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Monday, May 21, 2012

A World Without Capitalists Is Necessary

A World Without Workers is Impossible. A World Without
Capitalists is Necessary. – World Federation of Labor

By Frank Scott
Dissident Voice
May 21st, 2012

The unemployment rate in the USA is down to just over 8%. This is
evidence that we are in a recovery from a recession. But that rate
is actually higher than it was when this particular recession began.

The patient’s temperature has gone up, a sure sign that the patient
is getting better. Huh?

Living under the rules of a profit and loss religion in a market
church controlled by private clergy, almost anything negative
can be made to sound positive, especially to those who have
not yet felt the full impact of a disintegrating political economy.

But those who are experiencing its worst aspects find no relief in
academic jargon about structural or cyclical problems, stagnation,
supply/demand curves, unemployment blips and market equilibrium.

None of this helps them find jobs or borrow enough money
to pay their rent, mortgage, food bills, or education loans.

As those people are not only in the USA but in the rest of the
world, the global nature of the problem makes it more clear that
a solution is far beyond a particular nation state and concerns
all of humanity.

An old admonition to act local but think global has come to
mean far more than was originally intended. Then it had almost
nothing to do with economics but now, if we don’t think and
act economically we may assure failure for the planet and all
its inhabitants.

That’s us, whatever market terminology may be used to hide
that fact behind national, racial, religious or other divisive
identity group labels that help keep power in minority hands.

And that minority is doing better than ever, in the short run,
amassing more power and money than any past godlike royalty
in what were supposed to have been more primitive societies.

How much has really changed since ancient times when peasants
and slaves were ground underfoot so that royal families and their
wealthy sponsors could live lives of luxury?

Not much, in essence, though the material standard of living
for workers became what was called middle class and assured
far more material comfort than previous generations of common
people enjoyed.

That lasted until the present breakdown began decreasing the
income of more people at a faster rate so that the wealth of less
people could increase at a greater rate.

What kind of system is this? This kind:

If people are murdered in wars, that is good for the weapons

If illness and disease run rampant that is good for the medical

If natural disaster ravages communities and kills people, that
is good for the construction industry and the burial business.

Such are the realities of the cold blooded economics by which
the people of the world have been organized for hundreds of

A profit for one always means a loss for many.

The idea of keeping people healthy, safe, secure and alive is
reduced to the private force of doing so only if they are able
to create profits for those selling health, safety, security and
life itself to the highest bidder in the market.

If we can’t afford to buy those things and charity does not exist
for us, we can just drop dead.

Millions of us do, and not only in bloody wars which profit the
war makers.

Many of us starve for lack of food while others have to go on
diets because they eat so much.

Many of us sleep in doorways, on the street or under bridges,
while dogs and cats have their own rooms in comfortable homes.

None of this happens because of individuals who are thoughtless
or cold hearted or murderous, although such do exist.

But in a system which dictates that profit must be created in a
market sale, the owner of a private firm that makes band aids
can be the nicest person on earth but still only profit and prosper
if lots of people are bleeding.

The social concept of doing all that is possible to avoid bleeding
would be terrible for his private business.

That is the case for every single human endeavor in the capital
dominated religious belief system of the market, an anti-human,
anti-social core of political economics that is threatening the
future of all people all over the world.

Criticism and rebellion to such injustice is the history of humanity
but today it is growing far beyond the national minorities previously
involved in such struggle.

People organized to obey authority, work for others to survive,
live in physical poverty or shop in moral poverty and vote for
employees of wealthy rulers when allowed to and call it democracy,
have remained unorganizable for the kind of change now necessary
for the survival of humanity.

But as the critical conditions grow worse, new methods of
communication among the people are helping bring more
rebellious response to this old order of great wealth for
the few at cost of crippling poverty and debt for the many.

Under the threat of potential social collapse, environmental
destruction and radical revolution, those who reap the greatest
profits are exploiting, ravaging and murdering at insane rates
in mindless desperation to maintain their power and wealth.

That cannot continue and is no longer tolerable to billions
of human beings nor the planet’s natural support system.

All over the world of capitalist anti-social democracy, the
collapsing structure has brought about calls for austerity
from the rulers and their paid minions in government.

This means further losses absorbed by the majority so
that even greater profits can accrue to ruling minorities.

Establishment philosophers of mass culture operating through
corporate media still have enormous impact as they explain why
the present reality is all that exists and must be experienced
without substantial question.

But when increasingly painful economic conditions for more
people combine with increasingly dangerous conditions for
much of the natural environment, the complex of events called
material reality take on a new meaning well understood by
growing numbers who face that reality in all its harshness
and are less influenced by misinformation, propaganda and
economic fairy tales.

Thus, many world citizens, even while their governing powers
continue representing capital, wars and injustice, are rejecting
the ugly burdens forced on them by their rich overlords.

Elections in some places are small indications of change but far
more indicative than the voting process which is still under the
control of capital, are the rising multitudes all over the world all
aiming for the same goal: a new world based on democratic power
exercised by people taking action as members of the one and only
human race and not simply as parties, religions, sects, cults or
other labeled divisions which serve to keep minorities in control
of majority created wealth.

Those tiny minorities are the capitalists who somehow own the
fantastic wealth produced by enormous majorities of previously
divided people.

The divisions still exist and the power still is in the hands of
those minorities whose days may be numbered, but so are
those of humanity as well if action is not taken to create the
world of democratic equality which has been the stuff of wishes
and dreams but must become reality. Or else.

Doomsayers and doubters are in abundance and are to be expected,
even when they are not on the payroll of the ruling minority.

It’s easy to look at the state of the world and surrender to
present reality.

But that is only possible for those not yet suffering the ever
increasing misfortune of dependence on a political economics
of profit for a few through loss, pain and misery for most.

It is not just time for social change activists but for all citizens
of the world’s 99% to heed the words quoted at the beginning.

An end to the reign of minority capitalism is necessary to save
the earth and all its people so that we can begin a human society
offering hope for all and not just some.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears in print
in the Coastal Post and The Independent Monitor and online at
the blog Legalienate.

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