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Monday, December 21, 2015

An Open Letter To My Ex-Wife And Bill Gates

An Open Letter To My Ex-Wife And Bill Gates

By Expotera
December 21, 2015

Avie & Bill:

Let me start off by saying how extremely disappointed I was on
this past Friday when I first went to my mailbox and I didn't see
and/or find a, "Birthday Card" from both you and our daughter,
Avie, and Bill, when I called my bank to check on my account, I
didn't see and/or find a financial, "Deposit" into my own personal
checking account or into the business checking account for,
"Expotera" as well, Bill.

So today I have now decided to take all of my many, many, issues
and grievances with the two of you, "PUBLIC" as they say, because
to be honest, I really can't stand either one of you because each of
you has now used both your wealth and privilege here on this Earth,
to, "ILLEGALLY" separate me from two separate things that I
individually, "CREATED" with each of you, and each of you has now
been holding these two separate things that I individually created
with each of you, "HOSTAGE" for many, many, many, "YEARS" now,
and as of today, and as we are now heading into the earth year of,
"2016" I am simply done playing each of your very childish games
here because Avie, you now owe me, "17" years, and Bill, you
now owe me, "11" years, and in 2016, I am basically coming to,
"COLLECT" on each of the very, very, large, "DEBTS" the two of
you now owe back to me and because I am still indirectly earth,
"PARTNERS" with each of you, I still have some feelings of earthly,
"SYMPATHY" as well as earthly, "COMPASSION" for each of you.

But if I should now leave this earth without the two of you making
any real, and/or very serious, as well as very sincere attempts to
now resolve any of this with me, once the two of you leave this
earth, I will no longer have any earthly sympathy and/or earthly
compassion for either one of you because the two of you basically,
"USED" me, to get what each of you wanted out of me, then each
of you decided to simply throw me away like I was a piece of black,
"TRASH" and I very deeply resent each of you for doing this to not
only me, but also to each of our two individual, as well as,
"PRICELESS" creations, as well.

On this past Friday, I turned exactly, "50" years old, and Avie, you
simply need to, "GROW" up, and stop acting like the spoiled little
rich girl that you are, and Bill, you simply need to admit that you
still, "NEED" both me, as well as, "EXPOTERA" because let's face it,
Microsoft is a piece of shit company that hasn't created anything,
"NEW" in years, and as soon as the American People finally, "WAKE
UP" and "SHUT DOWN" the Federal Reserve, Bill, all of your, "FAKE"
wealth, along Zuckerberg's and everyone else's will be rightfully
return to it's native, "NOTHINGNESS" because all of you guys are a,
"JOKE" and all of your creations are, "STOLEN" as well.

So 2016 is most certainly going to be a very, very, "INTERESTING"
year, because the two of you have now used both your wealth and
privilege to simply, "IGNORE" me, over these past many, many,
years, but I am now simply, "DONE" being ignored by the two of you
and the two of you now, "OWE" me, and I do sincerely wish each of
you the very best of, "LUCK" in now trying to figure out how to,
"REPAY" me for the two things that each of you could have, never,
ever, ever, ever, ever, "CREATED" without me.

So inclosing, Avie, I sincerely wish you, and the rest of your,
"JEWISH" family members, a very, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and Bill,
I sincerely wish you and all the rest of your fellow, "ATHEIST"
family members, a very, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" as well, because I
will never, ever, ever, loose anything in this life that is mine by,
"DIVINE RIGHT" so the quote, unqoute, "LESSONS" that the two of
you think that you have now been teaching me by cutting me off,
"FINANCIALLY" and by holding both my, "CHILD" as well as my multi-
billion dollar Internet start-up, "HOSTAGE" from me, will be the
very exact same lessons that I will be teaching back to each of,
"YOU" once the three of us are all finally off this, "PLANET" and the
wealth, as well as the privilege, has shifted back into, "MY" favor.


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