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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention

By Alan Maki
July 26, 2016

What a circus the Democratic Party National Convention is... And
the acts don't even rise to the level of being second rate.

No doubt many dissatisfied voters will be demanding the price paid
for admission be returned.

The emails show the details of the corrupt manipulation and control
and the Democrats are focused on who hacked the emails instead of
what these emails really represent: a complete disdain and
undermining of democracy.

No solutions for any of the problems forced upon working class
families by Wall Street.

Peace doesn't even rate a mention.

Nicely framed hollow rhetoric manipulated to sound progressive but
nothing but a facade for Wall Street warmongering and austerity.

Once again we get a denunciation of everything Republican while
Clinton's support from the sleaziest neo-cons and neo-liberals tells
the true story of what we are going to get.

We have a political system as thoroughly rotten to the core and
bankrupt as the capitalist system itself which no one should find

A new party is in order.

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