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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Plans Within Plans Within Plans

Plans Within Plans Within Plans

By Paul Edmonds‎
February 11, 2016

I think if more people had learned how to play, "Chess" instead of,
"Ball Sports " they would have learned and they would know how to
read the entire chessboard to see not only your moves, but to also
see your opponent's next two, three, or maybe, four moves ahead.

When you know this, the machinations around us now seem obvious.

No longer does anything, "That Meets The Eye" seem to be as straight forward.

You see the reaction and the counter-reaction.

You see the ramifications.

You see the, "Plans Within Plans Within Plans" because you see the
future, and you see the truth.


  1. My Dad taught me to play chess at age 8. I got pretty good at it, my school lesson were easier and when I went to work for the Telephone co. my tests showed I had the highest degree of logic in 7 years. I can see we're all going to get screwed by this system sooner or later as long as it is allowed to persist. You can bet real money on it.


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