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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Who’s Protecting Hillary Clinton?

Who’s Protecting Hillary Clinton?

By Pete Kimberley
June 18, 2016

While the Press celebrates the Democratic Party victory of the first
female billionaire in history, a somber legal battle is going on in the

The State Department report on Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the
different legal proceedings which followed, establish that she is
guilty of:

- Obstruction of Justice by Mrs. Clinton and her advisors (Section
1410) ;

- Obstruction of Criminal Enquiries (Section 1511) ;

- Obstruction of the application of local and Federal laws (Section
1411) ;

- Federal crime of negligence with classified information
and documents (Section 1924) ;

- Detention in her computer, at home and on a non-secure server,
of 1,200 secret documents (Section 1924)

- Felony – Mrs. Clinton declared under oath to a Federal judge that
she had given all her emails to the State Department. However, the
Inspector General of the State Department declared this week that
this was a lie (Section 798) ;

- Moreover, she declared under oath that the State Department had
authorized her to use her personal computer to work at home. The
Inspector General of the State Department declared this week that
this was a lie (Section 798) ;

- Mrs. Clinton did not alert the authorities, nor even her own
Department, that her personal computer had been hacked several
times. Yet she had asked her system administrator to try to protect
her computer.

- Misappropriation and Concealment. The Clinton Foundation and
Mrs. Clinton were corrupted so that the State Department would
close their eyes to various practices (Rico Law and Section 1503).

In principle, and since the facts and their gravity have been
established by the FBI, the State Department, and a Federal
Judge, Hillary Clinton should have been arrested this week.

Bernie Sanders, the other candidate for the Democratic nomination,
was counting on Mrs. Clinton’s arrest before their party’s

He therefore decided to stay in the running, although he does not
have enough delegates.

But he was summoned to the White House, and informed that
President Barack Obama would prevent his administration from
applying the law.

Obama then followed through by publicly announcing his support
for the candidacy of Mrs. Clinton.

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  1. That is right :Hilary is corrupted to the core


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