and seize
what they found.

The use of general warrants was so offensive to our Colonial
ancestors that it whipped up more serious opposition to British rule
and support for the revolutionaries than the "no taxation without
representation" argument did.

And when it came time for Americans to write the Constitution,
they prohibited general warrants in the Fourth Amendment, the
whole purpose of which was to guarantee the right to be left alone
by forcing the government to focus on bad guys and prohibit it from
engaging in fishing expeditions.

But the fishing expeditions would come.

In 1978, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,
which was intended to rein in the government spying on Americans
that had been unleashed by the Nixon administration.

FISA established a secret court and permitted it to issue warrants
authorizing spying on agents of foreign governments when
physically present in the United States.

People born in foreign countries who are here for benevolent
or benign or even evil purposes have the same constitutional
protections as those of us born here.

That's because the critical parts of the Constitution that insulate
human freedom from the government's reach protect "persons,"
not just citizens. But FISA ignored that.

And FISA was easy for the government to justify. It was a pullback
from Richard Nixon's lawlessness.

It required the feds to seek a warrant from federal judges. The
targets were not Americans.

Never mind, the argument went, that FISA has no requirement of
showing any probable cause of crime or even articulable suspicion
on the part of the foreign target; this will keep us safe.

Besides, the government insisted, it can't be used against

That argument was bought by presidents, members of Congress
and nearly all federal courts that examined it.

We don't know whether the authors of this scheme really wanted
federal spies to be able to spy on anyone at will, but that is where
we are today.

Through secret courts whose judges cannot keep records of their
own decisions and secret permissions by select committees of
Congress whose members cannot tell their constituents or other
members of Congress what they have learned in secret, FISA has
morphed so as to authorize spying down a slippery slope of targets,
from foreign agents to all foreigners to anyone who communicates
with foreigners to anyone capable of communicating with them.

The surveillance state regime today permits America's 60,000
military and civilian domestic spies to access in real time all the
landline and mobile telephone calls and all the desktop and mobile
device keystrokes and all the digital data created and used by
anyone in the United States.

The targets today are not just ordinary Americans; they are justices
on the Supreme Court, military brass in the Pentagon, agents in the
FBI, local police in cities and towns, and the man in the Oval Office.

The British system that arguably impelled our secession in 1776
is now here on steroids.

Enter the outsider as president.

Donald Trump has condemned the spying and leaking, as he is a
victim of it.

While he was president-elect, the spies told him they knew of his
alleged misbehaviors — vehemently denied — in a Moscow hotel

Last week, his White House staff was shaken by what the
spies did with what they learned from a former Trump aide.

Trump's former national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen.
Michael Flynn, himself a former military spy, spoke to the
Russian ambassador to the United States in December via
telephone in Trump Tower.

It was a benign conversation. He knew it was being monitored,
as he is a former monitor of such communications.

But he mistakenly thought that those who were monitoring him
were patriots as he is.

They were not.

They violated federal law by revealing in part what Flynn had said,
and they did so in a manner to embarrass and infuriate Trump.

Why would they do this?

Perhaps because they feared Flynn's being in the White House,
since he knows the power and depth of the deep state.

Perhaps to send a message to Trump because he once compared
American spies to Nazis.

Perhaps because they believe that their judgment of the foreign
dangers America faces is superior to the president's.

Perhaps because they hate and fear the outsider in the
White House.

The chickens have come home to roost.

In our misguided efforts to keep the country safe, we have
neglected to keep it free.

We have enabled a deep state to become powerful enough
to control a powerful president.

We have placed so much data and so much power in the hands
of unelected, unaccountable, opaque spies that they can use it
as they see fit — even to the point of committing federal felonies.

Now some have boasted that they can manipulate and thus control
the president of the United States by selectively revealing and
concealing what they know about anyone, including the president

This is a perilous state of affairs, brought about by the maniacal
passion for surveillance spawned under George W. Bush and
perfected under Barack Obama — all with utter indifference to the
widespread constitutional violations and permanent destruction of
personal liberties.

This is not the government the Framers gave us.

But it is one far more dangerous to human freedom than the one
from which they seceded in 1776.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Empire America

Empire America

By Liam C. Calhoun
February 22, 2017

I spot a drone today;
No bombs,
But with plenty o’ potential –
A will to malice,
To malcontent, to murder.

I seek it south
And at its zenith,
Above dissent,
And the bastion that’d never know
Better, from worse.

So too, I spy it over the sands
And over cave,
Over Manhattan, over perdition,
And over “god,” over greed,
Over "great," and god-damned

A glistening, wrought silver teething,
“Dead,” come one wrong,
Word, or whatnot,
Anything antagonist “corporate,”
Our contradictory content,
Blessed, this,
“Complacency,” – indiscriminate.

Unbeknownst and melancholy-ridden,
The bombs have dropped,
And for some time now,
A sooner to be eternity
Whilst we’ve managed nothing but
The simplest of slumber;

We’re lucid but one second
And sheep more so the years.
The flock afar-critical,
As abstained become the hours,
The minutes, until, “then,”
Atop, “when,”
Whilst we learn again to breathe,
Maybe even dream,
And relieve the nooses continually
Knotted by others –

It’s an imaginary rebellion. Sure.
And I’m sure you’d agree;
Yet still, I soak a nightmare’s sweat
Whilst we gladly assume our
Peasant’s role
And as long as we do,
“They’ll,” gladly assume their

Monday, February 20, 2017

Rushin’ Doll’s

Rushin’ Doll’s

By T.P. Wilkinson
Dissident Voice
February 20, 2017

From the Tiber
To the Thames
The Potomac
To the Seine
Gold flows in sacks
To the Hudson’s
Safe harbour.

Through the confluence of cash.

The mouth
The source
And the course
Not far from these rivers
Not far from these wells
Driven to madness
From the heavens
They fell.

Their dolla’s
Their sheiks
From Riyadh
To Kabul
Fed on Syrian meat.

March with Prussians
To widen the gap
So Trump and the Russians
Take Hillary’s rap.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

America's Civic War

America's Civic War

How Long Can America Stand Divided?

By Matt Mayer
February 18, 2017

America is engaged in a Civic War.

I don't casually conflate this war with the Civil War fought to save
the union and end slavery.

Yet many fear that our current crisis could spiral out-of-control in
the coming years, resulting in as grave a threat to our union as the
Civil War.

America has overcome previous periods of protest and unrest,
but the ever-increasing unraveling of the last few decades has
no modern parallel.

As with many Americans, I first became uneasy with the tenor of
our national debate during George W. Bush's presidency when the
left ceaselessly attacked him over the Iraq War and enhanced
interrogation techniques.

The right took its turn during Barack Obama's presidency with
constant assaults on his birth, Benghazi and use of executive

Our unraveling, however, predates both presidencies.

Some cite the 1960s, some Watergate, and others point to
Bill Clinton's presidency.

For me, the spiral really began with the left's, "borking" of
Supreme Court candidate Robert Bork.

The shrillness of that episode when the left went after his person
not so much his jurisprudence launched the era of zero-sum politics
in Washington.

What began in Washington slowly spread to the rest of the country
over the subsequent 30 years via 24-hour news channels, talk radio
and the internet.

Donald Trump's election may be merely another chapter in this
ongoing fight, but the sheer non-stop level of opposition beginning
before the election and accelerating each passing week portends a
deepening of the crisis.

Four weeks in, the left talks incessantly about impeachment and
secession, with some even publicly mentioning assassination and
a coup.

Such talk used to be confined solely to the dark corners
of our fringes.

Traditional areas where restraint was deployed such as
the inauguration, the appointment of Cabinet nominees
and the White House Correspondents' Dinner have become
hotly contested battlefields on which to draw blood.

Every action, no matter how small, is vigorously opposed
and magnified far beyond reason.

We have entered the era of inch-by-inch trench warfare.

As Doris Kearns Goodwin vividly described in her book "Team of
Rivals," the 30 or so years preceding the Civil War involved a
growing separation and looming clash between the North and the

Abraham Lincoln's election in 1860 merely served as the catalyst
for the South to "fire the first shot."

The fight's geography today isn't so neatly divisible; rather, it pits
the densely populated major cities and coasts against the suburban
and rural masses.

Unlike in 1860, the media today isn't aligned by geography.

The mainstream media clearly has become part of the left,
with nontraditional entities serving as news sources for each
side's partisan points of view.

Instead of making us more social, the increased use of social media
has torn us further apart, as, what we dare not say to our neighbor's
face in our backyards, we aggressively type or endorse casually with
a click on our smartphones.

Our trust in government, media and each other declines
precipitously each passing year.

Facts have become, like beauty, something in the brains
of the beholders from both sides.

Facing the reality of Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump, we like to
claim we'd theoretically support a presidential candidate from the
other side, but who on the right would the left really support and

We are, in fact, a red America and a blue America.

All signs point to it getting much worse.

We exited our past crises united once again and stronger for it in
the long term.

We may not be as fortunate this time, as each side becomes more
entrenched and convinced of its righteousness.

The Pied Pipers of today who preach Rodney King's, "can't we all
just get along" plea are sorely out-of-step with large segments of

The path they want to lead us down is little more than the same
well-trod trail full of the very failed appeasement politics that
have fueled the anger and apartness.

It will take more than recycling cliches to change the course we
are on.

Talk isn't just cheap, it is utterly ineffective.

Lincoln fundamentally understood that a united America required
the North to thoroughly defeat the South.

The surrender of General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox largely
ended the Civil War, but true victory did not come for another
100 years.

Even if one side can win our Civic War, what will the settled
peace look like, will it hold and how long until final victory
will be achieved?

Ultimately, can there by clear victory in a Civic War based upon
ideologies that all fall within the four corners of a democratic
free society?

The very tenants of liberalism and progressivism have always been
the antithesis of the principals of conservatism and libertarianism
and vice-versa.

Elections used to determine which ideology prevailed for four-to-
eight years, with opposition being civilly exercised in Congress or
from statehouses.

Now, each side vigorously opposes and demonizes action before
they even know what exactly it is they are opposing in a, "they're
for it, we're against it" automaton fashion.

Obama wasn't just wrong. He was a closeted Muslim seeking to
supplant our Constitution with Sharia law.

Trump isn't just misguided. He is the next Adolph Hitler rapidly
laying the groundwork for the next Holocaust.

Western civilization is tragically losing its civility.

The unfortunate reality is that it may take an existential external
threat to truly bring us together, as occurred during World War II.

Given the rising instability in hot spots around the world, perhaps
a global crisis will peel us away from our partisan tribes and spur
us to once again rally around the flag as lovers of freedom.

The enemy at our gate may be the only force that can push us to
stop seeing our enemies across the aisle.

As Lincoln warned, "A house divided cannot stand."

The question isn't whether we are divided.

We most certainly are; rather, it is how long can our house stand
if our division persists?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

‘He Will Die In Jail’

‘He Will Die In Jail’

By David Edwards
Information Clearing House
February 16, 2017

U.S. national security officials are reportedly ready to “go nuclear”
after President Donald Trump’s latest attack on the intelligence

In a series of tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday, Trump insisted
that the “real scandal” was not that former National Security
Adviser Michael Flynn lied about his contact with Russia.

Instead, the president blasted what he said were “un-American”
leaks that led to Flynn’s ousting.

On Wednesday, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler
provided some insight into the reaction of national security

“Now we go nuclear,” he wrote on Twitter. “[Intelligence
community] war going to new levels. Just got an [email from]
senior [intelligence community] friend, it began: ‘He will die
in jail.'”

“US intelligence is not the problem here,” Schindler added in
another tweet. “The President’s collusion with Russian intelligence
is. Many details, but the essence is simple.”

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author
and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Expotera.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

General Michael Flynn

General Michael Flynn

By Expotera
February 14, 2017

Last night General Michael Flynn was forced to resign from his position as U.S. National Security Adviser.

General Michael Flynn was a very, very, highly enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump during his campaign for the Presidency and General Michael Flynn was also a very, very, strong critic of Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Presidency as well.

Before Donald Trump won the Presidential Election back in
November he told all of his supporters that, "Justice Would Have To
Be Delivered At The Ballot Box" but after Donald Trump won the
Presidential Election back in November he told all of his supporters
that, "He Would Not Be Prosecuting Hillary Clinton" as he had
previously promised out on the campaign trail.

We are now only a little over three weeks into Donald Trump's
Presidency and in the words of the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs
Committee in the Russian Parliament Konstantin Kosachev, “Either
Trump hasn’t found the necessary independence and he’s been
driven into a corner... or Russophobia has permeated the new
administration from top to bottom. This action is based on not
just paranoia but something even worse."

You see out of all of the people who are currently living off the, "Public" and working for the government out in Washington D.C., General Michael Flynn was probably one of the very, very, "Last" people who should have been forced to resign from his position as U.S. National Security Adviser simply because General Michael Flynn had absolutely positively nothing to do with with putting our entire Country well over, "$20 Trillion Dollars" in debt, yet all of the people who are now fully responsible for all of this have never been forced to, "Resign" from their individual positions, nor will they ever be, "Prosecuted" by this new administration as well.

Donald Trump now owes General Michael Flynn for, "Falling On His Sword" to simply help Donald Trump to continue to protect, "Hillary Clinton" and the establishment in which she now fully represents from being brought to, "Justice" and I salute General Michael Flynn for his service to our Country, as well as for his willingness to, "Resign" from yet another, different color version of, "The Synagogue of Satan".....

Thursday, February 9, 2017

William Blum: Rogue State

William Blum: Rogue State

By Expotera
February 09, 2017

From 1945 to 2003, the United States attempted to overthrow more
than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist-
nationalist movements fighting against intolerable regimes. In the
process, the US bombed some 25 countries, caused the end of life
for several million people, and condemned many millions more to
a life of agony and despair. - William Blum

Our leaders are cruel because only those willing to be inordinately
cruel and remorseless can hold positions of leadership in the foreign
policy establishment. People capable of expressing a full human
measure of compassion and empathy toward faraway powerless
strangers do not become president of the United States, or vice
president, or secretary of state, or national security adviser or
secretary of the treasury. Nor do they want to. - William Blum

What our leaders and pundits never let slip is that the terrorists
whatever else they might be-might also be rational human beings;
which is to say that in their own minds they have a rational
justification for their actions. Most terrorists are people deeply
concerned by what they see as social, political, or religious
injustice and hypocrisy, and the immediate grounds for their
terrorism is often retaliation for an action of the United States.
- William Blum

Propaganda is to a democracy what violence is to a dictatorship.
- William Blum

Do you remember the classic example of chutzpah? It's the young
man who kills his parents and then asks the judge for mercy on
the grounds that he's an orphan. The Bush administration's updated
version of that was starting a wholly illegal, immoral, and
devastating war and then dismissing all kinds of criticism of its
action on the grounds that 'we're at war. - William Blum

A terrorist is someone who has a bomb, but doesn't have an
air force. - William Blum

Why don't church leaders forbid Catholics from joining the military
with the same fervor they tell Catholics to stay away from abortion
clinics? - William Blum

The Soviet Union and something called communism per se had
not been the object of Washington's global attacks. There had
never been an International Communist Conspiracy. The enemy
was, and remains, any government or movement, or even
individual, that stands in the way of the expansion of the
American Empire; by whatever name the US gives to the enemy -
communist, rogue state, drug trafficker, terrorist. - William Blum

The "trickle-down" theory: the principle that the poor, who must
subsist on table scraps dropped by the rich, can best be served by
giving the rich bigger meals. - William Blum

No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine. - William Blum

The de facto censorship which leaves so many Americans
functionally illiterate about the history of US foreign affairs may
be all the more effective because it is not official, heavy-handed
or conspiratorial, but woven artlessly into the fabric of education
and media. No conspiracy is needed. - William Blum

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Castigating Trump For Truth-Telling

Castigating Trump For Truth-Telling

By Robert Parry
February 7, 2017

Gaining acceptance in Official Washington is a lot like getting
admittance into a secret society’s inner sanctum by uttering
some nonsensical password.

In Washington to show you belong, you must express views that
are patently untrue or blatantly hypocritical.

For instance, you might be called upon to say that, “Iran is the
principal source of terrorism” when that title clearly belongs to
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf state allies that have funded Al Qaeda,
the Taliban and the Islamic State.

But truth has no particularly value in Official Washington;
adherence to, “group think” is what’s important.

Similarly you might have to deny any, “moral equivalence” between
killings attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and killings
authorized by U.S. presidents.

In this context, the fact that the urbane Barack Obama scheduled
time one day a week to check off people for targeted assassinations
isn’t relevant.

Nor is the reality that Donald Trump has joined this elite club of
official killers by approving a botched and bloody raid in Yemen
that slaughtered a number of women and children (and left one
U.S. soldier dead, too).

You have to understand that, “our killings” are always good or at
least justifiable (innocent mistakes do happen from time to time),
but Russian killings are always bad.

Indeed, Official Washington has so demonized Putin that any
untoward death in Russia can be blamed on him whether there
is any evidence or not.

To suggest that evidence is needed shows that you must be a,
“Moscow stooge.”

To violate these inviolable norms of Official Washington, in which
participants must intuitively grasp the value of such “group think”
and the truism of, “American exceptionalism” marks you as a
dangerous outsider who must be marginalized or broken.

Currently, President Trump is experiencing this official opprobrium
as he is widely denounced by Republicans, Democrats and, “news”
people because he didn’t react properly to a question from Fox
News’ Bill O’Reilly terming Putin, “a killer.”

“There are a lot of killers.” Trump responded. “We’ve got a lot of
killers. What do you think — our country’s so innocent. You think
our country’s so innocent?”

Aghast at Trump’s heresy, O’Reilly sputtered, “I don’t know of any
government leaders that are killers.”

Trump: “Well — take a look at what we’ve done too. We made a lot
of mistakes. I’ve been against the war in Iraq from the beginning.”

O’Reilly: “But mistakes are different than —“

Trump: “A lot of mistakes, but a lot of people were killed.
A lot of killers around, believe me.”

‘Moral Equivalence’

Though Trump is justly criticized for often making claims that
aren’t true, here he was saying something that clearly was true.

But it has drawn fierce condemnation from across Official
Washington, not only from Democrats but from Trump’s fellow
Republicans, too.

Neoconservative Washington Post opinion writer Charles
Krauthammer objected fiercely to Trump’s, “moral equivalence”
and CNN’s Anderson Cooper chimed in, lamenting Trump’s deviation
into, “equivalence” i.e. holding the U.S. government to the same
ethical standards as the Russian government.

This, “moral equivalence” argument has been with us at least since
the Reagan administration when human rights groups objected to
President Reagan’s support for right-wing governments in Central
America that engaged in, “death squad” tactics against political
dissidents, including the murders of priests and nuns and genocide
against disaffected Indian tribes.

To suggest that Reagan and his friends should be subjected to
the same standards that he applied to left-wing authoritarian
governments earned you the accusation of, “moral equivalence.”

Declassified documents from Reagan’s White House show that this
P.R. strategy was refined at National Security Council meetings led
by U.S. intelligence propaganda experts.

Now the, “moral equivalence” theme is being revived to discredit
a new Republican president who dares challenge this particular
Official Washington, “group think.”

Lots of Killing

The unpleasant truth is that all leaders of major countries
and many leaders of smaller countries are, “killers.”

President Obama admitted that he had ordered military strikes
in seven different countries to kill people.

His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejoiced over the grisly
murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with a clever twist
on a famous Julius Caesar boast of conquest: “We came, we saw,
he died,” Clinton chirped.

At the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, President George
W. Bush ordered the U.S. military to conduct a devastating aerial
assault on Baghdad, known as, “shock and awe.”

President George W. Bush launched an illegal war against Iraq
based on false pretenses, causing the deaths of hundreds of
thousands of Iraqis, many of them children and other civilians.

President Bill Clinton ordered a vicious bombing campaign
against the Serbian capital of Belgrade, which included
intentionally targeting the Serb TV building and killing 16
civilian employees because Clinton considered the station’s
news reports to be, “propaganda” i.e., not in line with U.S.

After the U.S. bombing in 1991 that incinerated more than
400 civilians, the Amiriyah Bunker in Baghdad was turned
into a memorial to the victims.

Since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003,
the memorial was closed to the public.

President George H.W. Bush slaughtered scores of Panamanians
who happened to live near the headquarters of the Panamanian
Defense Forces and he killed tens of thousands of Iraqis,
including incinerating a civilian bomb shelter in Baghdad,
after he brushed aside proposals for resolving Iraq’s invasion
of Kuwait peacefully.

Bush wanted a successful war as a way to rally the American
people behind future foreign military operations, so, in his
words, the country could kick “the Vietnam Syndrome once
and for all."

Other U.S. presidents have had more or less blood on their hands
than these recent chief executives, but it is hard to identify any
modern U.S. president who has not been a, “killer” in some form,
inflicting death upon innocents whether as part of some,
“justifiable” mission or not.

But the mainstream U.S. press corps routinely adopts double
standards when assessing acts by a U.S. president and those
of an, “enemy.”

When the U.S. kills people, the mainstream media bends over
backwards to rationalize the violence, but does the opposite if
the killing is authorized by some demonized foreign leader.

That is now the case with Putin.

Any accusation against Putin – no matter how lacking in evidence
– is treated as credible and any evidence of Putin’s innocence is
ridiculed or suppressed.

That was the case with a documentary that debunked claims that
hedge fund accountant Sergei Magnitsky was murdered in a Russian
prison because he was a whistleblower when the documentary
showed that he was a suspect in a massive money-laundering
scheme and died of natural causes.

Although produced by a documentarian who started out planning to
do a sympathetic portrayal of Magnitsky, the facts led in a different
direction that caused the documentary to be shunned by the
European Union and given minimal distribution in the United States.

By contrast, the ease with which Putin is called a murderer –
based on, “mysterious deaths” inside Russia – is reminiscent
of how American right-wing groups suggested that Bill and
Hillary Clinton were murderers by distributing a long list of,
“mysterious deaths” somehow related to the Clinton, “scandals”
from their Arkansas days.

While there was no specific evidence connecting the Clinton's to
any of these deaths, the sheer number created suspicions that
were hard to knock down without making you a “Clinton apologist.”

Similarly, a demand for actual evidence proving Putin’s guilt
in a specific case makes you a, “Putin apologist.”

However, as a leader of a powerful nation facing threats from
terrorism and other national security dangers, Putin is surely a,
“killer” much as U.S. presidents are killers.

That appears to have been President Trump’s point, that the
United States doesn’t have clean hands when it comes to
shedding innocent blood.

But telling such an unpleasant albeit obvious truth is not the way to
gain entrance into the inner sanctum of Official Washington’s Deep

The passwords for admission require you to say a lot of things that
are patently false.

Any inconvenient truth-telling earns you the bum’s rush out into the
alley, even if you’re President of the United States.