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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Raise The Flag

Raise The Flag

By X Clan
March 8, 2014

Descending from the tribes of Africa,
Inspired by the Great Black Leaders.


This is protected,
By the Red, the Black, and the Green,
With a key,


One man is not a nation, Brother builds a Clan,
Certer than the circle creates the better man.

The colors, the brothers, the key, the motherland,
This causes to assemble this blackman.

Red, Black and Green are the colors of the flag on the rise,
Cause a nation should be guised.

Another flowing, as I comfort sons and daughters,
Knowledge leads the way, so I flow like Nile's waters.

African-American rebel of authority,
Majority, while I'm so-called minority.

Sometimes they ask me, "Why are you the rebel?
Is that the way you choose, attain the bass and treble?"

Yup - "Brother, don't get deep," that's what they tellin me,
Just like a sell-out, white society.

Gets stronger and stronger, my race gets weaker and weaker,
Maybe I can make a difference through a mic and a speaker.

So my lyrics flow different than a hip-hop be bop,
Mic controller who turns out to be the flop.

My wisdom God-given, excercised 'pon a rhythm,
Power postive and strictly Bible, that's how I'm livin.

Fortress we establish high, so none attack it,
Back to the ways of our mathmatic blackness.

They can't solve it, it's somethin they can't catch,
Took respect off our lives, so now I'm snatchin it back.

Power flows in the nation, there is life in the key,
Let us all bind together in the Red, the Black, the Green.

One vanglorious way, through the heart, unified,
And that should be the guide.

For the younger nation, so they can build the tribes,
After and beyond keep the colors alive.

A message through lyrics and beats composed,
Bring composure outstanding direct to those.

Who understand what was taken, xeroxed and stripped naked,
Today's pig shall be tomorrow's bacon.

Education brings false words, what do they teach?
Everything that I learned I had to self-reach.

What do you know of a race that's dyin hourly?
The smartest men in the world, they in a bowery.

Or either trapped or brain-washed on a come-up,
Kicked to the butt, wake up, are you some kind of nut?

Are you blind, can't you see what's never seen?
We need some unity within the colors of the Red, Black and Green.

Garvey-like brotherhood flows with the vibe,
And with the key, the flag is kept alive.

The sense of power, native to a different land,
Originality, fact that I understand.

A black fist, black power and a black man,
X Clan take a stand with the other hand.

Using this as a gimmick, yo man, I'll catch you,
Fetch you, kick my foot and then direct you.

In the right path, succotash,
Don't ask me 'bout the aftermath.

You do what? Don't make me laugh,
Dummy, I am protected by forces beyond you.

Think before you step before the rebel, silly mortal,
You wearin Mother's tags, and you don't know what they mean.

All you are concerned with is greedy man's green,
Sportin your medaillons, cause they matchin with your outfit.

Your posse's wearin it, man, that's so illegit,
Without definition you represent the fraudulent.

Blessed with blackness, but now you're just doggin it,
Tooth for tooth, and a man for man.

Ignorance take a pause and we'll all understand,
Independence is one thing when unity is stronger.

No one to realize the pressure last longer,
I'm just one man who fears for the worst.

Cause if we don't take a stand someone will step first,
And then...

No justice, no peace,
Father Moses, Osiris, Oisis.

Patrice Lumumba,

Malcolm X,

Marcus Garvey,

Sonny Carson,

The Blackwatch,


X Clan, is a hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York, originally
consisting of Grand Verbalizer Funkin' Lesson Brother J, Professor X
The Overseer, Paradise the Architect, and Sugar Shaft the Rhythm Provider.

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