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Saturday, August 30, 2014

American Awakening

American Awakening

Via Judy Spady
By David Cox
August 30, 2014

How many people know that Egypt is bombing Libya with the help
of UAE?

How many know that they are doing so with weaponry we provided?

How many know that we are arming the ISIS rebels in Syria while
arming their opposition in the Kurdish north of Iraq?

How many know that we are continuing to arm a bunch of violent
contingencies, preparing the world for a future of massive

How many know that we have already largely succeeded to create
a guaranteed massive fight in the middle east by arming virtually
every sect of Islam?

We shouldn't be on Facebook posting, we should be on the streets
telling our neighbors what is going on and preparing to protect our
communities from harm when the inevitable violence begins.

We need to be education ourselves and waking up our friends and
associates of the evil elements of our federal government that are
actively creating conflict for the purposes of bolstering a societal
control program that we are already significantly in the clutches of.

We need people who understand true cooperation for mutual
benefit depends on those who want to help one another being
active and not staying on the sidelines.

We need people who understand that gun control is merely another
word for disarming the peaceful independent citizenry and creating
dependency on the very people we should be armed against.

All of these actions taken in diametric opposition to our own US
interests are the last pieces of a puzzle that has placed us in a
very precarious position.

None of this is new.

Those who see some sort of positive aspect of killing millions of
brown people in far away lands as a solution to a problem we as the
American people are tacitly complicit in creating are deceived and
ignoring the fact that as soon as the evil doers are capable of
steering the quagmire they have created in the middle east toward
the west, they will.

If we are to avoid the coming calamity, we must extract ourselves
from this brutal future and engage in legitimate self defense in
hopes of protecting lives and property and respecting our fellow
man as ourselves.

Yes there is evil going on in the middle east, can we do something
about it?

Sure, we can stop arming all sides, remove those who are doing this
evil from office and military control, and instead move to protect
our continent from a real invasion by securing our borders, having
active and well trained community response teams integrated with
the sheriff's office and building productive industrial capacity while
having a massive military power capable of fending off and crushing
all outside attack.

All of this should be carried out to ensure the economic, social, and
military independence of those who are committed to respecting
their neighbor as themselves.

The cure for this cancer isn't just kill everyone.

The solution is to only kill those responsible.

Most of the militants are in populated areas, not camped
conveniently by themselves in the desert with a large bullseye
and "terrorists here" emblazened round about.

It's mutual cooperation and respect coupled with the capability to
stop those who are willing to violate others property rights that
secures our future, it's possible and we must act soon to head off a
very grim future.

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