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Friday, July 18, 2014

How To Defend The Indefensible?

How To Defend The Indefensible?

Israel ground assault on Gaza: 45,000 storm troopers.

By Kaukab Siddique, PhD, (USA)
Friday, July 18, 2014

What do we have in occupied Palestine?

Israel's crimes against humanity, the slaughter of civilians, the
bombing of mosques and rehab centers, and the drumbeat of
propaganda that it is all the fault of the victims, the 260
Palestinians killed and 2600 wounded.

Even the UN says 70% of the victims are civilians, many of them
children. And now we have the "final solution".........

Israeli invasion of Gaza started at 3 PM, EST, July 17.

The assault on 1.8 million people whose water and electricity
supplies have largely been cut off by the Jewish war machine poses
propaganda problems for US corporate media which is infested with
Jews, from Wolf Blitzer and Ben Wedeman on CNN to Krauthammer
and Hannity [wannabee a Jew] on Fox.

The problem is: How To Defend The Indefensible.

Social media have created the problem for the Zionists.

Did you watch Huffington Post this morning?

A Jew not as slick as Blitzer was trying to articulate the sin
of Hamas that it has not surrendered to Israel.

He almost conceded that social media are creating a problem
for the pro-Israel propaganda circuit.

Go to radio and you get NPR, the biggest lineup of Jews in
the media.

Then you can go to print media: New York Times, Washington
Post.....all hard core Zionists proclaiming Hamas' fault.

In spite of that control, the ground invasion sending tanks, artillery,
helicopter gunships, naval armada, against a defenseless people
takes a lot of gall to justify.

So what did CNN and the others do: They simply switched to the
shooting down of a Malaysian air liner, a godsend for them.

Not that the air liner tragedy should not be mentioned but to put
the assault on 1.8 million people second and that too in one sided
journalism is a skill which "Jews in the news" are adept at.

And Zionist ingenuity at manufacturing justification for genocide
never ends: A story has been concocted that Hamas was coming
out of a hole in the ground, putting all of Israel in danger?

How many?

Three men and then the number grew to 8 and now it sounds
like a whole army of "terrorists."

So that's why "we" have launched 45,000 troops at Gaza!

Thank you social media: Through facebook twitter, and emailing
and web sites, we have made it difficult for the Zionists get away
with murder.

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