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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Countdown

The Countdown

By Expotera
January 16, 2016


Today is January 16, 2016 and my, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR"
sent the, "ANGEL OF DEATH" to bring back to, "HIM" an Irish woman
by the name of, "Molly Madden" who at the age of 109 years old,
was the oldest living citizen of Ireland.

So Satan, "THE COUNTDOWN" has now, "BEGUN" and my, "FATHER"
is very clearly in control of both, "DEATH" as well as, "TIME" here,
and Satan, "HE" who controls both, "DEATH" as well as, "TIME" pretty
much, "CONTROLS" the whole entire rest of the, "UNIVERSE" Satan,
so basically, "YOU" and all of your, "FOLLOWERS" are now at, "WAR"
with both, "TIME" as well as, "DEATH" Satan, and since both, "TIME"
as well as, "DEATH" wait for absolutely, "NO ONE" ready, or not,
here, "WE" come, Satan, here, "WE" come....

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