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Monday, April 11, 2016

Obama's Legacy of Debt

Obama's Legacy of Debt

By Expotera
April 11, 2016

The U.S. Federal Government has borrowed and has now racked up
more than $19 trillion dollars in debt.

The U.S. National Debt is now bigger than the entire U.S. Economy.

The U.S. National Debt was $10.626 trillion dollars the first day
President Barack Obama took office back on January 20, 2009.

The U.S. National Debt as of today, April 11, 2016 is,
$19.134 trillion dollars.

Back on July 3, 2008 and one day before, "Independence Day" then
Senator Barack Obama said that President George Bush had been
both, "Irresponsible" and, "Unpatriotic" for adding over $4 trillion
dollars to the U.S. National Debt back at that time and during
Bush's eight years as President.

The Washington Post and the US Treasury's official website indicate
that President Barack Obama has now increased the U.S National
Debt by $10 trillion dollars since he has now been in office.

So How much is $10 trillion dollars?

If written out its $10,000,000,000,000, but that doesn't even begin
to express the magnitude of just how much money this really is.

$10 Trillion Dollars is more than enough money to:

- build a new $25 million school ....every six hours...until
the year 2043 ... ($1 trillion)

- build 200 hospitals at $100 million each of the
50 states... ($1 trillion)

- have more money than a lottery that gave away a million dollars
every day from the time of Jesus Christ, up into this present day...
($730 billion)

- pay every man, woman, and child, in the State of Wyoming,
over 585 thousand people, $100,000 a year for the next 10 years...
($500 billion)

- buy every single car produced in America for the entire year
and give them all away... ($570 billion)

- hire 1000 top scientists at $500,000 salary each and give them
each a million dollar budget for research into curing cancer for
10 years... ($15 billion)

- make a stack of $100 bills that is as high as the Eiffel Tower and
burn them, every evening before bed, for five years... ($1 trillion)

President Barack Obama has now overseen the largest debt
explosion in U.S. history.

The interest payments on the current U.S. National Debt
are in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars an hour.

Washington’s crazed debt addiction is uncontrollable and endemic.

U.S. politicians have now strapped an inconceivably large debt
burden, directly onto the backs of the American People.

While often described as, “The Richest Nation In The World,” the
reality is, the United States of America is, "The Most Indebted
Nation In The World."

No other government in the world even comes close to matching
the debt burden that has now been dumped onto every U.S.

The U.S. government is rampantly incurring debt in your and my
name, and you and I have no way to stop it or to slow it down.

Standing in free speech zones with protest signs didn’t work when
it came to stopping the war(s), or when it came to stopping the
wall street crony bailouts, and it also won’t work for stopping the
debt burden either.

The U.S. government has now overspent our money, not by $1
trillion dollars, not by $2 trillion dollars, or $5 trillion dollars,
or even $10 trillion dollars for that matter.

The U.S. government has now overspent your and my hard
earned money, as well as money not even yet earned by
our children, and/or by our grandchildren, by well over,
$19 trillion dollars.

So how much is a $1 Trillion Dollars?

Well a million seconds is 11.5 days, a billion seconds is almost
32 years, and a trillion seconds is almost 32,000 years.

So if you spent one dollar every second around the clock,
it would take you 31,688 years to spend $1 trillion dollars.

Now if we wanted to pay down a trillion dollars of the U.S.
National Debt, paying one dollar per second, with no interest,
it would take us almost 32,000 years to accomplish this.

Western civilization hasn't even existed for 32,000 years.

You, and I, didn’t overspend or create this $19 trillion dollars
of debt.

Our government did.

But you, and I, and our families, are all now on the hook for it all.

So how long will it take for you, and I, and our families, to pay
for all of their overspending?

To pay back one trillion dollars, at a rate of one dollar per second,
would take 31,688 years.

The median American household income is about $50,000 per year.

That translates to less than one tenth, of one cent, per second.

So if your family earns $50,000 per year and if you spend none
of that on food, rent, transportation, income tax, or pursuing
your own happiness, and if you take all of your family’s
household income and use it to pay off just $1 trillion dollars
of the current U.S. national debt, it would take you and your
family, "32 MILLION YEARS" to pay off this debt.

Now multiply that number by 19, because the United States of
America is now over $19 trillion dollars in debt, and 32 million
years, multiplied by 19, equals, "608,000,000 MILLION YEARS."

That’s Six Hundred and Eight Million Years.

That's Criminal.

That’s Insane.

That's Treasonous.

That's Our Government.

That's Our Reality.

That's Obama's Legacy.

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