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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Eternal

My Eternal

By The Fallen Angel
Dark Poetry
September 27, 2016

Rather safe in death than alone in life
Begging life to drain its flow
The eyes of an angel are eyes of tragedy
hours sifting and aging old

A walking on the sands of Egypt
A foot so bare in scorching truth
A thirst that cannot quell
A living hell

Sucked in alive away from light
Agast had forgotten joyful night
Too deep within the desert sands
Too deep the hands, to deep a scourge
The anger of words
Angered at what has become
a life, a strife, a descort

Swallowed by scorpions
that tear away the flesh
They are the poison in the blood
The fear in the heart

The bridge of the Genesis has burned
The terminus bleeds forever
But burns all together separate
Alas the soul but in an empty seed
A shell in need of source
a shell that beckons remorse

Not that there was nothing to live for
But because living was for nothing
It is that living was dying
and death delayed

Tormented by new found wisdoms
in an age of undying sight beyond sight
A paradigm shifting in fright
to never rest the chronos spines
spun in obsession of truths

No more, for the third eye
is merely blind

The signs and wonders of present time
affirm the ineffectuality and folly of life
Alone is the genesis and alone the eternal
The terminus bleeds in endless draw

With love there is pain
and in pain there is decay

No matter the sum ecstacy
Of human kindness
It all but harvests misery

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