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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

American Fascists

American Fascists

By Don Leonard
February 2, 2016

The rich are busy changing our system while the masses think they
are maintaining it...trying to fix what CANNOT be fixed.

And the rich will further this false beLIEf until it is time to change, while some childishly simple deductive reasoning shows us the future.

FACT #1 - In less than 20 years, technology has taken about half
the jobs, in less than 80 years, most all jobs will be gone.

FACT # 2 - In capitalism, jobs are absolutely necessary to sustain it.
No jobs, no money, no consumption, no capitalism. Money is not
required when good and services are done by technology at the cost
of free energy.

FACT #3 - There is another way we can maintain inequality, while
not worrying about the cessation jobs, and that is where we are
going. That would be fascism, because in a fascist state, people
are not important, and nor are jobs. Western/NATO imperialism
and its subsequent subjugation is fascism. Wealth is the pinnacle
of everything. That is the way of our future. Wealth, and basic
income serfs, while the sheep still think they have a shot at the
good life. Greed, envy, and inequality are firmly planted in the
minds of half wits, and it seems to be impossible to remove it
with educated thinking, empathy, logic, reason, and/or rational.

And they just refuse to get it, because as George Carlin said, "they
are afraid of being worse off than they currently are" although
that reality is coming, if it hasn't already, and they still think they
can be, "better" than the rest of the world, via inequality.

People won't move unless they are herded or feel the boot of
inequality on their face, and right now they are being herded
into fascism without having a clue.

We need to evolve, and that reality was understood by the original
proponents of capitalism.

-- Don Leonard

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  1. All wealth comes from the masses, fundamentally. Managers and excess capital are part of the wealth production process. When wealth is stolen, it is at the expense of even greater wealth, resulting in a net loss. Thus, general theft, institutionalized theft, govt., is unsustainable.


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