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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Involuntary Servitude

Involuntary Servitude

Via - Susan Elridge
By Eric Williams
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May 28, 2014

As I was abandoned as a day old infant 80 years ago, in 1934, I do
not know when or where I was born or who my mother was, much
less my father, nine months removed.

However, I was not made aware of this until I was thirty, in 1964,
at my presumed father’s funeral.

This put me on a quest to learn who “I really was”, which caused
me to become aware of facts that most people refuse to even
consider, which I have determined is due to the extensive
susceptibility of the human mind to mind controlling indoctrination,
intended to convert freeborn people into volunteering themselves
into being docile pay-tri-otic tax-pain-ers.

To make a somewhat long story short, there was an income tax
rebellion in Southern California in the late 1960s, in which I became
a very vocal and effective leader, conducting public meetings
several times each week throughout the Los Angeles and Inland
Empire area of Southern California, for well over a year.

I had a silent partner in that endeavor who never gave one
presentation, never wrote one item against the IRS or income tax
and who never had his picture or name plastered on any of
thousands of meeting advertising flyers we distributed throughout
our area.

I was the one “guilty” of the high crime of telling the truth to those
whom attended, which numbered in the many hundreds, thousands

We were both charged by the IRS, with criminal willful failure to
file and/or pay income tax.

My friend and partner went to trial with an attorney, and spent the
next 2-1/2 years in Federal Prison.

I went to trial all on my own, without filing even one document
with the Court, and walked out in less than five minutes and have
never ever filed or paid income tax and have never ever been
further bothered by the IRS.

However, about three years later I was contacted, personally, at
my place of business, by two special agents of the IRS who asked
me to help them prosecute a man who had not paid his income tax.

I, of course, declined to assist them.

At that time I happened to be walking out to get in my new
Cadillac, to go call on potential customers. The agents were
just then driving into the parking lot of my furniture factory.

The driver had his window down and called to me by name (he
did not ask me who I was, he had a picture of me, one of those
thousands of tax-protest flyers for the tax rebellion).

They knew who I was and what I was doing and where I was doing
it and they have never ever bothered me for my “failure” to file
or pay.

So what was my “magic”?

As I wrote above, in 1970 I was prosecuted by the IRS in Federal
Court in Los Angeles for criminal failure to file or pay income tax.

In the opening phase of that criminal prosecution I challenged the
IRS prosecutor, during his opening statement, where he had said,
“Citizens of the United States have an obligation to blah, blah,
blah…”, whereupon I stood and entered my objection to his
implication that I had incurred the obligations he was mentioning.

I challenged the Prosecutor to present documented proof from
his existing file, that I had volunteered myself into a condition
of servitude to the United States, as would be required under
the Thirteenth Amendment in order for me to have incurred
the obligations mentioned by that IRS prosecutor.

When the IRS prosecutor was unable to so do, the Federal Judge
then stated that he was taking the matter under consideration
and that I would be notified.

That took less than five minutes.

That was forty-four yeas ago and I am still waiting.

I have never ever filed or paid income tax and I have never ever
been bothered by the IRS since that one event in California in 1970.

Neither the IRS Prosecutor or the Federal Judge in that Federal
IRS prosecution mentioned any of the ridiculous points touted
by “Sovereign Citizens”.

There was no mention that “my name” was written in all caps in
the complaint or that I had failed to file any document objecting
thereto; nor did they mention the gold fringed United States flag
that was on display in the courtroom.

The one and only issue considered was the ability of the IRS to
prove I had volunteered myself into a condition of servitude, as is
required, when challenged, under the prohibition of involuntary
servitude provision of the Thirteenth Amendment.

Neither did the Prosecutor or Judge ask me if I had a driver license,
Social Security number; if I used Federal Reserve Notes or traveled
on the government owned roads; had my automobile registered,
licensed and insured; or if I had a hunting license; or was a
registered voter.

There was no suggestion that my utilization of any of those items
would constitute an adhesion contract causing me to have
volunteered to submit myself to the political dominion of the
Federal or any state government, as is believed and proclaimed
by the more than ignorant stupidity of “Sovereign Citizens”.

The licensed BAR association attorney who represented my silent
partner in that income tax rebellion prosecution, failed and refused
to raise the challenge I did, which applied to my friend as well as
me (and to everyone in this country), causing my friend to serve 2
-1/2 years in prison and to be assessed a fine of $10,000.00 (which
he refused to pay).

If all the Pay-Tri-Idiots complicating their position with their
“Sovereign Citizen” claim, were to do as I did, file no papers
with the court, avoid burdening and aggravating the court and
prosecutor, simply raise the challenge of political jurisdiction
as soon as the case is called, and then stand mute, the court
would have no choice but to dismiss because there is no possible
way anyone can be proved to be a citizen of the United States,
unless they voluntarily agree to such status in open court!

(Once the challenge is raised, neither the Prosecutor or Court
has standing to present any manner of questions to the accused.

The burden shifts to the Complainant, as is established in more
than twenty Federal and Supreme Court cases.) K!I!S!S!

Presenting a birth certificate to be issued a driver license does
establish a subservient contractual relationship to the state, but
that falls just a mite short of establishing citizenship.

And such is, in any event, fraudulently induced through the criminal
indoctrination of children in government schools, and is therefore,
quite easily defeated.

Prior to the birth certificate presentation the state has
ZERO political dominion over anyone born on this land.

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment
for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall
exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Before a party can be tried for a purported violation, the charging
party must first establish political jurisdiction that would cause the
party to be obligated to conform to whatever violation was alleged.

This means that the only violations chargeable would be under the
Common Law, not under any statute created by any legislation of
any political organization.

Any other interpretation would be deemed absurd under
the SCOTUS ruling in Holy Trinity Church v. United States.

The Preamble establishes that the purpose of the Constitution
was/is, to secure the Blessings of Liberty to the People of the
United States and their posterity.

This wording excludes any application to mere citizens.

The wording of the Fourteenth Amendment does not establish
citizenship but it does establish that those who volunteer
themselves into that status are subject to the jurisdiction
thereof, meaning to the President, to Obama!

Citizens of the United States have ZERO protection in the
Bill of Rights.

Obama told the truth when he said he was not going after
gun protections established in the Second Amendment.

Obama is not going after the People’s guns, Obama is going
after the guns of United States citizens.

Under the Fourteenth Amendment he does have Constitutional
standing to do just that!

Pay Attention to the words!

Not to what the most dishonest government to ever disgrace
the face of this planet has indoctrinated you to believe, in
its indoctrination centers, known as “public schools”.

I, Eric Williams, am, of course, The Radical In The Twilight Zone.

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