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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Silence Absolves Liars, Scoundrels & Hypocrites

Silence Absolves Liars, Scoundrels & Hypocrites

By P.A. Farruggio
Information Clearing House
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 84 year old pal John and I stand each Tuesday outside the
local library with our protest signs.

We’ve been out there, one hour each week, for over a year;
before that for six years on a busy street corner during rush

One day, this German lady approached us.

She thanked us for taking the time out and added “You know,
Americans don’t like to get out and protest. If this was Germany,
and our government did what yours did, we’d have thousands
outside this library, not just two people.”

How correct she was.

The Germans, the French and all the European peoples remember,
or are taught, what it was like to be occupied and threatened by
the Nazi police state.

We Americans are lucky that our nation has never been occupied
by a foreign power. Never!

Thus, you would think that it might have been more difficult for
us Americans to accept the propaganda pertaining to 9/11 and
the phony wars that followed. The opposite was true, sadly.

From Mathew in the New Testament:

“And Jesus went into the temple of God and cast out all of them
who sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of
the moneychangers and the seats of them that sold (sacrificial)
doves, and said onto them ‘It is written, My house should be
called a house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves."

Why did it take Jesus to initiate this action?

How long had this process gone on in the Jewish religion? Why
did not others, those who agreed with Jesus, take the mantle
and challenge the powers that be?

After all, this was not challenging the Roman Empire, which
would have done harm to anyone who protested their edicts.

This was not like a German in the mid 1930s challenging the
Nazi regime.

No, the similarities between the silence of those who agreed with
Jesus and the silence of those who agree with we protestors now
is striking.

Look at what occurred here in America before we invaded Iraq
and after. We had a group of so called leaders and advisors to
leaders who had a tattered track record on patriotism.

Mitt Romney, in the late 1960s, supported the Vietnam War,
yet refused to join up and fight the good fight.

We have the infamous chicken hawks of the Junior Bush gang,
starting with Junior himself.

Bush supported the Vietnam War and chose to stay safely at
home in the Texas Air National Guard.

Then we have Dick Cheney, who received at least five deferments,
none of them medical by the way, yet he vociferously supported
the war.

Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and others connected with the Bush
crew cheered for ‘War War War ‘yet never would dare go and fight
the gooks they hated.

Years later all of these people, along with a compliant mainstream
media, railed about the threat that Saddam Hussein and his army
presented to us here at home.

How he was connected with Al Qaeda and Bin Ladin, and how he
had WMDS ready to use on us in America or our surrogate in the
Middle East, Israel.

All lies!

Factor out the one day in February 2002 that many Americans stood
up and spoke out, and after that… Silence! To this day…Silence!

As with the Jews who agreed with Jesus about their religion being
hijacked by liars, scoundrels and hypocrites… today we see the
same thing here.

Imagine for one minute if all of the Americans who know deep
inside that our nation has become a military industrial empire
actually spoke up.

Instead of a handful of us out there on the street corners and town
squares, there would be thousands, as that German lady suggested.

What truth could then be expressed as to the few who do the
lying, cheating and conning?

One simple hour a week of public protest is all it would take to
peacefully initiate real and lasting change in the very fabric of
our society.

We do not need leaders to tell us what to do; all we need is
a ‘symphony of voices’ to shout down the hypocrites who are
placed before us to hinder and confuse us.

Philip A Farruggio is a free lance columnist, environmental products
sales rep and an activist. Since 2010, Philip is a spokesperson for
the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military
spending 25%.

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