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Sunday, June 26, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

A Poem, And Letter, To A Corrupt Government

By Rhonda Enrayne
June 26, 2016

To: Our so called leaders.

All the politicians, the corporate moguls, the bankers, the lawyers,
the super rich, the movers, the shakers, and the power players.

CC: All of Us.

The people who are quickly being enslaved, thinned,
choked to death, and bled dry.

Re: “We Will Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night.”

Dear Sirs,

This once great nation,
can no longer stand the inflation,
brought about through manipulation,
greed, and politically correct capitulation,
to the puppets put in place by your corporations,
agents of the beast, the bringers of this abomination.

It’s all been foretold.
You too can read the end.
If you do it right now.


If they haven’t led you too far astray,
with the purchase of the watchdogs of the people,
the media who sings their praises, hymnals from a steeple,
of purposefully disseminated, government approved, misinformation.

Yet another of the many deadly plagues spewed forth
from every single station.

Children are starving across the nation,
while you yet again go on another vacation.
Grandmothers die in the un-air-conditioned heat,
so on fancy five hundred dollar sheets you can sleep.

A mother is threatened with jail,
for growing vegetables for her child.
A soldier billed for risking his life,
so you can wage war for what you revile,
money, power, oil, “redistribution” control.

When was it exactly that you sold your very soul?

You have to know that a far greater hell for you awaits,
for all of those who commit evil through legislative mandates.

It’s all been foretold.
You too can read the end.
You had really best do it today.
Before they take that right too away.

The four horseman gallop across all nations,
as was long ago written in the book of Revelations.

And he who rode a white horse was sent out to conquer.
When government works against the masses we go asunder.

The next horseman rode a red horse and was given a large sword.
Have you heard the news?
Surely you know of the war mongering hoards?

Earthquakes in diver’s places,
reported daily by smiling faces.

And many shall be greatly deceived.
Be wise as a serpent. You best take heed.

Time is running out. It was long ago decreed.
Didn’t we all know we would be destroyed through greed?

Will You Afford to Eat?

The third horseman rode upon a black horse with scales in hand.
After him, sprang up famine, starvation, deprivation upon all in
all lands.

Prices rose so high and so fast,
all the people could do was slave all day just to eat.
Do you see the specter of inflation at the register?
How close is your bank account to beat?

The fourth horseman sat upon a horse that was pale.
The power over death given to him, to rain hell in war‘s
fiery gale...

He’s the one to watch for, the last.
For the other’s having already come,
rode crisscrossed ways across an aching globe,
as certain as the path of the sun.

You can see their tracks if you but take a look.
Somalia is starving, and Japan is past starting to cook.
London has burned, and Greece is a riot,
Thank you Facebook.

What a tool for the New World Order,
your whole life wrapped up and took,
in binary code now filed away,
so it can be used against you one day.

I fear that day is not very far off, my dear friends.
Will you be ready when it all blows, when the chipping begins?

If you are still alive that is.

Where will you go when your money is not your own,
when you can’t afford to live and you no longer have a home?

Do you think they will take care of us all then?
The ones we elected.
Do you really think you, your family, your rights,
your very life, will be protected?

Prepare now my friends.
You are living the very end.

They won’t help you and you best take heed.
If you don’t believe me, just research their deeds.

Open your door and look outside.
What you see may make you want to hide.

We all may have to do so, and very, very soon.
Please, wake up now and stop marching to their tune.

It’s all been foretold.
You too can read the end.
You had really best do it today.
Before they take that right too away.

God bless and keep we, the people,
being assaulted from all sides by your evil.

In the end, as was written, what is good will hold sway.
The question is how many of us will be alive on that day?

Thank you, sirs, for your attention.
Can you yet smell the global dissention?

We, “will not go quietly into that good night.”
Prepare yourselves, sirs, for one hell of a fight.

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  1. this is so perfectly clear. my hope is that everyone will read and understand this. thank you!


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