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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jump Cut

Jump Cut

By Adbusters
February 13, 2016

The jump cut is a technique where two sequential subjects of a similar idea are cut up and reordered from a slightly different angle or position.

This type of technique creates the effect that we’ve somehow jumped forward in time.

It allows us to manipulate the idea of temporal space and narrative continuity by coopting similar progressive ideas, appearing to fracture the durational value of time and space.

These abrupt jumps in perspective, action, or idea create a
new pattern of time.

Some people tend to think the jump cut technique to be a violation
of the principles of narrative structure, which intends to present
a well ordered and harmonious world, de-emphasizing the chaotic
reality of our existence and those moments where time lapses.

A jump cut can draw attention to the manufactured and false
construction of a narrative-based reality.

Continuity and narratorial progress require a rule-based world.

Consecutive days, the passing of the eras, these are structures
intended to create a world that might appear seamless, ordered,
when in reality our world is disordered, chaotic and quantifiably

The jump cut destroys this logic and the new school of creative
time seeks to change the way we experience sequential order.

A jump cut can jar us from complacency, drawing attention to
the falsity of linear narrative.

We can create a jump cut by bridging two non-continuous ideas:
we call these spatial jumps.

By removing the middle section of a narrative altogether, such
as the romantic in the postmodern, we create temporal jumps.

The jump cut adds speed to the sequence of an event, either
in idea or in action.

…time to jump over the dead body of the Old World…

…hack hack hack the capitalist algorithm . . .

…win a guerrilla meme war against the cruddy forces of the
status quo…

…outlaw secrecy…

…change the way money flows…

…upend the foundations of economics…

…make prices tell the ecological truth…

…slow down fast money in the global casino . . .

…watch Goddard, read Debord, Gandhi…take the straight
line in a curvy new direction…

…trigger a jump cut in the human imagination.

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