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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An Open Letter To Black People

An Open Letter To Black People

By Expotera
November 15, 2016

Dear Fellow Black People:

My name is Tony Whitcomb and I am one of the 13% of African
American males who voted for Donald Trump for President last

I am also one of the .0000000001% of black men who is both the
Founder and CEO of his own multi-billion dollar Internet start-up,
which was completely, "STOLEN" away from me, by a, "White Guy"
by the name of Bill Gates and also by a, "Black Guy" by the name
of Barack Obama.

I am also a black man who once upon time was married to a,
"White Woman" and together we have a bi-racial child, a child
that I have not seen and/or spoken to for over 18 years now.

So in short, I have now personally seen both, "The Good" in all
people, as well as, "The Evil" in all people, but as an intelligent
black man I have now personally seen and personally experienced
the, "Most Evil" from the white people and the black people who
openly support, "The Establishment" so this is why I decided to
openly support, and vote for, "Donald J. Trump" simply because
I hate, "The Establishment" and I also, "Hate" both Bill Gates
and Barack Obama as well.

You see my fellow black people, in addition to helping Bill Gates
completely steal my company away from me, "Barack Obama" has
now borrowed more money than all 43 previous, "White Presidents"
combined, which has now resulted in the United States of America
now being well over, "$20 Trillion Dollars" in debt, AND, this has
also now directly led to Mr. Donald J. Trump being elected the
next, "President" of the United States of America as well.

Now as, "Black People" we have absolutely positively every right
to feel both extremely, "Hurt" as well as extremely, "Angry" simply
because Barack Obama has now borrowed well over, "$10 Trillion
Dollars" yet as black people, the only thing that most of us got out
of any of this was a free, "Obama Phone" while the already rich and
famous black people got to visit the, "White House" a little more
often, as well as got to keep all of their individual jobs, titles,
and positions inside of, "The Establishment" as well.

This is where the term, "Sellouts" comes from, because in order
to be a, "Rich" and/or a, "Famous" black person living over here
in the United States of America, you have to first prove to those
who are now willing to make you both rich and famous, that you
will instantly become a, "Sellout" for them, as soon as they decide
to make you both rich, as well as famous.

But if you are unwilling to become a, "Sellout" you can create
the next, "Big Thing" out on the Internet like I have now done,
but, "The Establishment" will do everything within it's power to,
"CRUSH" both you, as well as your, "Company" which is why I now
live to, "CRUSH" the establishment and as far as I am concerned,
last week's, "Presidential Election" was only round number one.

Now when it comes to President-Elect Donald Trump and his fellow,
"White" Republicans all I can honestly say at this point is, "The Jury"
is still out, simply because as a black man who helped Mr. Trump
actually, "Win" this election, I am not feeling a whole lot of, "Love"
appreciation, and/or respect, from President-Elect Trump or from
any of his fellow, "White" Republicans, as of yet, but as a black man
I understand that some white people will never, ever, ever, see any
of us as black people as their, "Equals" per say, so it really doesn't
matter how much we, "HELP" any of them, because history has
shown, they have very, very, very, little respect or appreciation
for any of us, no matter how honest, wise, gifted, talented, or, "Smart" we are.

So inclosing my fellow black people, it really doesn't matter who
you decided to vote for last week simply because as a poor or
middle class black person now living in the United States of America
we have never, ever, ever, had anyone sitting in the, "White House"
who has ever, ever, ever, really given a, "Rat's Ass" about any of us,
which is why I am now waiting for, "President-Elect Trump" and his
new Administration to now prove me, "WRONG" because over this
past year this black man in particular has done nothing but proven
Mr. Donald J. Trump, "RIGHT" so the proverbial ball is now in his,
"Court" and I will be sure to let each of you know if he, his family,
and his fellow, "White" Republicans, decide to pass the proverbial,
"Ball" now back to me?


Tony Whitcomb
Founder/CEO Expotera

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