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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Big Bang Mindbend

The Big Bang Mindbend

By Drew Degen
February 27, 2015

So you say you want a revolution … well … which one?

Eviscerate neo-liberal corporate capitalism with its “personhood”
succubus birthing unlimited political power?

Or Cliven Bundy/2016?

Topple dictators, tyrants, presidents-for-life, Communists, putrified
Socialists  —  all bubble-wrapped, encapsulated and immune to

Exterminate world-engulfing jihad superheroes (pick your preferred
holy tripetrip)?

Actually end endless warfare?

Explode gluttonous consumerism elevated to existential

Repulse onanistic hedonism sold as life’s fulfillment and obligation
(poor Epicurus, Bentham and Mill)?

Vaporize vapid entertainment nakedly marketed as art?

Halt global environmental trashing before we are all living on
oceanic garbage gyres as the glorious culmination of 3.8 billion
years of life’s evolution?

Feed the starving?

Homeland the homeless?

Surmount the ramparts of wealth inequity  — 99 to 1
and still ravenously yawning?

Extirpate racism  —  the taint that never washes out
quite white enough?

Perfume ethnocentrism —  the primordial stink that
clings to every “superior” culture’s rancid inhumanity?

Demolish the hubris of speciesism inexorably leading to extinction
(50% of the world’s wildlife have perished in the last 40 years)?

Retreat from the joke of “genius” adulation that permits solo
hyperinflated, single-note dwarves who allocate health,
government, development and financial policies for the rest
of us (Yeah, you … Gates, Jobs, Bezos, Zuckerberg and every
other one-trick pony strutting the champion’s lap).

Dare to drop your meth-fueled connectivity helmet impatient for
the imminent Kurzweillian universal virtuality download and sit
in the dark under a full harvest moon and think, imagine, invent,
create, fantasize and struggle for self?

Burn your XBox and shooter “games” and sleep in the snow
with the aurora borealis as your widescreen?

Clinically treat the delusion that stimulation is knowledge,
knowledge is Google and kill social networks that breed
more psychiatric pathology than human contact?

For all you sexting dualists, reconnect the mind to the body?

Neuter sexism?

Nuke homophobia?

Knit the anarchist multicolored coats of confusion?

Fumigate the formulaic?

Confiscate drum magazine assault weapons
and Saturday night specials?

Design a chic line of HazMat fashions  —  resilient in the face
of Ebola, Dengue, plague, HIV, smallpox, Chickungunya, SARS,
MRSA and all antibiotic resistant bacteria? Etc., etc.

So many revolutions to sign up for!

All of them metastasizing.

All of them intertwined and fecundatingly intermingling.

All of them terminal to human touch.

All of them must be won.

How about concentrating the fusillades on the political, religious,
ethnic, hidebound, moral obstruction and obtuseness of our
addiction to growth at any cost.

The Big Bang Mindbend.

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