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Friday, January 1, 2016

Navagrahas वेद Veda

Navagrahas वेद Veda

By Expotera
January 1, 2016

Dear Human Beings:

Below for each and every one of your independent, objective, and thoughtful reviews, is a picture of the Nine, "PLANETS" that my, "FATHER" created, and as of today, January 01, 2016, my, "FATHER" no longer, "CARES" what happens, "ON" and/or what happens, "TO" one of these Nine, "PLANETS" in particular, simply because the individuals currently living on one of these Nine, "PLANETS" only love, worship, and care about, "MONEY" instead of loving, "HIM" and worshiping this, "EARTH" as well as caring about each, "OTHER"....

So in short, we as, "HUMAN BEINGS" who are still alive and still living on this one particular, "PLANET" as of today, are now, "TOTALLY" as well as, "COMPLETELY" on our, "OWN" now.

So, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" my dear fellow Human Beings, because money can't buy any of us, "LOVE" from my, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR" but money can buy our, "SOULS" for, "SATAN" who is quite clearly the majority of your, "FATHER'S" down here on this, "EARTH" so it is now up to your Father, "SATAN" and all of his fellow earthly trillionaires, billionaires, and millionaires, to not only try to figure out a way to, "SAVE" all of, "YOU" along with themselves here, but each them now also have to try to figure out a way to try to save this entire, "PLANET" as well, simply because the, "CREATOR" no longer, "CARES" about any of us as, "HUMAN BEINGS" because as Human Beings, we simply no longer, "CARE" about each, "OTHER" and/or our own, "CREATOR"....

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