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Sunday, July 12, 2015



By Bill Sharpe
July 12, 2015

There is a thing called mechanics, and it describes the
engineering of different things.

Most people think that it has to do with, building a car,
a boat, a plane, a building.

But the mechanics of anything is the understanding
of the procedure, a design a mathematical formula
that creates a analytical creation, be it machinery
or a philosophy.

The history of the human race is full of examples
of malicious engineering of the human race.

One of these examples would be Adolf Hitler's philosophy,
and mechanics of how he manipulated the whole country
to perform the act that he wanted, with the assistance of
a small group of political and financially powerful people.

The mechanics of how this took place is well documented,
and there are several other nations that have used the
same philosophy and ideology.

So there is historic documentation of these actions taken
by a few people, and yes they were the elitist, or became
the elitist of their society to control the populace.

What's taking place on earth is not that much different
than what take place in your cells in your body.

They're all fighting for control, and in a normal healthy
situation, there is a perfect balance and harmony.

The problems we have here on earth are monumental,
and understand the mechanics of the problems, you
need to have knowledge, and knowledge is finding the

Which truth you are willing to accept is based upon your
perception, but the real truth, and knowledge, has a
companion, and his name is wisdom.

Real truth and knowledge comes with wisdom.

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