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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Wonder Us Path

The Wonder Us Path

By Dave Moule
May 23, 2015

I AM more than eye aim to see
I read between the straight lines
and spaces that manifest reality
into expressions of sacred geometry

Light and dark in our experience
Shadows that transform you and me
into a Kabuki show

Our hand clearly marks the score
far more than you think you know
in all that you have read before

Yet you still don't understand
the lesson that you planned
to ensure your survival
was meticulously formed
before your arrival
into your flash flesh suit

You do what you do
through auto suggestion
You're due what you're due
despite your instant rejection

How else could it be
Karma enacts reciprocity
Do you know You
like I Now know me

You think and say you see
nothing random in your philosophy

Outside of mind I fly through
levels of perception
devils of deception
I view and hear the reception
in reflection and projection

False light and True
forever battling for supremacy
or combining in unity

Harmonic accord
when two become three

500 shades of grey seen
from inside us
from the sublime to ridiculous

I realize more of the real lies
and there is ever more to learn
at high speed and slow

Down to rise up
frequencies beyond the rainbow
I create the sound to grow

Eye miss as much as I can
Visual eyes that feel the here
without putting pictures to the fear
and uninhibited limitation

Allowing information to flow
through Here & Now present
just like that... Whoa!
fulfillment in the moment
Without examining the content
for far too long

Let it Be
Do not dwell
too long on the card dealt
by the cheating fortune teller
BE well
Be Happy

Peace formed first from within
for the sake of our humanity
as we accept or reject our Sovereignty

A battle rages for our Will
Power at our command
to Mind our direction
Driven by the power of emotion
the Unseen mine our connection
via denial or devotion





An empath or psychopath
connected to the organic battery
Young and old Soul's
Portals and Black Holes

In you and me
The Earth and stars
The sun and moon
Innocence of Spirit
Arrogance of Sin
Look at the state we're in

Getting closer and further away
Getting hands and fingers burnt
once or many times over
Night & day

Hot & cold
We raise or fold
in all we've learned
and been told
Accepted by the Ego
Bought and sold
Rejected by the Id
as Fool's Gold

The body knows what is right
when I recognizes the reaction
mirrored in the Light
Called into action
or cast in the shadow
Sew you say you flow
like a needle through Silk

Either weigh
Balancing the Way
The heat or ice
Visions of hell and paradise

Lost in lust
beneath the surface
Fuel for the furnace
Dante's Inferno
Ashes to ashes
Time to let go
Doe's to dust

We take what we earn
whether we under cook or burn
We cut a bigger slice
of the cake we baked
with each choice we turn
closer to the Son or ice

All dying to return
to our lower density
as we live to learn
to Love to Be
Atone at One

Beyond all common sense
Free in our state of innocence
No divisions make a fence
to separate the field
into Love versus Hate

The Ley-lies dissect the yield
as male and female in extreme debate
the rites and the wrongs
that you write in your book
and get the followers to sing your songs
and mimic your latest look

Your weakness is getting stronger
Your time is getting shorter not longer
since you exposed the buried roots

Some see over the fence

Some hear past the divide

Some open the gate

Some run and hide

Some climb over

Some dig under

Some forever walk the line between the wasteland and the wonder.

Copyright: D.N.Moule/Verso 25/11/14

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