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Friday, June 23, 2017

Mind Against Mind

Mind Against Mind

By Charlotte Emma Lewis
June 23, 2017

Those that are complacently designed

By the simpering vanities

Of a domesticated world

Rarely find the peace of mind

Of which we all strive

Because their materialistic

Beliefs constrain them

In pools of normality

Drowning them in the pressures of society

And hanging them out to dry

In downloaded photos

That never fade

Our lives are all dictated

By the subconscious influence

Of one another

Thus our souls

Are irrefutably intertwined

Locked together in endless struggle

Mind Against Mind

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Lonewolf

The Lonewolf

By Adbusters
June 19, 2017

I’m a guerilla in an information war, a slow-simmering battle of
memes and counter-memes, ideologies and worldviews.

I’m reprogramming the capitalist algorithm, turning growth into
de-growth, taking back the meaning of “progress” and reinventing
the American Dream.

I’m popping up on the evening news, on billboards,
corporate websites and disrupting the spectacle.

Injecting cognitive dissonance.

Epiphanies around every corner.

Marching in the Streets is not for me.

I’ll do secret things.

Pick my own moment.

Turn a bank window into a work of art.

Nail a manifesto to the doors of the economics departments.

Blackspot an ATM.

Dance on the back of the stock market bull.

A beautiful gesture has its own way of making history.

Friday, June 16, 2017

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

The Alexandria Shooting and Civil War in America

By Kurt Nimmo
June 16, 2017

The state will exercise it monopoly of violence and terror.

It’s the defining characteristic of the modern state.

The endgame is an authoritarian police and surveillance state.

The shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Virginia shouldn’t
come as a surprise.

It’s the result of months of establishment agitprop.

From Kathy Griffin posing with Trump’s severed head to a Trump
like Julius Caesar killed in Central Park play, the media has fixated
on strife between the two establishment parties.

This isn’t an accident.

It’s designed to keep Americans distracted and at each other’s
throats as the economy slowly implodes and the wars expand
with horrific toll.

The election of Trump provides a unique opportunity to create
partisan battle lines.

Social media is rife with venom and hatred as the alt-left faces
off against the alt-right.

Factions are established and receive support behind the scenes
from George Soros, the Koch Brothers, and the Democrat
“resistance,” a ludicrous moniker cooked up by the Democratic
National Committee under its new chairman Tom Perez.

The DNC announced it will throw a million dollars at its
Summer of Resistance.

This will further widen the political divide.

Polarization is increasingly intense and the establishment
propaganda media is fanning the flames.

Violence is escalating.

Antifa leftists attack Trump supporters and they respond in kind.

Activists are now openly carrying weapons.

We’re in the early stages of an engineered civil war.

Who benefits from this?

The state.

It’s a classic example of problem, reaction, solution.

Create political violence, or exploit that which is already festering,
and then unleash an authoritarian and militarized response.

Last year, a report by a government watchdog group tracked the
weapon expenditures of the federal government and found nearly
a billion and a half dollars in “military-style equipment” purchases
for 67 of its non-military agencies, including the IRS and the EPA.

The federal government is preparing for civil unrest.

The Pentagon is strategizing a response to large-scale civil unrest,
not only in America but around the world.

It began looking into this in 2008 after the engineered financial

In 2013, it was reported the Department of Homeland Security
engaged in a massive, covert military buildup.

The DHS has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition,
enough to sustain an Iraq-sized war for over twenty years.

DHS has also acquired heavily armored tanks, which have
been seen roaming the streets.

The state will exercise it monopoly of violence and terror.

It’s the defining characteristic of the modern state.

The endgame is an authoritarian police and surveillance state.

As the Nazi Hermann Goering knew, the people can always
be brought to the bidding of their leaders as they respond
to political violence.

He said it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along
whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament,
or a communist dictatorship.

As an operative for Operation Gladio pointed out, in order to
establish a police state innocent civilians must be attacked and
killed to force the public to turn to the state and demand greater

Now that a so-called progressive, a Bernie Sanders volunteer has
shot up Republicans playing baseball, how long before Congress
introduces yet another draconian law in response?

Now that the political class has been targeted, it probably won’t
take long.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017



By Robert Creely
June 14, 2017

America, you ode for reality!
Give back the people you took.

Let the sun shine again,
On the four corners of the world.

You thought of first but do not own,
Or keep like a convenience.

People are your own word,
You invented that locus and term.

Here, you said and say,
Is where we are,
Give back.

What we are,
These people you made us,
And nowhere but you to be.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Brief Analogies

Brief Analogies

By Yuan Changming
Dissident Voice
June 12, 2017

President Obama is to real change as
President Bush was to true peace

Republican senators are to family values as
Family values have been to domestic violence

Fire is to forest as
Hurricanes is to beach

Afghanistan was to Iraq as
Iraq was to Vietnam

Brush is to a painter as
Word to a liar

Friday, June 9, 2017

Tyranny At Home

Tyranny At Home

By Fred Reed
Information Clearing House
Friday, June 9, 2017

“The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to
be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain
precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”
--Robert E. Lee

The man was perceptive.

Amalgamation of the states under a central government has led to
exactly the effects foreseen by General Lee.

In, say, 1950, to an appreciable though imperfect extent America
resembled a confederacy.

Different regions of the America had little contact with each other,
and almost no influence over one another.

The federal government was small and remote.

Interstates did not exist, nor of course the internet, nor even direct
long-distance telephone dialing.

West Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts, New York City, Texas,
and California had little in common, but little conflict arose
since for practical purposes they were almost different countries.

They chiefly governed themselves. The proportion of federal
to state law was small.

It is important to note that regional differences were great.

In 1964 in rural Virginia, the boys brought shotguns to school during
deer season. Nobody shot anybody because it wasn’t in the culture.

The culture was uniform, so no one was upset.

It is when cultures are mixed, or one rules another,
that antagonism comes.

Such shotgun freedom would not have worked in New York City
with its variegated and often mutually hostile ethnicities.

Regions differed importantly in degree of freedom, not just in
the freedom of local populations to govern themselves but also
in individual freedom.

It made a large difference in the tenor of life.

If in Texas, rural Virginia, or West Virginia you wanted to build
an addition to your house, you did.

You didn’t need licenses, permits, inspections, union-certified

Speed limits? Largely ignored.

Federal requirements for Coast Guard approved flotation devices
on your canoe? What the hell kind of crazy idea was that?

Democracy works better the smaller the group practicing it.

In a town, people can actually understand the questions of the day.

They know what matters to them.

Do we build a new school, or expand the existing one?

Do we want our children to recite the pledge of allegiance,
or don’t we?

Reenact the Battle of Antietam? Sing Christmas carols in the
town square?

We can decide these things. Leave us alone.

States similarly knew what their people wanted and, within
the limits of human frailty, governed accordingly.

Then came the vast empire, the phenomenal increase in the power
and reach of the federal government, which really means the
Northeast Corridor.

The Supreme Court expanded and expanded and expanded the
authority of Washington, New York’s store-front operation.

The federals now decided what could be taught in the schools,
what religious practices could be permitted, what standards
employers could use in hiring, who they had to hire.

The media coalesced into a small number of corporations,
controlled from New York but with national reach.

More recently we have added surveillance of everything
by Washington’s intelligence agencies.

Tyranny at home, said General Lee. Just so.

This could happen only with the consolidation
of the states into one vast empire.

Tyranny comes easily when those seeking it need only corrupt a
single Congress, appoint a single Supreme Court, or control the
departments of one executive branch.

In a confederation of largely self-governing states, those
hungry to domineer would have to suborn fifty congresses.

It could not be done.

State governments are accessible to the governed.

They can be ejected.

They are much more likely to be sympathetic to the desires
of their constituents since they are of the same culture.

Aggressive abroad, said General Lee.

Is this not exactly what we see?

At this moment Washington has the better part of a thousand
military bases around the world, unnecessary except for the
maintenance of empire.

America exists in a state of constant war, bombing Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, recently having destroyed Iraq and Libya.

Washington threatens Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China.

Its military moves deeper into Africa.

Washington sanctions Cuba, Russia, North Korea, and Iran,
to no effect.

It constantly tries to dominate other nations,
for example adding to NATO.

None of these wars and little if any of the imperial aggression
interests more than a tiny fraction of the country’s people.

To whom can the war against Afghanistan matter? Libya?

Few people have heard of Montenegro.

Does its membership in NATO or lack of it affect Idaho?

In a confederacy, states would have to approve a war.

Few would unless the United States itself were threatened.

They might well refuse to pay for wars not in their benefit,
or to allow their sons, daughters, and transgenders to be

But with a central government, those benefiting from
war can concentrate money and influence only on that

For example, military industry, Israel, big oil, Wall Street.

Wars might carry the votes of states with arms factories.

Other states would decline.

In principle, the Constitution should have prevented
the hijacking of the military that we now suffer.

As we all should know, and some do, America cannot under the
Constitution go to war without a declaration by Congress, the
last one of which occurred in 1941.

But a single central government can be corrupted more easily
than fifty state governments.

A few billionaires, well-funded lobbies, and the remoteness of
Washington from the common consciousness make controlling the
legislature as easy as buying a pair of shoes.

And thus, just as Marse Bob expected, the federals are out of
control and make war without the least reference to the nation.

If America attacks North Korea, or Russia, or China,
we will read of it the day after.

The central government, and only the central government,

A few days ago I read that the Pentagon contemplates
sending thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan.

This combines tyranny at home and aggression abroad.

Who wants to send them?

A few neocons in New York, the arms industry, a few generals,
and several senators.

It could not happen in a confederacy.

Will this, as General Lee predicted, prove “the certain precursor
of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”? Wait.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Paris Accord

The Paris Accord

By Jenny Worman
June 5, 2017

Over the past five years U.S. emissions have fallen by 270 million
tons, while China—the No. 1 CO 2 emitter—added 1.1 billion tons.

Yet, China was not required to reduce emissions until 2030 in the
Paris Accord?

The United States, $20 trillion in debt, and having had a $347
Billion dollar trade deficit with China in 2016, would be forced
to pay billions to China to modernize its manufacturing, sending
even more of our jobs and money to them?

That's not very fair is it?

Further, The Paris Accord document is a treaty in international law.

It has 100% of the legal attributes of a treaty.

If you examine the UN website all the reporting on this
accord treats it as a treaty.

Under The US Constitution, treaties must be ratified by
the United States Senate.

Obama claimed to have unilaterally ratified the treaty.

He had no such power to do so.

The United States is NOT legitimately a party to this treaty
to begin with.

Thus, President Trump is not withdrawing from the Paris Accords.

A nation must FIRST be a party before they can withdraw.

President Trump is simply giving the world notice that
this act of Obama acting as a dictator was NOT valid.

The fact that Obama refused to send it to the Senate to get
ratified is all the evidence you need to know that it is a bad

If it was good for America, it could and should get ratified
by the Senate.

In all of the hyperbole, the person who acted irresponsibly is the
one who CIRCUMVENTED the Constitution and attempted to impose
international control over this country all by himself.

That person was Obama.