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Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Your Momma" Barack Obama

"Your Momma" Barack Obama

By Expotera
July 9, 2016

Back when I was a child some 40 years ago, there were two words
that use to end all arguments, as well as end all other name calling
between us as kids as well, and those two words were simply "Your
Momma" because as soon as someone said, "Your Momma" all bets
were off and it was on like, "Donkey Kong" because, "Your Momma"
simply meant I and we are now done talking and now it is time to

So as of today, July 9, 2016 I am officially saying, "Your Momma"
to, "Barack Obama" because I am done talking to and about this
baby killing, pathological lying, war/credit criminal, and now
I simply want to box/fight him live on, "National T.V." because
he truly deserves to have his ass beat for being the first black,
"Nobel Peace Prize" winner to openly, "BOMB" seven black/brown
skinned countries, and for also putting his own country well over,
"$21 Trillion Dollars" in debt as well, and just for starts.

You see I now want Barack Obama to simply be a, "Man" and to
stop hiding behind all those much braver Secret Service Agents
who are now charged with both the truly awful, as well as the
truly ungodly responsibility of protecting him from all who now
hate him and who now want to do harm to him, for the killing
of their Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and/or Child, because
these are truly the only people who really want to do serious
harm to him and for the record, these are the only people that
the Secret Service is currently, "Protecting" him from as well.

But in my case, I do not wish to, "Kill" him, I only want to box/fight
him on live t.v., which I know will never, ever, happen simply
because Barack's wife Michelle, is more of a quote, unquote, "MAN"
than Barack himself will ever be.

So once again, "Your Momma" Barack Obama because you promised
America, as well as American's, "Hope and Change" but all you have
delivered is, "Death and Debt" Barack.

All the blood that has now been spilled and all of the protest that
are now taking place is all your, "Fault" Barack, because your are
not a, "Leader" you are an, "Instigator" and you may be called,
"President" but you are nothing more than a common, "Criminal"

So come fight me Barack, one-on-one, no weapons allowed, first
man to tap out loses, because only a truly punk ass, bitch ass, and
coward ass, "Man" would drop bombs on kids while they are playing
soccer on a open field, or while they are sleeping in their own beds,
and this is what you have now done Barack.

So by all means, come box/fight me Barack, because I said, "Your
Momma" Barack Obama, so now it is simply time to fight, and may
the best man, "WIN" Barack, and in the end may the best man rest
in, "PEACE" as well Barack, because in closing and in the final words
of Smokey Robinson:

Just like Pagliacci did,
I try to keep my surface hid,
Smiling in the crowd I try,
But in a lonely room I cry,
The tears of a clown....

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