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Thursday, September 11, 2014



Via - Jennifer Leonowitz
By Justin Cooke
September 11, 2014

They already sold our souls, but you don't know what the price is,
you'll do anything to defeat the new threat that is ISIS,
but what they haven't told you is that it's a manufactured crisis.

Got you squabbling about Ray Rice and his right fist,
dumping water on your head, but it's time that we ice this.

They choppin people's heads off, but it doesn't look authentic,
but not too many people question the media that presents it.

The dudes who run the show, don't you know they're demented,
they took your pension from you, now they laugh as they spend it.

But you already gave consent, we're all slaves from the 14th amendment.

I'm raising hellions, for the next Shays' Rebellion.

Fuck a tea party, they don't talk about the shell scam,
occupy another lie, they just parrot what they tell them.

Today is 9/11, so we'll never forget,
how they started wars, to keep us forever in debt,
they pulled the wool over our eyes, and keep you forever upset.

Even though they did it, Larry Silverstein admitted it,
Bush and Cheney lied, Haliburton profited,
but I'm sure, that they all split it.

Fucking dinosaurs in Dynacorp,
always get behind a war,
troops coming home with nothing,
wondering what they signed up for,
sad to say it was all for Merrill Lynch the minotaur.

The only thing that's scary,
is it's the same shit with Barry and John Kerry,
they're all puppets on the same strings,
even Rand Paul and Rick Perry.


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