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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Absurdity Rules the World

Absurdity Rules the World

By Siv O'Neall
The Smirking Chimp
July 14, 2012

The absurdity of the world today is so blinding that we can barely
see through the fog to discern what went so wrong.

Plans had been spun for years in the dark underground caves by the
enemies of man. The Neoconservatives had it all planned, but one
factor was missing.

Propaganda had already been working its insidious misinformation.
The mass media were already more than willing to play the game
of Big Money.

Americans were thoroughly indoctrinated to toe the line of Big
Power. Respect for power and blind obedience were the result
of the U.S. educational system.

“I pledge obedience to the flag of the United states of America …”
Millions and millions of yes-men had been molded out of the clay
of propaganda and history books.

Yes, the Neoconservatives had it all in hand. Ronald Reagan
had taken the first big step to load the dice.

Anybody with a conscience was now going to be deprived of any
realistic means of resetting the scales to a just balance. This was
the beginning of the policy of ‘starving the beast’.

The little people had no say. Only Big Money weighed heavily
enough to tip the balance.

Bill Clinton continued in the steps of his predecessors and
the famous climbing ladder, supposed to be available to all
Americans, has become more and more of an illusion.

But the real introduction of lawlessness and the total contempt
for the needs of the masses, that were soon to follow, were still
only in the sick minds of the Neocon cavemen.

In order to carry out their destructive projects, one factor was
standing in their way. The people might become a powerful force
against their openly unconstitutional planned take-over.

Could even the Supreme Court be relied on to take the side of
the Neocon monsters?

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) may well have
as its goal the promotion of American global leadership, but would
the end justify the means?

Could this little clique of psychopaths do their deeds and clear
the hurdles that were still in clear view?

The Path To World Domination Is Made Possible

September 11 made it all possible. Whatever really happened on
that fateful day will probably never be known to the public, even
though theories abound.

But what we do know is that mass hysteria was awakened in the
American people and the surgeons could now come in and chop
away at human rights, spread fear instead of showing a reasonable
calm, and all this without being hampered by any humanitarian

The homeland had been attacked. All means were from now on
considered legal.

The cheerleaders were in full swing, flags were waving all over
America the beautiful.

National pride was steered towards revenge with an unstoppable
force, constantly nurtured by radio, television and bumper-sticker

Patriotism had its field day and barely any questions were asked.

The tiny clique of cavemen made preposterous statements,
unsupported by any real facts and the citizens lapped it up
blindly, without the slightest attempt at verifying the truth
of the accusations. Mass hysteria snowballed.

A country was pointed out as being behind this incomparably
heinous deed. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but
people didn’t pay any attention.

The propaganda channels were screaming:

“Never in the history of mankind has a deed been wrought
that was more evil, more undeserved, more incomprehensible.
What do they have against us? There’s absolutely nothing in
the world that we have done that would deserve an attack like
this one.”

The rah-rah chorus got louder and louder.

“Our country, the most civilized, the most moral and the most
powerful country in the world has been attacked by an evil
country. How did they dare?”

The patriotic screams covered over any voice that dared point
out that the entire show didn’t make any sense.

The Big Invention – The War On Terror

Now the doors were open for the United States of America to
put their underground plans into action.

From that day on, any lies were accepted without so much as a
question as to the logic and credibility of the claims brazenly made.

The U.S. President became an ever more powerful actor on the
world stage.

He could wage wars that were not wars. He could kill civilians who
were not civilians. He could initiate invasions of nations that were
not invasions.

Up was down and down was up. Sense and logic had given up the
stage to hysteria and illusions. Non-sense is the rule of the day.

How was this possible?

Because of an attack on two skyscrapers that collapsed like sand
castles because two airplanes flew into them and a third one that
did so without anything hitting it?

No, that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t quite that simple. They had to invent a War On Terror.

Never was a shrewder invention made in human history. Everybody
who opposes our holy war on terror is a terrorist. Et voilà. As simple
as that.

The fear and pride in their country made Americans blind to what
was really going on in the aggressive U.S. politics.

Countries were invaded and torn apart, hundreds of thousands of
civilians were killed, lost their homes, were made to flee their

Families were disunited, parents were searching for their children,
children were crying for their lost parents.

The horror that spread through the world was hidden from the
American people due to the corruption of the mass media.

What they saw on their television screens was theater à la carte.
What they heard and read was that the United States was saving
the world from tyranny and introducing freedom and democracy.

The overall purpose of the PNAC people, the Neoconservatives,
is to control the planet. At whatever cost.

Cost in human lives, cost in destruction of the environment, cost
in the destruction of other people’s cultures. Millennia of traditions
are of no importance.

To this end slogans are made up that fit their goal.

Muslims are terrorists. Everybody who is against the War on Terror
and Washington’s all-means-justify-the-end principle is a terrorist
and should be sent to lifelong imprisonment or killed outright.

Drug traffic is evil, unless it’s run by the United States. U.S military
are all good people and are justified in doing whatever they are
doing. Except for a few bad apples, of course.

Whatever country does not cooperate fully with the United States
is corrupt and should be made to see the light. See Libya. See Syria.
See Iran. And first of all there was of course Afghanistan and Iraq.

Any country which has valuable resources that they don’t willingly
turn over to U.S.-centered corporations must be taught to rethink
their policies. Or they will become the victims of Invasions and
ghastly killing sprees.

Washington's Sore Toe

Latin America was once considered the U.S. backyard and it is
against nature itself that those countries now have the gall to
run their own business. So Paraguay happens. So Mexico happens.

How long will they be able to run business in Colombia? When will
the freedom fighters (the ‘terrorists’ of course) manage to stop the
corrupt and deadly U.S. influence over the running of this nation?

When will the other September 11 be repeated, the one in
Santiago, Chile, in 1973, when Salvador Allende was killed
and a murderous dictatorship installed?

Oh yes, the neoliberalism of Milton Friedman and the Chicago boys
dates back much farther than to the Neoconservative fanatics.

A coup was tried again in April of 2002, this time against Hugo
Chávez, but the rage of the people made this coup a miserable
failure. Chávez was reinstalled after two days of rightist brainless

If the mass media had done their job, the power behind the coup,
that is the United States, would have become a worldwide laughingstock.

Caring For The People Is Communist-Inspired Soft-Headed Nonsense

Socialism is for the weak of heart, and a strong nation doesn’t need
nationalized enterprise.

Private ownership is what makes for progress and private profit is
what makes the world go round. Real men are capitalists.

The people are of no importance. They are all collateral damage.

Who needs the local store owner? Who needs the industrial worker
since labor is so much cheaper elsewhere.

Who needs the small farmer since agribusiness is so much more
profitable to the corporations?

The United States is busy wielding its secret power in any country
that becomes a threat to the Empire – any country that might
possibly be won over to democracy in a popular uprising.

Egypt looked at first like a promise to the world of freedom, but
there is not a chance that a new regime will ever heed the voice of
the people who fought so bravely in Tahrir Square over a year ago.

The military and the Muslim Brotherhood will no doubt do whatever
Washington tells them to do.

Libya was callously and stealthily destroyed. Tripoli and much of
the rest of the country was bombed to smithereens. And what had
Qaddafi made himself guilty of?

Making Libya the richest country in Africa after its having been
the poorest.

But he threatened to nationalize the oil and gas and that is strictly
verboten if the U.S. can have a say. And they made sure they did.

Qaddafi had to go since Libya is essential for U.S. control over
the Middle East.

And then comes Syria, an increasingly bloody mess, waiting
for its turn to be submitted to the same destiny.

And who is in collusion with Washington in all this western
imperialism? NATO, of course.

The EU with all its puppets called Barroso, Christine Lagarde (IMF),
Cameron, Sarkozy/Hollande (in spite of Hollande’s empty talk of
ending austerity measures), Merkel, who might well be the one
honest president in Europe, since she seems to be acting for
Germany more than for the Empire.

But Washington is the preserver of freedom and democracy in the
world and no country is as free or has the moral rectitude of the
United States.

Follow the example of Washington and all will be well.

We will all be little Americans and we will all be eating big Macs
at MacDonald’s and buying our T-shirts at Walmart’s.

The way the Empire runs its mission of saving the world is by
ignoring any humanitarian needs at home or abroad.

The standard of living is steadily going down in the Western world.

Who cares?

People are dying by the hundreds of thousands all over the world
and in particular in the countries that have become the special
targets for Washington since they are considered essential for U.S.
absolute global domination.

The corporations are getting together to make the poor farmers
in Africa a mass of starving slaves of Big Money, the victims of
the monstrous proceedings of the totally immoral corporate agribusiness.

The Absurd World

We are living in a theater of the absurd. Our world has been
emptied of all real meaning.

The substitute for real living is accumulating – whatever. Mainly
money, of course. Or things. Anything.

In the absence of money, we accumulate debt.

Our reason for living has become adding one gadget to another, or
one million to another, and then, finally, sitting on top of a tower
of failed hopes and ambitions.

Communication is getting limited to incessant blabber on our
mobile phones to say – nothing.

People have let their own hearts and minds go stale and they are
now only occupied with a semblance of communication which has
become an obsession without any meaning.

With no ideals, no goals in life, what are we going to become?

Empty vessels of hate and fear, exactly the robots that the
monsters in power were planning on.

Politics have become entertainment, another soap opera to
distract the masses.

There is no sense in participating in the election game since all
elections are rigged in advance.

The stage is set for the Corporations to run the planet Earth into
the ultimate abyss.

Have people even noticed that democracy is dead?


The predator hawks are flying across the skies, swooping down to
attack wherever there is a vague sign of populism, combined with
resources of any kind that can be turned into money.

All this is made possible in the thick fog spread over the world
by the War On Terror. Anything goes.

People are totally ignorant of how the Corpocrats are busy
destroying their lives and the environment.

The blind and deaf people, the propaganda victims, are the
perfect, easily manipulated human robots that the Neocons
were depending on for their total success.

Unless we can relearn to use our brains and our critical sense, our
ability to see the reality through the fog of fear and indolence,
not only will we ourselves be done away with through the gradual
‘starving of the beast’, but the whole planet will be made a sterile

At the end of the day the predators will be found begging for the
crumbs of food left over from the few self-supporting farmers who
managed to withstand the corporate predators.

Siv O'Neall was born and raised in Sweden where she graduated
from Lund University. She retired after many years of teaching
French in Westchester, N.Y. and English in the Grandes Ecoles
(Institutes of Technology) in France.

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