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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mystical Allegory

Mystical Allegory

By Giovanni Ravioli Carlo
September 24, 2015

The Israel in the bible was never meant to be a physical nation
that exists in Palestine.

It is pure mythology and inner alchemy and the biblical stories
were never meant to be taken literally.

They are epics that express higher consciousness and the journey
that the kundalini energy takes up the spinal column during periods
of meditation.

The problem with the West is that they don't understand, "Mystical
Allegory" and they take their religious traditions and their bible at
face value and are not able to go beyond the historical narrative
and realize the mysticism.

They have deliberately been denied these esoteric revelations by,
"The Powers To Be" and this can no longer continue if humanity is
going to cross over to the next stage of evolution.

The bible has nothing to do with geo-politics, nations, or chosen

It is a medical book on endocrinology and expresses very ancient
eastern yogic, tantric traditions.

The bible is about the art of meditation and higher consciousness,
not about a literal lineage of a race called, "Jews."

Zionism and its lies has to come to an end.

Knowledge is power, it always was, and always will be.

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