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Monday, July 11, 2016

An Open Letter To Dallas, Texas

An Open Letter To Dallas, Texas

By Expotera
July 11, 2016

Dear Dallas, Texas:

Tomorrow your extremely brave and extremely courageous City,
Police Officers, and Citizens, will be holding a very, very, special,
as well as a very, very, sad, Interfaith Memorial Service for the
five fallen Dallas Police Officers who very, very, tragically loss
their lives, while very, very, very, bravely, protecting their fellow
Citizen's, as well as protecting their fellow Police Officer's last

These five men who have now all loss their lives in the line of duty,
all loss their lives to a, "MONSTER" and this monster was actually
created by, and used to directly work for the two, "WAR CRIMINALS"
who have now invited themselves to not only attend this very
special memorial service, but to also speak at this very special
memorial service as well, George Bush and Barack Obama.

You see Dallas, Texas, as I now sit here writing this very open letter to each and every one of you, I cannot even begin to put into words just how, "Physically Repulsed" as well as just how, "Morally Outraged" I am in the fact that you have two of the biggest, "War Criminals" that are currently walking this earth now speaking at this service simply because, George Bush and Barack Obama trained this young man to become a heartless, coldblooded, "KILLER" just like the two of them, because let's face it, only certain men and certain people come to this earth fully believing that it is perfectly o.k. to go around this world killing millions of people with whom they have never, ever, met, and with whom they personally don't even know.

Most of us don't go around wanting to, 'Kill" anybody, especially
a stranger, and if most of us have ever, ever, seriously thought
about, "Killing" someone else, it is usually someone that we
directly know and someone we are directly upset and/or directly
angry with.

But to get a human being to the the point where they can, "Mentally" handle the thought of killing someone who they never even met, or who they don't even personally know, takes, "Training" and this is exactly what our Military and it's Leaders have now been doing under both the Bush Administration, as well as the Obama Administration, is, "Training" all of our young people to become cold blooded as well as cold hearted, "Killers" because our young people and our, "Soldiers" are no longer being used to protect, "America" or to defend us as it's citizens.

No, our young people and our Military are now being used to
illegally, "Invade" other Countries, therefore the training of these
young people and of these young soldiers has now become mentally
teaching and psychologically brainwashing them into believing that
it is perfectly o.k. for them to, "Kill" other people who they do not
personally know, and for no other logically and/or legitimate
reason other than, "I Was Told To Do So" by George Bush, and/or
by Barack Obama.

So because of this, we now have millions upon millions of people who are all now walking around this earth completely believing that it is perfectly o.k. to, "Kill" anyone they want, and at anytime that they want, and the only way to stop the continued and exponential growth of these types of individuals who are now living among all of us, is to end of the, "Wars" that are now currently raging and being waged around this entire planet.

Now this could be very easily done, if only we would start, "Arresting" and start bringing to, "Justice" all of the, "War Criminals" like George Bush and Barack Obama.

But since America and American's refuse to, "Arrest" and refuse to
bring to, "Justice" all of these, "War Criminals" like George Bush,
and Barack Obama, America and American's now have to live in a
constant state of, "FEAR" as well as under a constant threat of,
"TERROR" simply because we now have all of these heartless and
coldblooded, "MONSTERS" who have now been fully created and in
some cases, fully trained by people like George Bush and Barack
Obama now living among us and I honestly can't even imagine what
these two criminally insane, "DEPOTS" would even have to say to all
of you down in Dallas, Texas tomorrow afternoon and at this point.

Dallas, Texas, I wonder if either one of these extremely cowardly assholes will apologize for creating this, "MONSTER" who just openly, "TERRORIZED" your City, by shooting 13 innocent people, and killing five innocent Dallas Police Officers??

Dallas, Texas, I wonder if either one of these intrinsically evil sons
of bitches will step up and take on any of the responsibility for all
the blood that has now been loss and shed by all of there far, far,
far, "Braver" fellow American's both here on American soil and over
on Foreign soil as well??

Dallas, Texas, George Bush and Barack Obama have brought nothing but, "Death, Debt, and Destruction" to America, and to the entire rest of the world, and as all of you who will now be attending this Interfaith Memorial Service listen to the extremely hollow, as well as extremely empty words of these two tiny shriveled, black hearted, "War Mongers" I sincerely hope, as well as sincerely pray, that atleast one of you in the crowd, takes off one of your, "Shoes" and throws it at them, and I also sincerely hope, as well as sincerely pray, that, "ALL" of you in attendance will stand up and turn your backs to each of them during their individual speeches as well.

Dallas, Texas, George Bush and Barack Obama do not deserve to
speak at this Interfaith Memorial Service because the fallen Police
Officers who are being remembered and being honored tomorrow
are men who lived, and are men who died serving and protecting
their Country, and their fellow American's which means they have
absolutely, positively, "NOTHING" in common with George Bush or
Barack Obama, because both George Bush and Barack Obama have
way more in common with the, "MONSTER" who killed them, which
is why they should go speak at his, "Funeral" instead of being
allowed to speak at this Interfaith Memorial Service for these five
fallen Dallas Police Officers.

Dallas, Texas, inclosing, may God bless You, may God bless your City, and may God bless your entire Police Department as well, and may God especially bless each and every one of you who has now loss one of your loved one's at the hands of one of George Bush's or Barack Obama's, fellow, cold blooded, and totally heartless, "MONSTERS" in our midst.

Tony Whitcomb

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  1. I think the more corruption that gets exposed, the truer your words are going to be.


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