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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Operation Jade Helm: Should We Worry?

Operation Jade Helm: Should We Worry?

Via - Dr. Chuck Baldwin
By Dr. Chuck Baldwin
March 31, 2015

For two months this summer, a massive military training exercise,
code-named "Operation Jade Helm," will take place is seven
Southwestern states:

Texas, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona,
and California.

Units involved include Special Forces troops from most
(if not all) military branches.

They will be rehearsing activities such as extractions,
urban camouflage, searches and seizures, etc.

Citizens are being encouraged to report suspicious activity,
ostensibly to see whether our troops are able to sufficiently
"blend in" with civilians.

The Internet is abuzz with speculation that this exercise is
designed to train U.S. military forces to seize, extract, and
control the civilian population of America.

Of course, military spokesmen deny this.

They say all of this is designed to prepare our troops
for overseas operations.

At the risk of sounding paranoid, ever since 9/11, our federal
government has targeted America's homeland for all sorts of
surveillance, spying, snooping, etc.

For the first time in U.S. history, we have U.S. Northern Command
(NORTHCOM), a full active military division (3rd Infantry Division)
assigned to the Continental United States.

We have the Department of Homeland Security, which has turned
our local and State police agencies into miniature military units
and has turned the America into the most spied-on country in the
history of the world.

The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA, etc.,
authorize the federal government to basically treat the U.S.
citizenry as "enemy combatants."

As far as the passage of these laws in concerned, we Americans
have already lost our right to a trial by jury, Habeas Corpus, the
right to have an attorney, the right to a speedy trial, the right
to be secure in our persons, houses, effects, etc.

Martial Law may not be the experience of most U.S. citizens YET,
but understand that the laws are already in place for such an event.

Several things about this upcoming exercise bother me: why do
American military units have to practice ''blending" into the

Are they not American citizens?

What do they do when they take off the uniform and go home?

How hard is for Americans to "blend in" to America?

And asking Americans to call authorities to report "suspicious"
activity: now what can go wrong with that?

We already have millions of dollars of tax payer monies paying for
advertisements telling us, "If you see something, say something."

Now let's make a game out of reporting our neighbors to
government authorities?

There was a time in this country when such an idea would
have never been tolerated.

It resembled Nazi Germany and Red Russian too much.

Then again, most of the WW II generation has passed.

Then, the whole idea of practicing "extractions" (a nice word
for kidnappings) in U.S. cities sends chills up my spine.

Using the aforementioned laws, this kind of activity could already
take place in this country.

So, first we have laws authorizing such activity, and now our
military troops are practicing doing it?

Please tell me, again, how we have nothing to worry about.

A couple of my sources inside the Special Forces community have
told me that some of the officers participating in Operation Jade
Helm are being asked to swear an oath to a foreign power.

I'm told that MANY are refusing.

Obviously, I cannot confirm any of that; but that is what I've been

Many of my fellow Americans will tell me I am being overly

But, isn't that exactly what the citizens of every country overtaken
by its own government said?

"That can't happen here," have been the last words of millions.

In this age of government spying, police militarization, ubiquitous
laws denying the Bill of Rights, Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps
surveys asking Marines if they would turn their guns on the
U.S. citizenry, repeated attempted gun confiscation coming from
Washington, D.C., etc., etc., ad infinitum, I think we have a good
reason to be a little paranoid.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the Founder and Pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.

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