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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The System Is Rigged

The System Is Rigged

The Fix For The Clinton's Has Been In For A Long Time

By Larry Klayman
Freedom Watch
July 6, 2016

Yesterday on news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
has stated that it will not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton
for the illegal use of her private email server while Secretary of
State, Larry Klayman, a former Federal Prosecutor and Founder of
Judicial Watch, and Freedom Watch, had this comment:

As I have said and written repeatedly, the legal system is corrupt
to the core.

It favors the establishment and covers up its misdeeds – by both
Democrats and Republicans.

It is a club that divides up the riches and shares power at the
expense of the people, much like the National Football League
has the American and National conferences.

This latest example of how the elite protect each other comes
as no surprise.

Had FBI Director Comey recommended prosecution, his career
would have been over. The Democrats could have blocked any
future appointment.

While Comey has more integrity than most for a government
official, he would have been frozen out of official Washington
had he taken strong action, particularly in the face of President
Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Personal interests thus likely took precedent over the state
of the nation.

Stack this up with the role of the courts, which have largely
run interference for Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton's – both
Hillary and Bill Clinton – are now free to ascend to their throne
once again, selling everything in The White House that they can
get their hands on as they did largely with the Chinese in the

They have a long history and pattern of illegality,
as I uncovered during their administration.


FBI Director Comey's statement yesterday did not concern
her sale of State Department access for money, which is
likely documented in her erased and deleted emails on her
private server.

Even Judge Emmet Sullivan, the only judge who has allowed
for discovery of Hillary Clinton's scam to hide email at the
State Department, cleverly delayed the commencement
of discovery long enough to allow for Hillary Clinton to be
cleared by the FBI, and win the Democratic presidential

Then, when the discovery eventually got underway, contrary to law
and accepted practice he would not allow for video depositions to
be released publicly, and effectively allowed Clinton confidantes
to make bogus objections to questions and improperly take the 5th

Thus, while Sullivan had a bit more integrity than other Democrat
appointed judges who have been presiding over similar cases,
he cleverly delayed long enough to allow Hillary Clinton to get off
scot free.

The bottom line is this: the citizens of this country have again
been betrayed.

This is our final lesson that change will not come through the
legal system, but that the nation is indeed in a revolutionary

While I pray for a non-violent revolution, the die is now cast and
we without any doubt are back to 1776, ironically one day after
the nation celebrated Independence Day on July 4th.

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  1. We are in deed at the point of true revolution. She will be president. The system is so corrupt, they will make certain of it. She will push for full gun confiscation by attacking the NRA and banning certain guns and come for the rest in the middle of the night and through legislation (if she even waits that long). It is sad and surreal to say but, I believe I will see that shot fired around the world in my lifetime. And I don't think it too far off... if there even is an election. Scary times we are living in.
    I almost seen a ray of hope when the vote overseas went for leaving the EU. But then (for some unknown reason) they decided to stay in after the people voted to leave it. The whole globe is a state of total unrest.


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