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Thursday, March 24, 2016

He Hate Me

He Hate Me

By Dr. Ann Ross
March 24, 2016

There are scientific reasons why people hate each other.

Republicans hate Democrats, Liberals hate Conservatives,
Sunnis hate Shiites, etc.

The laws on cancer, quantum leaps affects, and your immune
system govern hate.

1. Hate acts like a cancer. It can metastasize long distances
and you have no idea where it will show up.

Hate like cancer has no bounds, it infects Republicans,
Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals equally, that's
why we have demonstrators and violence on both sides.

2. Hate can do quantum leaps, like the war in Syria.

How high are our hate politics going to get?

The more we hate each other this election, who knows what
destruction occurs when hate will do its quantum leaps?

3. Hate acts like your immune system, it attacks things it does
not recognize.

Likewise we attack people with hate those who are different
than us, by race, language, religion and political party - Part
of the reason for the Supreme Court nominee impasse.

We understand how and why hate is spread and then we may
develop the best, "prescription" policy to solve our problems
internationally and within this country alike.

Which side are you on, the devil of hate or the God of forgiveness;
hopefully a new dawn will rise on this nation when we choose the

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