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Friday, May 25, 2012

Everybody Hates Chris

from: tony whitcomb
to: Christopher Hendrix
date: Fri, May 25, 2012 at 2:01 PM
subject: Everybody Hates Chris


In the 35+ years that we have now known one another, you have
never, ever, ever, "came to my aid" nor have I ever had to beg
you or anyone else for that matter, for a place to stay during my
now 4+ year fight with Microsoft, over the very blatant stealing
of my multi-billion dollar Intellectual Property called, Expotera.

Chris, you say that I now have, "alot of balls to be talking about
our first black President" even though our first black President
and his entire Administration, have now spent the past 3+ years
totally condoning this highly unethical, as well as totally illegal
activity by Microsoft, by openly accepting multiple illegal
presidential campaign contributions from Microsoft, in exchange
for his and their 100% silence on this particular subject and by
continuing to this very day, to completely look the other way.

So yes Chris, thanks to both Microsoft and President Obama, I have
now had to live out of my car, live out of a park, live out of an alley,
as well as live out of a garbage can, but the one thing that I have
never, ever, ever, had to do was to ask your completely flat broke,
as well as totally dependent ass, for a fucking dime, "Sponge Bob!!"

Chris, I find it laughable when you say, "if I ever bring your girl into
this conversation I am going to have a real problem to worry about
besides being homeless" because you couldn't even carry my jock
strap back in high school, "Baby Huey" and as a full grown man,
you most certainly couldn't even carry my briefcase for me now.

Chris, you give every black man out here a bad name because you
play right into the stereotype of a typical, "Nigger" by laying around
on your sorry ass each and every day letting a couple of low self-
esteem women take care of you like one of their children, instead of
going out and finding a, "Real Job" or starting a multi-billion dollar
Internet start-up, such as myself, you wanna-be, "Iceberg Slim!!"

Chris, you really need to put the crack pipe down long enough
to remember exactly who you are now talking to here because
if you were even half as smart or even half as hard, as you now
suddenly think you are via e-mail, then why was your over grown
non-athletic ass, always sitting up in the stands with all of our
parents and girlfriends, while the rest of us real, "Men" were out
there balling on both the high school, as well as college gridirons??

Chris, even though my one man fight with Microsoft may have
left me temporarily homeless, you are still the only real worthless,
"Bum" here and I am very happy to see that you are now publicly
betting your, "30 Pieces of Silver" on the devil and all of his men
against me, "Judas" because, "One with God, makes a Majority"
and I have got some news for all of you idolaters, heathens,
blasphemers and fucking thieves!!!!

You can most certainly try to kill me, but none of you will never,
ever, ever, live long enough to kill Expotera!!

So thank you Chris, for showing all of us your real true colors here,
because you are now the true definition of a real, "Uncle Tom" a
true, "Step-An-Fetch-It" a real life, "Hater" and a true, "Punk Ass

And for however many days God, now allows your treasonous and
wretched ass to continue to walk this earth, please just remember
these two things, "Revenge is a dish that is always best served cold"
and, "Everybody Hates Chris!!"


Tony E. Whitcomb
Founder/CEO Expotera

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Christopher Hendrix
Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Subject: RE:
To: Tony Whitcomb


You didn't have a problem with the "Oppressor" or the current
system when you were popping $300.00 dollar bottles of DOM
with your fellow capitalist pigs!!! Now you have been cast out
of the in crowd. Now you have issues just like OJ.

That's why you were homeless in your car for a year and had to beg
to stay with me. By the way I was injured at work and whatever my
situation was it has never been as bad as yours.

You came to me for help and you have alot of balls talking about
our first black President, homeless bra.

You have ran with your white corporate friends for years and now
you found out even though you act white, you are a nigger. LOL!

Grow up and move on dumb ass and by the way, if you ever bring
my girl into the conversation, you gonna have a real problem
besides being homeless. Under fucking stand?

Tone, you have been known as a sell out for a grip. The brother
that was a fucking white boy. But you found out your not a white
boy. Your a dumb niggar.

And those white boys you were trying to be a part of, are laughing
at you now. They made a site called get a!!! LOL!
They fucked you up!!

Tone, you have always fought against black folks. Truth is you
don't have a identity. Blacks don't want you, and whites tolerate
you. Your a Nomad! Homeless! And you put yourself there. How
can you have nobody that loves you and wind up in a car?

How is that?

It's because you have this false sense of entitlement. Nobody owes
you nothing in this world. I'm done with you man. You don't have a
true friend in the world. It's kind of sad.

By the way I was employed all the time I was being supported by
my girl. That's what people do. Now my settlement has come and
I am taking care of her. That's what right. But you would not know
about taking care of those that took care of me. There is no shame
in that.

I look at your page and nobody agrees and nobody likes the shit you
are popping. Your getting what you deserve Tony because you are a
first rate asshole!

And not one of your 2300 friends on Facebook came to your aid,
but I did and it's all good because nothing good is gonna come to
you and I will relish in that.

Truth is you're just mad cause they got the best of you. You lost!
Get over it. LOL!

Bye man, you have lost one of the last cats who was looking out for
you and I am going to scratch all of the dumb shit your talking and
fuck you!!


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