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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Prophet is Despised in His own Country

A Prophet is Despised in His own Country

And Jesus said to them: "A prophet is despised in his own country, and in his own house, and among his own kindred." (Mark 6:4)

Inspiration of the Holy Spirit - From the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Year B - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

It was very disconcerting for Me, to see how many people would marvel temporarily about my Miracles, about the words of wisdom they listened to and how even then they would not realize that God, was doing wonders among them.

All the prophets demonstrated that they were bringing a divine message and they deserved to be listened to, however they all perished because of the hypocrisy of those who heard them with doubts and contempt, they sinned by underestimating the gift of God, together with those who didn’t listen to Me, and don’t even listen now but reject my Word.

Who can have words like God, who can unite power to his word the way God, does, who can speak perfectly without error, expressing himself directly from Wisdom, the way God, does?

There is only one who has been able to do that, and He, is the same Word of God, He, who is the Incarnate Word, the Wisdom of God, that has come to the earth, Jesus, your friend, your heavenly doctor, the true way, the truth and the life.

How difficult it was for Me, to convince the humanity that listened to Me, even demonstrating my Power, so that they would see that the Holy Scriptures were being fulfilled before their eyes, many were called, but few were chosen.

Many expected the Messiah, but few recognized Him, when he came, many sought Him, but few found Him, and even after finding Him, and listening to his testimony, they rejected his teachings, and preferred to put Him, aside.

For this reason, their hearts were filled with jealousy and evil,
beginning with those who knew Me, since my childhood and could
not accept what their eyes were seeing, those who studied the law
of Moses, and had been filled with human precepts that had nothing
to do with the divine teachings.

Finding something new, something unconventional, those people rejected Me, totally, they despised the gift that God, had sent them and they closed their eyes so that they would not see the Light, that descended from above.

For many souls who look for God, it is very difficult to recognize
the spiritual encounter that I have with each one, many think, “I
am not worthy to receive the Lord” then, closed in their almost
noble concepts, they don’t realize about my Presence, they reject
the inspirations of my Holy Spirit, they despise the opportunities
to do good, without knowing that I am providing them with ways
to get close to Me.

Eventually they become cold in the faith, they come to the point
of even forgetting that I am really Present in the Church, just as
I promised; doubts run through their minds, especially about my Sacramental Presence.

Many Christians ask themselves, who is this, of flesh and blood,
who wears a robe, who is claiming to consecrate bread and wine
and brings Jesus, to the altar, how is it, that a man has the power
to forgive sins and unite me to God?

Well, these are doing exactly the same they did to Me, in my own land; they are despising Me, in those that I have anointed with my Divine Word, which is capable of doing anything.

Those who reject my priests are rejecting Me, those who don’t open their spiritual ears because they are bound to their material world, are missing out on the gift that God, is offering for the healing of all their evils.

If there was not faith before my Corporal Presence, here on earth, it is more difficult to believe in Me, now, when minds are saturating themselves daily with the rubbish of the world, this is why I have destined throughout all generations faithful instruments to my Word, who are the means of reaching out to those who are about to be lost forever.

Blessed are those who believe in Me, without seeing, those who without experiencing my Miracles, have faith, because they recognize the dignity of my Person, and the unique value of my Word.

I have many blessings in store for those who have faith in Me.

My Peace, and my Grace, flow into their lives like rivers of Heavenly Light, their joy is continuous and secure, because they are walking firmly on my Way.

Author: Joseph of Jesus and Mary

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