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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The American Dream

The American Dream

By Infidel Actual
September 17, 2015

Fellow Countrymen,

The following will serve as my last will and testament for I am dying.

It will not be long now until I am gone.

No doctor, politician, miracle pill or technological advancement
has the ability to fix what is wrong with me.

I leave to you nothing that I have not given already.

I have given to you freedom, yet you have chosen slavery.

I have given to you liberty, yet you have chosen tyranny.

I have given you the ability to choose your own leaders and direct
your own destiny but you have allowed the system to become high
jacked leaving you no real choice at all.

My passing is a direct consequence of your actions.

I have given you freedom, the freedom to choose
the things that are best for you and your family.

I have given you the freedom to worship as you please,
the freedom to speak what you believe, to write what
you see fit, to gather as you’d like and to speak up to
any powers that would prohibit the above.

The freedom to defend yourself and those you love against
any and all who would seek to cause you harm, regardless
of their position.

I have given to you the freedom to peaceably live in your home
without it being invaded by government officials either physically
or through the means of technology.

I have given you the right to due process of the law, a right
dating back to the Magna Carta and the right to be judged
by your peers.

Most importantly I have given you the freedom to self-govern
in whichever locality you choose to live.

In spite of these freedoms you have chosen slavery.

Not slavery in the sense of chains and cages but a type much
more nefarious.

You have surrendered your ability to think for yourself and speak
what you believe for you know not what it is that you believe in.

You believe what you are told to believe and you think what
has already been thought for you.

You have surrendered your ability to defend yourselves because
you believe that someone else can protect you.

You have surrendered your ability to live peacefully
in your own homes.

Fear has caused you to openly welcome your would
be protectors whenever they see fit to stop by.

This same fear has led you to believe that you are safe while
others simply disappear taken by a government that has your
best interest at heart.

These protectors do not care for your survival.

They demand your loyalty.

That is not freedom it is slavery and the most dangerous cage
is that which you refuse to see.

I have given you liberty, yet under the guise of equality
you have chosen tyranny.

You have the liberty to succeed or fail based on your own merit.

Liberty is the ability to pursue your own happiness.

If you fail to catch it you should try harder.

Instead you choose to alter your definition of happiness and believe
that those who have worked to catch theirs should supplement yours.

You are not strong enough to succeed on your own, so you choose
leaders who promise to take from those who have.

When the takers have taken too much and the givers have no more
to give there will be bloodshed in the streets and the blood will be
on your hands.

Then you will know tyranny for you will no longer be useful
to the tyrants who actively sought your allegiance.

When you finally meet tyranny you will also know misery
and it will be too late.

I have given you principles, yet you choose to ignore them.

I have given you the resources to feed and warm hundreds
of millions, yet you choose to scoff at them.

These are all choices that you have made.

You have been lied to.

You have been led to believe that there are only two choices when
in reality you have been able to choose whatever and whoever you
desire all along.

The answer is not red or blue.

The direction is not left or right.

The answer is not forward or backwards.

The answer is liberty and it can still be yours.

I am over 200 years old but I do not have to die.

I am an idea and ideas can live forever.

They simply need to be rediscovered.

Yours Truly,

The American Dream

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