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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

99 Problems

99 Problems

By Expotera
December 30, 2015

Dear Earthly Trillionaires, Billionaires, and Millionaires:

As of today, December 30, 2015 each of you respectively, now has,
"99 PROBLEMS" and I can most certainly, as well as personally assure
each and every one of, "YOU" that a bitch isn't, "ONE" but each and
every one of, "YOU" now have less than, "ONE" year, to figure out
how you are going to provide, money, food, water, clothing, as
well as, "SHELTER" to the billions, upon billions, upon billions,
upon billions of people, who currently are being, "INTENTIONALLY"
denied, each, and, every, one, of, these, present, "THINGS"
because you see at some point, each and every one of, "YOU" is
going to eventually take your very last as well as final, "BREATH"
down upon this, "EARTH" and when this happens, each of, "YOU"
is going to be put into a wooden box now known as a, "COFFIN"
and each of, "YOU" is going to be lowered six feet into the ground,
as well as fully covered with dirt, as well as completely,
"SURROUNDED" by, each, and, every, Man, Women, and, "CHILD"
that you ever dropped a, "BOMB" on, or that you ever let starve
to, "DEATH" and all of the many, many, many, "LIES" that each of,
"YOU" have now been told about all of that, "FORGIVE" and/or,
"FORGET" bullshit, is just that, "BULLSHIT" because we don't ever,
"FORGET" who dropped, "BOMBS" on us, nor do we ever, "FORGIVE"
those who intentionally starved us to, "DEATH" as well.

We just simply wait for each and every one of, "YOU" to simply
take your final breath, to be lowered into the ground, and to be
covered with dirt, then, "WE" pretty much take things over from,
"THERE" which is why each of you who is still, "ABOVE" ground,
and presently sitting on trillions, upon billions, upon millions of,
"DOLLARS" while billions, upon billions, upon billions of, "US"
are currently having, "BOMBS" dropped on us, as well as being
systematically starved to, "DEATH" as well, each now have, "99
PROBLEMS" because your Father, "SATAN" most certainly is a,
"BITCH" but our, "FATHER" who is the, "CREATOR" most certainly
isn't, "ONE"....

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