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Thursday, June 4, 2015

I Walk Alone...

I Walk Alone...

By Eric Cockrell
June 4, 2015

I am the last rebellion,
the fire you cannot control.

I am the faces of lost bodies,
names written in blood.

I am the call to battle,
armed by the heart.

I am the silence that knows,
the darkness that takes.

I am poverty's shadow,
and the language of need.

I am the anger of the beaten,
I am the field forsaken.

I am the tint of skin,
and the color of the eyes....
the song of the shovel and whip.

I am the bones of the old ones,
shaking with rage,
the tears of the grandmothers,
the dirty hands of small children.

I am the soldier imprisoned,
on the streets of despair.

I am the conscience of the murderer,
that haunts the night.

I am the bodies of lovers,
glistening with passion.

I am the child born,
neath a sky with no star.

I am the crucifix and prayer beads,
the hymn known only by trees.

I am the dog abandoned,
rain falling without remorse.

I am the monk self-immoliated,
the cry for freedom unheard.

I am human dignity,
and I walk alone...

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