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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tony's Life

Tony's Life

By Expotera
September 18, 2016


Earlier today I received an e-mail from one of your earthly, "minions" which was simply entitled, "Tony's Life" and Satan this e-mail was obviously a not so veiled, "Threat" now against my life here on this Earth by you and yours and Satan, all I can honestly now say to both you, and yours, is you can't actually, "Take" something from someone, that you actually never, "Gave" to someone.

Therefore when I now, "Die" Satan, I will actually be, "Giving"
my life back to the original, "Creator" of my life, which isn't,
"you" and/or any of your earthly, "minions" of course.

So inclosing Satan, I am only now here to start the, "WAR" with both you and all of your earthly, "minions" Satan, because in short, we, "Expoterians" hate, baby killers, child molesters, land, resource, money, and idea thieves, along with pathological liars, warmongers, war criminals, terrorist, rapist, slave owners, sellouts, blasphemers, cowards, and hypocrites, just to name a, "Few" so, I am now fully expecting to, "Give" my life, in the name of both my non-earthly, "Creator" as well as in the name of my now earthly, "Cause" so here's to, "Tony's Life" Satan, because no matter what now happens to me, I will be seeing you, and all of yours, on the, "Battle Field" as well as on the other side of the, "Rainbow" Satan.


Tony's Life

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