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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Modern Society

Modern Society

By Neil Adams
January 31, 2017

Children know and see today
That life doesn't have to be this way

They open their eyes and realize
It's not all hate, it's not all lies

But what you see is what you get
All the sexism, hate, and racism bet

But just this way is not for the best
They deserve better, lets put it to the test

All the gun and knife fights today
When and why did it start this way

Is the media part of the blame
Or all the role models, all the fame

Jealously is a deep but lonely word
But in today's life it's all that's heard

All the drugs in this world to stay
Never to leave it's just this way

But the world will go on and on
Never to realize that this is wrong

But life is life gotta live with that
And go on and on like society's rat

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