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Thursday, March 9, 2017

No Love No Mercy

No Love No Mercy

By Joe Fettig
March 9, 2017

In a small world being judged by worthless fools
Blinded by the illusion easily being used as a tool

Keeping the enemy fooled with the smoke and mirrors
They will never know the real plan everything becomes unclear

The slow bitter attack wrapping around there mind like a snake
Taking away the power until the opponent breaks

An attack that is so hard to spot very indirect
Vanishing in the mist nothing left in sight to detect

Fighting all the way to the death
No Love No Mercy until they take their last breath

No mercy in a cold war
Hidden agenda's divided into four

Raining blood through the soldiers eye's
Black operation's assassin of spies

The Art of War flows like the blood for money
Crooked politicians do all the dirty laundry kind of funny

You have to kill a few pawns to get to the Queen
One false move then kill the King

Nuclear holocausts you can already hear the silent screams
Blinded and never awake living an engineered dream

Collapse of humanity new agenda's put into place
No Love No Mercy the end of the human race

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