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Saturday, June 6, 2015

America The Hypocritical

America The Hypocritical

By Joe Murray
Via - Kathy Koperwhats
June 6, 2015

Bradley Manning exposed deadly war crimes committed by his own
government where innocent civilians where killed.

He knowingly told the truth in the face of great personal risk to
himself so that the truth would be at the very least told.

He/she now wanting to be called Chelsea is paying the ultimate

I call him/her COURAGEOUS!

No ground swell support came from the average brain dead, talking
point following American sheeple, even though many celebrities
launched a huge campaign to motivate them.

Justice was not served and the average American could care less.

Now comes Bruce Jenner with full media support and stamp
of approval.

The brain dead public suddenly cares.

They gush over how beautiful his airbrushed
and movie magic photos and videos look.

They defend transgenderism with new found vigor.

They argue vehemently about his courage.

No real mention is made to the fatal car crash that he caused
and blamed the dead victim for, though it was clearly his fault.

The talking points become that if you don't love Caitlyn Jenner
(a non legal name by the way) then you're a bigot, a homophobe,
or a transgenderphobe if such a word exists.

The issue was never about gender or surgery
or any other nonsensical divisive talking point.

It's about courage and doing the right thing.

That is what needs to be celebrated in America today now more
than ever.

Bradley Manning took responsibility for what his country did.

Bruce Jenner couldn't even take responsibility for his own actions.



  1. Love your blog. Will read. Mine is I am trying to make a difference too. In solidarity, Robin

  2. ... I love your blog too. I found you via Coleen Rowley. I will add you to my reading list for sure.


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