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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Enemies of Delusion

The Enemies of Delusion

By David Glenn Cox
The Smirking Chimp
March 14, 1014

I’ve been rereading Albert Speer’s book “Inside the Third Reich”
it is a fascinating historical document.

It is an illustration of a totally dysfunctional government.

As the Reich’s industrial base collapsed all around from Allied
bombing and invasions, Hitler planned a scorched earth defense
of Germany, simply to extend the life of the regime, a few more

Speer’s job as armaments minister required he submit production reports to Hitler and by January 1945, the outlook was bleak.

The Fuehrer accepted his reports without comment, but took exception to Speer’s conclusion that the war was lost.

Military conferences went on and despite the advancing Allied
armies on all fronts; the talk was still of ultimate victory.

In February of 1945, less than ninety days from a total German
defeat, a military conference was held to discuss plans for a
new four engine jet bomber.

No fuel for the tanks or air planes already available, with little
or no ammunition at the front.

Military units consisting of recently rounded up untrained boys
and old men.

The ministers were living inside of a fantasy.

Outside the conference room some were more circumspect, but
inside, they still played along with the game, because it was all
they knew.

All of their work and plans had ended in the unnecessary deaths
of over 80 million people and the destruction of Europe.

None of them, not one, had the courage to say, “We have been
wrong and must change our policies.”

Wedded to their positions, prestige and power, they were willing
to look away from their crimes and hold themselves blameless.

Imagine shouldering that burden, your policies in a criminal regime,
caused a suffering which would never be forgotten.

Your policies had helped to destroy a vibrant and educated nation.

Modern pop culture holds that Hitler was a mad man, but that’s
too easy.

Such thinking erases the crimes of the ministers, department heads
and business executives or were they all mad?

The era draws into sharp focus the responsibilities of the people to
government and of government to their people.

Obviously, killing your own people to prolong your regime is wrong,
but Hitler’s scorched earth policy required the wholesale
destruction of rail lines, factories and power stations.

The German people would be allowed to starve or freeze to death
in the cold.

Inside their fantasy there would be no postwar Germany, because
admitting to a postwar world was admitting defeat.

How is their delusion any different from that of our own

In December, extended unemployment benefits ended for
1.8 MILLION Americans.

They’ve been turned loose to starve or freeze to death in
an economic scorched earth policy.

This after, and in addition to, cuts to the SNAP (Food stamp)
program, unemployment benefits are subsistence wages designed
to keep people from falling into destitution.

On average, 72,000 Americans lose their unemployment benefits
each week, how will they live and where will they live?

How can government live in such a fantasy, as to simply ignore
the people’s suffering?

“An autoworker fine-tuned some of the best, most fuel-efficient
cars in the world, and did his part to help America wean itself off
foreign oil.” ~ Barack Obama


The American auto industry, once responsible for one in ten
jobs in this country is gone!

And when our new four engine jet bombers reach the front,
we can turn things around!

The German public was force-fed a steady diet of positive
propaganda, but you can only convince the cold they’re
warm for so long and here we are.

Wal-mart has begun a new ad campaign with a sixty-second
commercial entitled “I am a Factory.”

Reuters USA: “UN Human Rights Commissioner urges prosecution
of North Korean Crimes”

“In a statement on Monday, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State
Department said Washington looked forward "to thoroughly
reviewing the report and discussing its recommendations with
our partners, who share our deep concern about the human
rights situation" in North Korea. The report "provides compelling
evidence of widespread and systematic human rights violations"
by North Korea, where the rights situation was "among the world's
worst," spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.”

Obviously the North Korean’s aren’t saints, but are their crimes
so compelling, have they invaded other nations setting up puppet

Are they jailing political dissidents, without charge?

Did they outsource their workers jobs to enrich the ruling clique?

Have they forced millions of their own people into destitution for
private personal gain?

We have no such similar “deep concerns” for the workers inside
sweat shop factories in China, India or Latin America.

Wedded to their positions, prestige and power, they are willing
to look away from their crimes and hold themselves blameless.

In his last hours, Hitler complained, the German people had failed
him, rather than the other way around.

Bloomberg: Teenagers Spurn Working as School in US takes Priority

“Jobs traditionally held by teens are “in declining industries --
where workers are being replaced by technology and/or outsourcing
-- or in growing industries that appear to be employing other types
of workers, such as young adults or immigrants,” the Boston Fed
report said.”

Grass cutting and hamburger flipping are declining industries?

And when our new four engine jet bombers reach the front,
we can turn things around!

There is madness in every direction, a delusional belief that this
charade can continue indefinitely, while the thud of heavy artillery
can be heard in the distance.

The recent death rattle cough of emerging market economies
combined with a slowing Chinese economy means time grows
short; the enemies of delusion are at the gate.

The Federal Reserve continues pumping between $65 and $75
billion each month in freshly printed dollars into a corpse, which
the media and the government call “the recovery.”

Retail sales fell in January after December sales barely beat
the rate of inflation.

The Christmas season has ceased to exist, but soon, our new
four engine jet bombers will make things right again.

The adherents of Free Trade have destroyed the economy,
turning our cities into wastelands.

These adherents of Neo-liberalism are Fascists, who believe
themselves superior to the untermunchin population of 307

They practice economic terrorism against the American people,
in nothing less, than a scorched earth policy.

Subsidizing the low–wage gulags, waiting for the new four engine
jet bombers to turn things around before the Chinese bubble

You cannot abandon a part of the people; to abandon one is
to abandon all.

Be it playing air guitar while people drowned in New Orleans
or by cutting unemployment benefits.

It is nothing less than Capitalist terrorism, leaving millions
of Americans destitute and then blaming them for it.

The poverty of the multitudes destroys the fantasy and acknowledging their poverty is admitting defeat.

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