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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Immortal Technique: Baltimore

Immortal Technique: Baltimore

By Immortal Technique
Via - Jackie Guyot
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The story of Baltimore is the long chain of events.

Not a single action.

A young Black man, Freddie Gray, arrested for having
a small pocket knife.

Not a switchblade.

He didn't threaten anyone.

While being arrested/in custody he received
severe neck injuries and a broken spine.

He died, after receiving no medical attention.

This murder is still under investigation.

One where 6 cops were suspended without pay.

In response, there was a peaceful protest from
an outraged and deeply wounded group of souls.

When it first came through the affected communities
they were greeted with cheers and support.

The marchers were not of only one "race", that's a lie.

There were lots of African American people yes,
but many white people stood in solidarity with
the fight against police brutality as well.

When the march finally reached a more "white neighborhood"
downtown, the baseball fans and local townies began calling
them all kinds of racist names, n-word this & that, spit on
them and taunted them.

Then they (racists) turned on the white kids marching,
calling them "n*gger lovers".

The antagonizing boiled into fights downtown & smashed windows.

Then the fires.

Then the looting by people of all backgrounds.

It's easy to only blame the protestors
when you don't know the back story.

The gangs made a truce, not to kill cops.

Another lie.

I was told that the gang truces were so they wouldn't be killing
each other in the confusion and violence.

So it wouldn't grow exponentially.

This isn't just a "black thing" as I saw ignorant people write.

Latino, and Indigenous & poor Whites find themselves victims
of the system all of the time.

ICE just killed a 20yr old kid in Detroit!!!

But to deny the unbalance of justice when dealing with
the black community, makes you look beyond ridiculous.

I'm not hear to justify anything.

I just told you a story because this doesn't just affect one of us.

This is not just a "black thing" it is a "human thing."

- Immortal Technique

Felipe Andres Coronel better known by the stage name Immortal
Technique, is an American Rapper and Urban Activist.

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