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Thursday, April 14, 2016

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

By Expotera
April 14, 2016

Hey Mark, it's me, Tony.

Say I just want to let you know that I caught your little,"speech"
the other day, you know the one in which you personally tried to
twist, as well as personally tried to, "Molest" Mr. Trump's words
in regards to the building of a, "Wall" to try to help to protect our
Country's southern border.

Well Mark, all I can now really and honestly say here is, you are
a man who now spends 7 days a week, as well as 24 hours a day,
living, working, playing, and sleeping, behind many, many, "Walls"
as well as many, many, other forms and layers of, "Security" as

And Mark, let's face it, you are not now living your entire life
behind all these many, many, many, "Walls" as well as all of these
other many, many, many, forms and layers of, "Security" because
your rich and famous.

Mark, you are now having to live your life like this because you are
a coward, and a, "Thief" and you now have a number of people on
this Earth who don't, "Like" you, which is why you now have to live
from behind the, "WALL" Mark.

So inclosing and with all due respect Mark, if I were you, I would
just sit down, and I would just shut up, because, "Donald Trump"
is not a coward, nor is he a, "Thief" like you, Mark, because your,
"Hypocrisy" as well as your shit, totally, "Stinks" here, and it can
be seen and it can also be smelled from millions, upon millions of
miles away.

And Mark, in regards to your Facebook e-mail team now notifying
me that my, "" e-mail address will
no longer be available to me, in the final words of Hillary Clinton,
"What Difference Does It Make" Mark, because at the end of the day
sticks and stones may break my bones, but loosing my Facebook
e-mail account won't, "Hurt" me Mark, but if you keep talking trash
about all of the wrong people, I can't honestly say the very exact
same thing for you, Mark.

So Mark, go in, "Peace" and more importantly, just keep your mouth
shut until you are willing to stop living from behind your own,
"WALL" Mark Zuckerberg.

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