ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Friday, January 29, 2016



By Expotera
January 29, 2016

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. ~ James 4:7

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



By Expotera
Via - Anonymous
January 26, 2016

When a bird is alive.. It eats Ants.

When the bird is dead.. Ants eat the bird.

Time & Circumstances can change at any time.

Don't devalue or hurt anyone in life.

You may be powerful today.

But remember.

Time is more powerful than you!

One tree makes a million match sticks.. Only one match stick needed to burn a million trees.

So be good and do good.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Temple

The Temple

By Expotera
January 23, 2016

You will not find him in King's Palaces, or Churches and Mosques
built of stone....

The center of your head is the TEMPLE

Temp = A place of Worship

El = The Ancient Canaanite name for God

Tempel = The Place to Worship God

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stay Humble

Stay Humble

By Expotera
Via - Anonymous
January 21, 2016

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is.

Our graves will always be the same size.

Stay humble.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Root Of All Evil

The Root Of All Evil

By Expotera
January 18, 2016

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while
some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and
pierced themselves through with many sorrows. ~ 1 Timothy 6:10

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Countdown

The Countdown

By Expotera
January 16, 2016


Today is January 16, 2016 and my, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR"
sent the, "ANGEL OF DEATH" to bring back to, "HIM" an Irish woman
by the name of, "Molly Madden" who at the age of 109 years old,
was the oldest living citizen of Ireland.

So Satan, "THE COUNTDOWN" has now, "BEGUN" and my, "FATHER"
is very clearly in control of both, "DEATH" as well as, "TIME" here,
and Satan, "HE" who controls both, "DEATH" as well as, "TIME" pretty
much, "CONTROLS" the whole entire rest of the, "UNIVERSE" Satan,
so basically, "YOU" and all of your, "FOLLOWERS" are now at, "WAR"
with both, "TIME" as well as, "DEATH" Satan, and since both, "TIME"
as well as, "DEATH" wait for absolutely, "NO ONE" ready, or not,
here, "WE" come, Satan, here, "WE" come....

Friday, January 15, 2016

Deaths In 2016

Deaths In 2016

By Expotera
January 15, 2016

Dear Human Beings:

Today is January 15, 2016 and below for your independent, objective, and thoughtful review, is a list of, quote, unquote, "FAMOUS" people, who have now, "DIED" since January 01, 2016 and this list is only going to continue to grow because as I told each and every one of, "YOU" back on January 01, 2016, my, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR" no longer cares about any of us as, "HUMAN BEINGS" simply because we as human beings no longer care about each, "OTHER" and/or our own, "CREATOR" for that matter, and as long as human beings continue to look up to, as well as, "WORSHIP" Satan, along with all of his other famous and/or, "RICH" human beings, the, "ANGEL OF DEATH" is going to continue bringing all human beings back to, "MEET YOUR MAKERS" so by all means just keep on, "IGNORING" me, simply because, "TIME" as well as, "DEATH" waits for no, "ONE" and in the words of the Buddha, "THE TROUBLE IS, YOU THINK YOU HAVE TIME" but in 2016, your, "TIME" may now be, "UP" especially if you have now been spending all of your earthly, "TIME" being, "DOWN" with a high heel wearing, transgender, "DEMON" like Satan....

January 15

Daniel Joseph Bohan, 74, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Regina (since 2005), cancer.[1]
Anil Ganguly, 82, Indian film director (Kora Kagaz, Tapasya).[2]
Dan Haggerty, 74, American actor (The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams), spinal cancer.[3]
Ken Judge, 58, Australian football player and coach (Hawthorn), cancer.[4]
P. J. Mara, 73, Irish public affairs consultant, Senator (1977–1981, 1982–1983).[5]

January 14

René Angélil, 73, Canadian entertainment manager (Celine Dion), throat cancer.[3]
Franco Citti, 80, Italian actor (Accattone, The Godfather, The Decameron).[4]
James Hannah, 71, American attorney, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court (2005–2015).[5]
Al Hart, 88, American radio host.[6]
Franco Oppo (it), 80, Italian composer.[7]
Alan Rickman, 69, English actor (Harry Potter, Die Hard, Love Actually), cancer.[8]
Shaolin, 44, Brazilian humorist, heart attack.[9]
Rajesh Vivek, 66, Indian actor (Lagaan), heart attack.[10]
Ellen Meiksins Wood, 73, American historian, cancer.[11]
Leonid Zhabotinsky, 77, Russian Soviet weightlifter, Olympic champion (1964, 1968).[12]

January 13

Luis Arroyo, 88, Puerto Rican baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees), cancer.[13]
Brian Bedford, 80, British actor (Robin Hood, Nixon, Much Ado About Nothing), cancer.[14]
Giorgio Gomelsky, 81, Georgian filmmaker, impresario, band manager (The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds), songwriter and record producer.[15]
J. F. R. Jacob, 92, Indian military officer.[16]
Sir Albert McQuarrie, 98, Scottish politician, MP for East Aberdeenshire (1979–1983) and Banff and Buchan (1983–1987).[17]
Conrad Phillips, 90, British television and film actor (The Adventures of William Tell).[18]
Lawrence Phillips, 40, American football player (University of Nebraska, St. Louis Rams) and convicted felon.[19]
Vladimir Pribylovsky, 59, Russian human rights activist and journalist.[20] (death announced on this date)
Jim Simpson, 88, American sportscaster (NBC Sports).[21]
Zaharije Trnavčević, 90, Serbian politician, Acting President of the National Assembly (2012).[22]
Tera Wray, 33, American pornographic actress.[23]

January 12

Gian Bazzi, 84, Swiss ice hockey player.[24]
Robert Black, 68, Scottish serial killer and kidnapper.[25]
James L. Browning, Jr., 83, American prosecutor, fall.[26]
Ivan Bukavshin, 20, Russian chess Grandmaster, stroke.[27]
Rose Chibambo, 86, Malawian politician, Deputy Minister for Hospitals, Prisons and Social Welfare (1963–1964), heart attack.[28]
Marian Czapla, 69, Polish painter.[29]
Ruth Leuwerik, 91, German film actress.[30]
Anti Marguste (et), 84, Estonian composer.[31]
William Needles, 97, Canadian actor.[32]
Dave Sime, 79, American sprinter and ophthalmologist, cancer.[33]
Andrew Smith, 25, American basketball player (Butler Bulldogs, Neptūnas), non-Hodgkin lymphoma.[34]
Carolyn D. Wright, 67, American poet.[35]

January 11

Budi Anduk, 47, Indonesian actor and comedian, pneumonia.[36]
Reginaldo Araújo, 38, Brazilian footballer, heart attack.[37]
Sylvan Barnet, 89, American literary critic, cancer.[38]
Robert Coates, 87, Canadian politician, MP (1957–1988).[39]
Albert Onyembo Lomandjo, 84, Congolese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kindu (1966–1978).[40]
William Del Monte, 109, American centenarian, last known survivor of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.[41]
Berge Furre, 78, Norwegian politician and historian.[42]
Monte Irvin, 96, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Newark Eagles, New York Giants, Chicago Cubs).[43]
Brian Johnson, 59, Australian rugby league player and coach (St. George, Warrington), Alzheimer's disease.[44]
Yevgeny Kotlov, 66, Russian Soviet ice hockey player (Dynamo Moscow).[45]
David Margulies, 78, American actor (Ghostbusters, The Sopranos, Conversations with My Father).[46]
Aledo Meloni (es), 103, Argentine journalist.[47]
Robert Naegele, 90, German actor (The NeverEnding Story II, The Old Fox, Waller's Last Trip).[48] (death announced on this date)
János Radványi, 93, Hungarian-born American political scientist and diplomat, Ambassador to the United States (1962–1967).[49]
John Stokes, 70, British soldier and mountaineer.[50]
Melania Ursu (ro), 75, Romanian theater and film actress, heart attack.[51]
Gunnel Vallquist, 97, Swedish writer and translator.[52]

January 10

Abbas Bahri, 61, Tunisian mathematician and professor (Rutgers University).[53]
Wim Bleijenberg, 85, Dutch footballer (Ajax, national team).[54]
David Bowie, 69, English singer-songwriter ("Space Oddity", Ziggy Stardust, "Heroes"), record producer and actor (Labyrinth), liver cancer.[55]
Bård Breivik, 67, Norwegian sculptor, cancer.[56]
Alton Brown, 90, American baseball player (Washington Senators).[57]
Ann Z. Caracristi, 94, American cryptographer, Deputy Director of the NSA (1980–1982), complications from dementia.[58]
Teofil Codreanu, 74, Romanian footballer (Rapid București).[59]
Jeanne Cordova, 67, American LGBT activist, brain cancer.[60]
Michael Galeota, 31, American actor (The Jersey).[61]
Hernán Gamboa, 69, Venezuelan musician (Serenata Guayanesa), cancer.[62]
Ulrich Hahnen, 63, German politician, Deputy of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia (since 2010), cancer.[63]
Ralph Hauenstein, 103, American philanthropist and businessman.[64]
Alexander Hickman, 90, Canadian judge and politician.[65]
Francis Thomas Hurley, 88, American Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Anchorage (1976–2001).[66]
George Jonas, 80, Hungarian-born Canadian writer, Parkinson's disease.[67]
Kalevi Lehtovirta, 87, Finnish footballer.[68]
Anthony Mellows, 79, British barrister and academic, Lord Prior of the Order of St John (2008–2014).[69]
Christina Morrison, 96, British code breaker.[70]
Bob Oatley, 87, Australian yachtsman (Wild Oats XI) and winemaker (Rosemount).[71]
Arthur S. Obermayer, 84, American entrepreneur and philanthropist, cancer.[72]
Spencer Rich, 85, American reporter (The Washington Post).[73]
Dick Spady, 92, American businessman (Dick's Drive-In).[74]
Gerardo Unzueta Lorenzana (es), 90, Mexican journalist and politician (Mexican Communist Party).[75]
Cornelis Zitman, 89, Dutch born Venezuelan sculptor.[76]
Yusuf Zuayyin, 84, Syrian politician, Prime Minister (1965, 1966–1968).[77]

January 9

Barbara Allyne Bennet, 76, American actress (Mac and Me, The Office).[78]
John Berry, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Idaho).[79]
Myra Carter, 86, American actress, pneumonia.[80]
Merab Chigoev, 65, South Ossetian politician, Prime Minister (1998–2001), traffic collision.[81]
Cielito del Mundo, 80, Filipino singer, actress and politician, heart attack.[82]
Hamada Emam, 68, Egyptian footballer (Zamalek SC).[83]
Peter Gavin Hall, 64, Australian statistician.[84]
John Harvard, 77, Canadian politician, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba (2004–2009).[85]
Richard Hendrickson, 103, American volunteer weatherman.[86]
Gareth Hoskins, 48, Scottish architect, complications of a heart attack.[87]
Mike McGinnity, English football chairman (Coventry City).[88]
Lance Rautzhan, 63, American baseball player (Los Angeles Dodgers), cancer.[89]
José María Rivas, 57, Salvadoran footballer, leukemia.[90]
Gianni Rondolino, 83, Italian film critic and historian, founder of the Turin Film Festival.[91]
Paul-Marie François Rousset, 94, French Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Saint-Étienne (1971–1987).[92]
Angus Scrimm, 89, American actor (Phantasm, Alias, John Dies at the End).[93]
Ed Stewart, 74, British TV and radio broadcaster (Top of the Pops, Crackerjack), stroke.[94]
Jānis Vaišļa, 46, Latvian musician (Pirates of the Sea), cardiac amyloidosis.[95]
Zelimkhan Yaqub, 65, Azerbaijani poet.[96]

January 8

Hamdy Ahmed, 82, Egyptian actor.[97]
Otis Clay, 73, American R&B and soul singer ("Tryin' to Live My Life Without You", "The Only Way Is Up"), heart attack.[98]
Maria Teresa de Filippis, 89, Italian racing driver, first woman to race in Formula One (Maserati, Behra-Porsche).[99]
Oscar Fritschi, 76, Swiss politician.[100]
Valeri Gadzhiyev (ru), 74, Soviet Azerbaijani footballer (Neftchi PFK, Dynamo Moscow).[101]
Ida Gaskin, 96, Welsh-born New Zealand teacher and quiz show contestant.[102]
Alessandro Ghinami, 92, Italian politician, President of Sardinia (1979–1980).[103]
Elmar Hillebrand (de), 90, German sculptor.[104]
Medea Jugeli, 90, Georgian gymnast, Olympic champion (1952).[105] (death announced on this date)
German Moreno, 82, Philippine television host (That's Entertainment, Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, GMA Supershow) and actor, cardiac arrest.[106]
Royal Parker, 86, American television personality, heart failure.[107]
Paddy Reid, 91, Irish rugby union and league player.[108]
Red Simpson, 81, American country singer-songwriter ("I'm a Truck"), complications from a heart attack.[109]
Brett Smiley, 60, American singer-songwriter.[110]
Piet Steenkamp, 90, Dutch politician, President of the Senate (1983–1991).[111]
Carlos Milcíades Villalba Aquino, 91, Paraguayan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of San Juan Bautista de las Misiones (1978–1999).[112]

January 7

Tyler Alexander, 75, American race car engineer, co-founder of McLaren.[113]
Oscar Ray Bolin, 53, American serial killer, execution by lethal injection.[114]
Brahim Chergui, 94, Algerian militant.[115]
Patrick Connolly, 80s, Irish lawyer, Attorney General (1982).[116]
André Courrèges, 92, French fashion designer.[117]
Robert M. Cundick, 89, American organist and composer.[118]
Paddy Doherty, 89, Northern Irish civil rights activist.[119]
Bill Foster, 86, American college basketball coach (Rutgers, Utah, Duke, South Carolina).[120]
Joaquín Gamboa Pascoe, 93, Mexican trade union leader and politician.[121]
Robert Goossens, 88, French jeweller.[122]
John Johnson, 68, American basketball player (Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Seattle SuperSonics).[123]
Kitty Kallen, 94, American singer ("Little Things Mean a Lot").[124]
Judith Kaye, 77, American lawyer, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals (1993–2008), cancer.[125]
Richard Libertini, 82, American actor (Fletch, All of Me, The In-Laws), cancer.[126]
Cristian Moisescu (ro), 69, Romanian politician, Mayor of Arad (1992–1996), sepsis.[127]
William H. O'Dell, 77, American politician, member of the South Carolina Senate (since 1989).[128]
Ashraf Pahlavi, 96, Persian princess, President of the Women's Organization of Iran (1967–1979).[129]
Jit Samaroo, 65, Trinidadian Steelpan musician and arranger.[130]
Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, 79, Indian politician, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir (2002–2005, since 2015), Minister of Home Affairs (1989–1990), multiple organ failure.[131]
Abel Sebele, 26, Zimbabwean footballer (FC Wichita, San Diego Sockers), traffic collision.[132]
Troy Shondell, 76, American singer, complications from Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.[133]
Sergey Shustikov, 45, Russian football player (Torpedo Moscow) and manager (Solyaris Moscow).[134]
Sergei Simonov, 23, Russian ice hockey player (HC Lipetsk), complications after spleen surgery.[135]
Anton Srholec, 86, Slovak writer and priest, lung cancer.[136]
Anna Synodinou, 88, Greek politician and actress (The 300 Spartans).[137]
János György Szilágyi, 97, Hungarian historian.[138]
Jesús María Ramón Valdés, 77, Mexican politician.[139]
Hansrudi Wäscher (de), 87, Swiss-born German cartoonist.[140]
Sir Christopher Wallace, 73, British army general, Commandant Royal College of Defence Studies (2001–2005), amyloidosis.[141]
Valerio Zanone, 79, Italian politician, Secretary of Italian Liberal Party (1976–1985) and Mayor of Turin (1990–1991).[142]

January 6

Robert D. Acland, 74, American surgeon (Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy).[143]
Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, 87, Cuban trumpeter, prostate cancer.[144]
Pat Harrington, Jr., 86, American actor (One Day at a Time, The Inspector), complications from a fall and Alzheimer's disease.[145]
Florence King, 80, American writer.[146]
Hayes McClerkin, 84, American lawyer and politician, Speaker at the Arkansas House of Representatives (1969–1970).[147]
A. R. Morlan, 58, American horror writer.[148]
Christy O'Connor Jnr, 67, Irish golfer.[149]
Silvana Pampanini, 90, Italian actress (The Road a Year Long, The City Stands Trial, A Husband for Anna).[150]
Roland Peugeot, 89, French industrialist (Peugeot).[151]
Ioannis Petridis, 84, Greek politician, MP for Pieria (1985–1989).[152]
Sol Polansky, 89, American diplomat, Ambassador to Bulgaria (1987–1990).[153]
Nivaria Tejera, 86, Cuban poet and novelist, pancreatic cancer.[154]
Labhshankar Thakar, 80, Indian author.[155]
Yves Vincent, 94, French actor.[156]
Gert Winkler (de), 73, Austrian film producer and director of commercials.[157]
Zbigniew Zychowicz (pl), 62, Polish politician.[158]

January 5

Mamdouh Abdel-Alim, 59, Egyptian actor, heart attack.[159]
Antonio Aloni (it), 68, Italian scholar.[160]
Bob Armstrong, 82, American basketball player (Philadelphia Warriors).[161]
María Lorenza Barreneche, 89, Argentine socialite, First Lady (1983–1989).[162]
Sian Blake, 43, British actress (EastEnders), head and neck injuries.[163] (body discovered on this date)
Pierre Boulez, 90, French composer and conductor.[164]
Nick Caldwell, 71, American R&B singer (The Whispers).[165]
Percy Freeman, 70, English footballer (Lincoln City, West Bromwich Albion, Reading).[166]
Viktor Gerasin (ru), 75, Russian poet and journalist.[167]
Albert Gubay, 87, British businessman (Kwik Save).[168]
Lev Nikolayevich Korolyov, 89, Russian computer scientist.[169]
Danylo Kulynyak (uk), 67, Ukrainian poet and historian.[170]
Jean-Paul L'Allier, 77, Canadian politician, member of the National Assembly of Quebec (1970–1976), Mayor of Quebec City (1989–2005).[171]
George MacIntyre, 76, American football player and coach (Vanderbilt).[172]
Gerry O'Malley, 87, Irish Gaelic footballer (Roscommon).[173]
Tancrède Melet, 32, French tightrope walker and base jumper, fall.[174]
F.A. Miller, 79, American producer and production manager (Tales from the Crypt, Walker, Texas Ranger, House on Haunted Hill), complications from multiple sclerosis.[175]
Uche Okeke, 82, Nigerian artist.[176]
Antônio Pompêo, 62, Brazilian actor.[177]
Michael Purcell, 70, Australian rugby union player.[178]
Jay Ritchie, 79, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves)[179]
Anatoly Roshchin, 83, Russian heavyweight wrestler, Olympic champion (1972).[180]
Ellen Stovall, 69, American cancer survivor advocate, complications of cardiac disease.[181]
Elizabeth Swados, 64, American composer and writer (Runaways), complications from surgery.[182]
Keith Thiele, 94, New Zealand WW2 pilot.[183]
Norm Wolfinger, 70, American State Attorney (1985–2013).[184]

January 4

Tom Allin, 28, English cricketer (Warwickshire), suicide by jumping.[185]
Frank Armitage, 91, Australian-born American painter and animator (Mary Poppins, Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book).[186]
Robert Balser, 88, English animator (Yellow Submarine, Heavy Metal, The Jackson 5ive), respiratory failure.[187]
Fernando Barrachina, 68, Spanish footballer (Valencia CF).[188]
Colin Butler, 102, British entomologist.[189]
Rūsiņš Mārtiņš Freivalds, 73, Latvian computer scientist and mathematician, heart attack.[190]
Michel Galabru, 93, French actor (The Judge and the Assassin, La Cage aux Folles, Belle Époque).[191]
Mahabub Hossain, 71, Bangladeshi development economist.[192]
Long John Hunter, 84, American blues guitarist and singer-songwriter.[193]
S. H. Kapadia, 68, Indian judge, Chief Justice (2010–2012).[194]
Bulcsú László (hr), 93, Croatian linguist.[195]
Jorge Lepra, 73, Uruguayan diplomat and politician, heart failure.[196]
Achim Mentzel, 69, German musician and television presenter.[197]
Red Parker, 84, American football coach (The Citadel, Clemson).[198]
Nathalie Pasternak (uk), 50, French public figure, cancer.[199]
Marjorie Pizer, 95, Australian poet.[200]
John Roberts, 69, Welsh footballer (Arsenal, Birmingham, Wrexham).[201]
Andres Rodriguez, 31, Venezuelan equestrian competitor, traffic collision.[202]
Leo Rucka, 84, American football player (San Francisco 49ers).[203]
Alexander O. Shirley, 89, British Virgin Islands cricketer.[204]
Antonio Soto Díaz, 66, Puerto Rican politician, member of the Puerto Rico Senate (2009–2011), heart attack.[205]
Robert Stigwood, 81, Australian band manager (Bee Gees, Cream) and film producer (Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Evita).[206]
Edhi Sunarso, 83, Indonesian sculptor (Selamat Datang Monument), heart failure.[207]
André Turcat, 94, French aviator.[208]

January 3

Klaas Bakker, 89, Dutch footballer (Ajax).[209]
Robert H. B. Baldwin, 95, American businessman (Morgan Stanley), pneumonia.[210]
Leonard Berkowitz, 89, American social psychologist.[211]
Paul Bley, 83, Canadian jazz pianist.[212]
Stephen W. Bosworth, 76, American diplomat, Ambassador to South Korea (1997–2001), prostate cancer.[213]
Gary Flakne, 81, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1963–1973).[214]
Amby Fogarty, 82, Irish footballer (Sunderland, Hartlepool).[215]
C. B. Forgotston, 70, American lawyer and political blogger, suicide by gunshot.[216]
Brad Fuller, 62, American video game composer (Marble Madness, Tetris, Blasteroids), pancreatic cancer.[217]
Demmus Hentze, 92, Faroese politician, Finance Minister (1975–1981).[218]
John McDade Howell, 93, American academic and university chancellor (East Carolina University).[219]
Olwyn Hughes, 87, British literary agent (Ted Hughes).[220]
Barnabas R. Halem ’Imana, 87, Ugandan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Kabale (1969–1994).[221]
Shankar Prasad Jaiswal, 83, Indian politician.[222]
Alberto Iniesta Jiménez, 92, Spanish Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid (1972–1998).[223]
Raymond W. Lessard, 85, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Savannah (1973–1995).[224]
Jason Mackenroth, 46, American drummer (Blue Man Group), prostate cancer.[225]
Raghu Nandan Mandal, 63, Indian politician.[226]
Andy Maurer, 67, American football player (Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos), cancer.[227]
Peter Naur, 87, Danish computer science pioneer, Turing Award winner.[228]
Georg Nees, 89, German academic and artist.[229]
Bill Plager, 70, Canadian ice hockey player (St. Louis Blues).[230]
Peter Powell, 83, English kite maker, stroke.[231]
Tommy Sale, 97, English rugby league player (Leigh, Widnes).[232]
Igor Sergun, 58, Russian military officer, Director of the GRU (since 2011).[233]
Ted Stanley, 84, American philanthropist and businessman (Danbury Mint).[234]

January 2

Faris al-Zahrani, 38, Saudi al-Qaeda member, execution by beheading.[235]
George Alexandru, 58, Romanian theater and film actor.[236]
Marcel Barbeau, 90, Canadian painter and sculptor.[237]
Ardhendu Bhushan Bardhan, 91, Indian politician, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (1996–2012), complications from a stroke.[238]
Vicente Camacho, 86 , Northern Mariana Islands businessman and politician, member of the Marianas Political Status Commission.[239]
Michel Delpech, 69, French singer-songwriter and actor, throat cancer.[240]
Leonard Evans, 86, Canadian politician.[241]
Maria Garbowska-Kierczyńska, 93, Polish actress.[242]
Tim Francis, 87, New Zealand diplomat, Ambassador to the United States (1988–1991), cancer.[243]
Matt Hobden, 22, English cricketer (Sussex), fall.[244]
Shigeji Kaneko, 84, Japanese boxer, progressive supranuclear palsy.[245]
Maja Maranow (de), 54, German actress.[246]
Thomas Johnstone McWiggan, 97, British aviation engineer.[247]
Gisela Mota Ocampo, 33, Mexican politician, Mayor of Temixco (2016), member of the Chamber of Deputies (2012–2015), shot.[248]
Nimr al-Nimr, 56, Saudi Shia religious leader, execution by beheading.[249]
John Reid, 87, Australian Anglican prelate, Bishop of South Sydney (1972–1993).[250]
Stanley Siegel, 79, American talk show host, pneumonia.[251]
Fateh Singh, 51, Indian sports shooter and army officer, shot.[252]
Ed Vezey, 96, American naval officer; last survivor of USS Oklahoma.[253]
Frances Cress Welsing, 80, American psychiatrist and author, complications from a stroke.[254]
Leonard White, 99, British television producer and actor.[255]
Sabri Yirmibeşoğlu, 87, Turkish military officer, Secretary-General of the National Security Council (1988–1990), kidney failure.[256]

January 1

Natasha Aguilar, 45, Costa Rican Olympic freestyle swimmer (1988), complications of a stroke.[257]
Fazu Aliyeva, 83, Russian Avar poet and journalist, heart failure.[258]
Lennie Bluett, 96, American actor (Gone with the Wind, Mighty Joe Young, A Star is Born).[259]
Dale Bumpers, 90, American politician, Governor of Arkansas (1971–1975), Senator from Arkansas (1975–1999).[260]
Antonio Carrizo, 89, Argentine broadcaster.[261]
Jacques Deny, 99, French mathematician.[262]
Brian Johns, 79, Australian company director, managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1995–2000), cancer.[263]
Gilbert Kaplan, 74, American conductor and businessman, cancer.[264]
Helmut Koester, 89, German-born American history professor.[265]
Tony Lane, 71, American art director (Rolling Stone), brain cancer.[266]
Mark B, 45, British hip-hop record producer.[267]
Gilberto Mendes, 93, Brazilian composer.[268]
John Coleman Moore, 92, American mathematician.[269]
Homa Nategh, 80, Iranian educator and historian.[270]
Mike Oxley, 71, American politician, member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio's 4th congressional district (1981–2007), lung cancer.[271]
Ian Pieris, 82, Sri Lankan cricketer.[272]
Annie de Reuver (nl), 98, Dutch singer, complications from a fall.[273]
Jim Ross, 89, Canadian ice hockey player (New York Rangers).[274]
Vilmos Zsigmond, 85, Hungarian-American cinematographer (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter, The Black Dahlia), Oscar winner (1978).[275

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Dance Of Death

The Dance Of Death

By Expotera
January 14, 2016

Satan, did you know that, "THE DANCE OF DEATH" is just a
metaphor for the indifference of, "THE CREATOR" of mankind
and the whole cosmos towards, "THEIR CREATION" Satan??

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Platonic Divide

The Platonic Divide

By Expotera
January 11, 2016

Dear Human Beings:

Each of our individual, "DEATHS" are now sleeping directly above
each of our individual, "HEADS" so before it is my individual time to
now leave this place by way of, "DEATH" please allow me to simply
leave each and every one of, "YOU" with this.

Each of us as human beings is currently living on what is called
the, "EARTH" side of, "The Platonic Divide" where, "EVERYTHING"
is corrupted, human, finite, material, as well as contaminated.

When we, "DIE" each of us as human beings, returns to the other
side of this, "Platonic Divide" where, "EVERYTHING" is perfect,
divine, eternal, spiritual, as well as pure, and as soon as we are
returned back to this other side by way of, "DEATH" we are
immediately, "SUSPENDED" into either what it called a good,
Suspended State of Animation" where basically all of your daily
wants, as well as basic needs are being instantly, "MET" per say,
where as someone who gets,"SUSPENDED" into what is called a bad,
Suspended State of Animation" the very exact, "OPPOSITE" things,
are now happening for them per say, even though both of these
individuals are now living in the very exact same, "PHYSICAL" place.

So for example, a person who is, "BORN" into a family that is
presently, "WEALTHY" down here on this Earth, is immediately,
"SUSPENDED" into a good, "State of Animation" per say, because
basically all of their, "EARTHLY" wants, and needs, are going to be
basically taken care of, as well very easily provided for them while
they are presently living on this side of the, "Platonic Divide" where
as the person who is born into a family that is presently, "POOR"
here on this Earth, is immediately, "SUSPENDED" into a bad, "State
of Animation" per say, because all of their basic, "EARTHLY" wants,
and needs, are not going to be basically taken care of, as well
as not very easily provided for them, even though each of this
individuals are currently living in the same, "PHYSICAL" place,
now known as the planet, Earth.

And when we, "DIE" and when each of us has to return back to the
other side of this, "PLATONIC DIVIDE" we will basically be being,
"REBORN" again, into either a very pleasant, and/or, "HEAVENLY"
State of Suspended Animation, or a very unpleasant, and/or,
"HELLISH" State of Suspend Animation, simply because, every single
want and/or need that we presently have on this Earth, comes from
one place, and from one place only, and that place is from within
our very own, "MINDS" because our minds tell us when we are
hungry, our minds tell us when we need to use the restroom, our
minds tell us when we feel pain, and our minds also tell us when we
feel pleasure, as well.

So once again, when you, "DIE" per say, imagine yourself now
being immediately, "SUSPENDED" into a, "HELLISH" State of
Suspended Animation, because when this happens, "YOU" and only,
"YOU" will immediately start seeing things that aren't even really
there, but in this place called your, "MINDS EYE" you are going to
be continually seeing, as well as continually experiencing, some
of the most gruesome, the most terrifying, as well as some of the
most horrific things imaginable, YET, no one else is going to be able
to see any of these things, therefore no one else is going to be
willing to, "HELP" you, and if you have ever been in a life and/or,
"DEATH" situation down here on this Earth, and no one has been
willing to, "HELP" you, that is the equivalent of being left in a,
"HELLISH" State of Suspended Animation down here on this Earth,
and usually the only way for someone to escape this, "HELLISH"
State of Suspended Animation, is only through their own individual,
"DEATH" here on this Earth.

But, once you are back on the other side of this, "Platonic Divide"
there simply is no more, "DEATH" per say, so for those of you who
end up being, "SUSPENDED" into a bad, "State of Animation" for
your, "BLASPHEMY" are basically there until your individual,
"CREATOR" decides otherwise, because this is basically your
individual, "PUNISHMENT" for being, "SUSPENDED" into a good,
"State of Animation" while you where down here on this Earth, YET,
you never did anything to help anyone else who was, "SUSPENDED"
into a bad, "State of Animation" down here on this Earth, AND, you
also, "SPIT" into your own, "CREATOR'S EYE" by first denying that
your own, "CREATOR" even existed, as well as by going to all of
these various brick buildings around the world called, Churches,
Synagogues, and Mosques, and openly worshipping, "SATAN" by
knelling, bowing, praying, lighting candles, reading and quoting
scriptures, singing songs, and wearing funny hats and costumes,
instead of doing what you really need to be doing which is going
out on a daily basis and taking care of the, "VERY LEAST OF THESE"
because if you personally are not going out on a daily basis and,
"HELPING" as well as taking care of the, "VERY LEAST OF THESE"
you are not going to be, "SUSPENDED" into a very good, "State of
Animation" once you now leave this Earth, because, none of us as,
"HUMAN BEINGS" were sent to this Earth side of this, "PLATONIC
DIVIDE" to serve, "SATAN" and/or ourselves.

Yet, this is, "EXACTLY" what is still now happening here in 2016,
because we still currently have billions, upon billions, upon billions
of people who are not only, "HOMELESS" but who are also now being
forced to live on less than, "ONE DOLLAR" a day, and this type of,
"UNGODLINESS" as well as this type of, "INHUMANITY" only happens
to the, "INNOCENT" here on this, "EARTH" side of the Platonic

Where as this type of, "UNGODLINESS" as well as this type of,
"INHUMANITY" only happens to the, "GUILTY" once each of us
is back on the, "HEAVENLY" side of this Platonic Divide, simply
because, "SATAN" can no longer, "PROTECT" any of his human,
as well as earthly, "FOLLOWERS" with any of his earthly, "LAWS"
and/or earthly, "MONEY" and/or earthly, "WEAPONS" from the,
"DIVINE JUSTICE" that now simply awaits for each, and, every,
one, of, "YOU" who refuses to publicly, "REBUKE" Satan, as well
as publicly, "REBUKE" each and every one one of his man made,
"RELIGIONS" as well, because as I have already previously
mentioned, as Human Beings, each of our, "DEATHS" are now
sleeping directly above each of our, "HEADS" and all of the,
"ANGELS OF DEATH" work for my, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR"
of both sides of this, "PLATONIC DIVIDE" and it is the, "ANGELS OF
DEATH" who will be bringing each and every, "ONE" of us, back to
the other side of this, "PLATONIC DIVIDE" to not only stand before
my, "FATHER" but to also stand before all of our fellow, "DEARLY
DEPARTED SOULS" as well, so none of you who are now reading this
can say that you have not been, "WARNED" and none of you who are
now reading this can ever say that you weren't provided with the,
"TRUTH" as well....

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

By Expotera
January 3, 2016

Satan, did you know, that if you say the words, "TIDAL WAVE"
fast enough in, "SQUIRREL" it turns into, "SWAHILI" Satan??

Friday, January 1, 2016

Navagrahas वेद Veda

Navagrahas वेद Veda

By Expotera
January 1, 2016

Dear Human Beings:

Below for each and every one of your independent, objective, and thoughtful reviews, is a picture of the Nine, "PLANETS" that my, "FATHER" created, and as of today, January 01, 2016, my, "FATHER" no longer, "CARES" what happens, "ON" and/or what happens, "TO" one of these Nine, "PLANETS" in particular, simply because the individuals currently living on one of these Nine, "PLANETS" only love, worship, and care about, "MONEY" instead of loving, "HIM" and worshiping this, "EARTH" as well as caring about each, "OTHER"....

So in short, we as, "HUMAN BEINGS" who are still alive and still living on this one particular, "PLANET" as of today, are now, "TOTALLY" as well as, "COMPLETELY" on our, "OWN" now.

So, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" my dear fellow Human Beings, because money can't buy any of us, "LOVE" from my, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR" but money can buy our, "SOULS" for, "SATAN" who is quite clearly the majority of your, "FATHER'S" down here on this, "EARTH" so it is now up to your Father, "SATAN" and all of his fellow earthly trillionaires, billionaires, and millionaires, to not only try to figure out a way to, "SAVE" all of, "YOU" along with themselves here, but each them now also have to try to figure out a way to try to save this entire, "PLANET" as well, simply because the, "CREATOR" no longer, "CARES" about any of us as, "HUMAN BEINGS" because as Human Beings, we simply no longer, "CARE" about each, "OTHER" and/or our own, "CREATOR"....