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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Paris Accord

The Paris Accord

By Jenny Worman
June 5, 2017

Over the past five years U.S. emissions have fallen by 270 million
tons, while China—the No. 1 CO 2 emitter—added 1.1 billion tons.

Yet, China was not required to reduce emissions until 2030 in the
Paris Accord?

The United States, $20 trillion in debt, and having had a $347
Billion dollar trade deficit with China in 2016, would be forced
to pay billions to China to modernize its manufacturing, sending
even more of our jobs and money to them?

That's not very fair is it?

Further, The Paris Accord document is a treaty in international law.

It has 100% of the legal attributes of a treaty.

If you examine the UN website all the reporting on this
accord treats it as a treaty.

Under The US Constitution, treaties must be ratified by
the United States Senate.

Obama claimed to have unilaterally ratified the treaty.

He had no such power to do so.

The United States is NOT legitimately a party to this treaty
to begin with.

Thus, President Trump is not withdrawing from the Paris Accords.

A nation must FIRST be a party before they can withdraw.

President Trump is simply giving the world notice that
this act of Obama acting as a dictator was NOT valid.

The fact that Obama refused to send it to the Senate to get
ratified is all the evidence you need to know that it is a bad

If it was good for America, it could and should get ratified
by the Senate.

In all of the hyperbole, the person who acted irresponsibly is the
one who CIRCUMVENTED the Constitution and attempted to impose
international control over this country all by himself.

That person was Obama.

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