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Monday, November 20, 2017

Al Franken

Al Franken

By Expotera
November 20, 2017

Below for your independent, objective, and thoughtful review is
a picture of the current Senator of my home State of Minnesota,
Al Franken.

Now no one has seen and/or directly heard from Senator Franken
since this below photo has been made available to the public.

But a second young woman by the name of Lindsay Menz, has now
come forward to say, "Sen. Al Franken" inappropriately touched her
in 2010, telling a reporter from CNN, "That he grabbed her buttocks
while taking a photo with her at the Minnesota State Fair."

In the photo of Mrs. Menz and Senator Franken, the Senator's face is
pressed up against Mrs. Menz's, but the lower halves of their bodies
are not shown.

Mrs. Menz later posted the photo with Senator Franken
on her Facebook page back on August 27, 2010.

Her sister, Mrs. Cari Thunker, commented under the photo:
"Sorry, but you two aren't Bibles width apart" -- a reference,
Mrs. Thunker explained to the reporter at CNN, just how physically
close Mrs. Menz and Senator Franken were in this particular photo.

Mrs. Menz responded to her sister on Facebook by saying and
by writing: "Dude -- Al Franken TOTALLY molested me! Creeper!"

This exchange is still visible to Mrs. Menz's Facebook family and
friends which only lends further credence to her story, as well as
further evidence and further reasons for why Senator Al Franken
should, "RESIGN" before further humiliating and embarrassing
himself, his family, his political party, his State, and his whole
entire Country for that matter.

Someone once said, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" and in
this particular case there is absolutely positively nothing more for
Senator Al Franken to say except, "I Resign" while he continues to
remain in hiding from the news media and all of his Constituents.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Superficial Patriotism

Superficial Patriotism

By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
November 14, 2017

The time has come for America to hear the truth about this tragic

In international conflicts, the truth is hard to come by because
most nations are deceived about themselves.

Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the
psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins.

But the day has passed for, "Superficial Patriotism."

He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

War At Home

War At Home

By Mission 22
November 12, 2017

This memorial is dedicated to the men and women whom have
fought overseas and now have paid the final price here at home.

We could not stand idly by as Veteran suicides swept the country.

Every image standing before you was drawn from a photograph
of a Veteran who lost their battle in the War at home.

This memorial is meant to remind us of our loss, to amend the past,
honor the present and prevent this from happening in the future.

The current national statistic for Veteran suicide in America
is at twenty two per day.

We offer our sincere gratitude to every family member of the
silhouettes representing the men and the women standing before
you, for your great courage in allowing us to build this memorial.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Suicide In The Trenches

Suicide In The Trenches

By Siegfried Sassoon
November 11, 2017

I knew a simple soldier boy,
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye,
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know,
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Here Is The Church

Here Is The Church

By John Snider
November 9, 2017

Here is the church
Here is the steeple
Open the doors—blood and dead people
Close the doors and hear them pray
God Bless our guns and the NRA

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Evil Begets Evil

Evil Begets Evil

By Expotera
November 5, 2017

Earlier today at least 26 people were killed and more than 20
other people were wounded in Sunday's mass church shooting
in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

The suspected shooter has been identified as a 26 year old white
male by the name of Devin Patrick Kelley, who was a member
of the US Air Force and he served at Holloman Air Force Base
in New Mexico from 2010 until his discharge, according to the
US Air Force.

The victims range in age from 5 to 72 years old and among the
dead is the 14-year-old daughter of the First Baptist Church's
pastor, Frank Pomeroy, according to his wife, Sherri Pomeroy,
the girl's mother.

This is now the largest mass shooting event in the history of the
State of Texas and this is now the fourth deadliest mass shooting
event in the history of the United States of America as well.

Exactly one month ago the United States of America experienced
the largest mass shooting event in it's history out in Las Vegas,

These are truly "Dark Times" here in the United States of America,
but this is what happens when a Country openly sells it's, "Soul"
to the devil, by refusing to investigate, arrest, prosecute, convict,
and, "Execute" all of those who are now responsible for putting the
United States of America well over, "$20 Trillion Dollars" in debt,
over these past 16+ years.

In the Bible it very clearly states that, "Evil Begets Evil" so as long
as the United States of America continues on it's own present path
and course of, "Evil" nothing is ever going to change for the better
and truly, "The Worst" is still yet to come.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017



By Antoinette Muller
October 31, 2017

The empire has fallen
And it will try to rise again
It had the strength of 100 horses
And 1000 armed men

But the empire has fallen,
Will it ever rise again?

The king and the queen
Had to forfeit their crowns
Their empire is burning
And the troops are trying to kill the flames

In time,
A fallen empire will rise again.

And thy kingdom will come
Thy will, will be done
But the men will always hold
The memory of defeat