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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Last BEST Question?

The Last BEST Question?

As we purge the last lies from our being, the lies we tell ourselves,
every day, the "TRUTH" appears, subtle, powerful, overcoming all,
that was, for all, that is, "The Last Best Question."

By Cynthia Piano
March 19, 2014

As I watched a press conference the other day, this query came
to me.

It mattered not if I watched a judge, a press agent, a journalist,
a sports reporter, a lawyer, a priest, a "lover", a teacher, a
corporate executive, a child, a scientist, a government leader,
a parent, a police officer...

"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies," says the famous

What does this mean?

Should we ask Oliver Goldsmith, B. B. King, or Johnny Thunder?

How many questions do we ask in our daily lives, having to
discern the truth?

How much time and energy is wasted trying to "figure it out"
or FEEL it?

What if everyone told the truth, or we could automatically "know"
it without doubt?

Would we ask questions anyway?

How would that change politics, religion, education, government,
business, relationships and life itself?

What lies do we tell ourselves?

The mind can deliberately tell a lie, spoken in word or deed.

Just WHERE did we learn that, anyway?

Can we pinpoint the exact moment we learned to lie?

Who taught us?

And then learned that it was accepted as a human practice?

Is it?

What IS the truth, really?

Is my truth your truth?

If they are not the same, when does your become mine,
and mine yours?

Can the heart tell a lie?

Can the deep knowing of the human soul misrepresent?

What if we turned the tables on everything we were
taught about deception?

What if we could trust everyone?

What if all we had to do, was to go inside of our hearts to
find all truth?

Why do we need to rely on mechanized technology for truth?

When does the price become too great for untruth?

Must we spend trillions to save all the lies,
just to discern the truth?

Will saving all the lies, mixed with the truth,
cost us some harm?

Or total destruction?

When can we stop asking?

And just "know" all?

When will we trust enough, love enough, and BE enough,
to go forward in peace and prosperity?

Perhaps THAT is the only question worth asking.

Cynthia Piano is Founder of Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa;
Writer, Visionary, Spiritual Life Mastery Mentor, Inspirational
and Transformational Healer/Teacher/Speaker.

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