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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Flint State of Mind

Flint State of Mind

By Chris Steele
Dissident Voice
April 9, 2016

Phony actors I dismiss them,
When they talk I don't listen,
Grinding like a pistol,
To help Flint my mission.

First things first,
We handcuff the Governor,
Then put all the Mothers,
In charge of the Government.

The Mayor was getting bottled water,
Journalist discovered it,
Lead stays in the brain,
Legionnaires is causing suffering.

The schools are falling apart,
But nothing is being spent,
Black mold and rats,
The Teachers had enough of it.

The Students won't put up with it,
Teachers doing sickouts,
Reminds me of the 30's,
The Motor City sit downs.

The National Guard came,
With tear gas and bayonets,
Money's is their Puppeteer,
They're all Marionettes.

Then Reagan came,
And shipped their Jobs overseas,
Now you got Foreclosed Homes,
And rusty Factories.

They say they got the Truth,
But their facts are Profanities.

America where you at?
The System never had Sanity.

So why you looking for the answers,
from Limbaugh or Hannity?

You can't stop a pack of wolves,
This is the Bonfire of the Vanities.

Why is it news,
Cam Newton won't do an interview,
The real news is,
Governor Snyder won't do one too.

He declined to talk,
And to testify to Congress,
But we got people doing life for weed,
The System is a Monster.

Over a million people came out,
For the Broncos parade,
But where's the people for Justice,
Let's pull the mask off this Masquerade.

In 2014,
People couldn't afford their water bill,
They shut off the tap,
But the Golf Courses had water still.

Even though they owed Thousand's,
This is how The System Fails.

Then Social Services came,
And took Son's and Daughter's,
Over a two hundred dollar bill,
Because they closed the pipes for water.

The UN said it was Criminal,
The opposite of Minimal,
Explicit Racism,
Forget the Subliminal.

Fast forward,
To the GOP debates in Detroit,
Rubio praises the Governor,
Snyder they Anoint.

We Journalist they don't wanna see Us,
Forget about Gilbert Arenas.

Shout to Amy Goodman,
The Truth she helps us see It.

Flint is thirsty for Democracy,
Death to Hypocrisy,
It's like they're Greek Oligarchs,
And were all Socrates.

No God's no Master's,
No one is the Boss of Me,
Shout to Flint Defense League,
Exposing all of the Mockery.

I hope they throw Snyder in Prison,
And throw the Key in the River,
So it could Corrode,
Man that's Justice Delivered.

They privatize Everything,
Like the Logic in their Brain,
That's why your Water is Brown,
And their pockets Inflamed.

They want ID's for Water,
They're rules are Disgusting,
It's time to take the City Back,
Cuz they treat People like Nothing.

They tried to save $5 Million,
By poisoning Kids,
Then they buried the Facts,
But the Truth can't be Hid.

The People tested the Water,
For Lead by Themselves,
Then held a Press Conference,
And told Everyone Else.

Direct Action get's the Good's,
That's Mutual Aid,
When We all come Together,
That's when Power is Afraid.

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