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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Winning The Race

Winning The Race

By Kevin Eli
November 9, 2016

From last to pulling first
Underdog all the way

David is beating his Goliath
Winning with his gains

Took a down
To make an up

Slim grin
Courage and experience

Finally it's now payday

Found the energy drink of emotion
That liquid juice of intense life

Drives the will forward

Giving confidence
He's moving up the ranks

Seen the errors of the past
His will is strong

The crowd is cheering
Wings outdrawn

This takes no effort at all

Can do this for weeks
Can't feel pain anymore

He's going for first
Silver won't cut it

Whether it's a wish that's chased
A life trying to be made

The distance is relative

Infinite space
In the face

Heart of a child

And beat of a bass drum
Nothing is stopping him now

Started knowing
Not where to finish

You gotta give credit to those who go the limit

Insanity or determination
Looks like he is finally winning his race

...I'm feeling lucky today

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