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Thursday, July 30, 2015



By Rebel Mind
July 30, 2015

My mind is free, so I'm opinionated
So don't think I'll be swayed or intimidated
I'm too sophisticated to be manipulated

Or care about what you care about
Can't defy nature no matter how you scream or shout

Because the world is always brightened
I seek knowledge, to always be enlightened
To build a sixth sense while the rest are heightened

Try to hustle and be silent it's an art to be refined
To do things like achieve world peace
Those are peaks I wish to climb
World peace in the world is what the world wants to find
You would think we'd find it, like we need peace to be defined

Peace and Love will save mankind
But you can't have peace because man ain't kind

No rest for the weary
But it's bliss for the blind
Lets you know peace is simply a state of mind

But why is it that something so simple is so hard to achieve
Because people so close minded refuse to receive

Whether it's a piece at a time
Or a piece of humble pie

It's like peace is a crime
Because you're only at peace when you die

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